Devina DeDiva Asking Filipinos to Say Sorry?

I am not sure about the authenticity of this account Filipino STOP the cyber bullying of Devina DeDiva, you know how it works in Facebook everybody can register and create a dummy account. So this page could be real or fake,  either Devina DeDiva created it, created by her immediate friends or  created by someone with nothing else to do.

Devina Sharma

There are some rumors, speculations online that Devina DeDiva was fired on her job as an assistant teacher in Singapore due to racism issue, it happens that her supervisors are Filipinos but who knows if it is true.

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Devina DeDiva Racist Comments Against Miss World Philippines

Earning a degree from a prestigious University doesn’t defy who you are nor riding an expensive car, living in expensive mansions, wearing golds and expensive clothes but the words coming from your mouth tell who you are, who are your friends and family this is what I learned growing into this society.

Devina DeDiva

The internet world was shaken when a certain Divine DeDiva posted  a racist comment about the recent winner of the Miss World pageant, Miss Philippines on her Facebook account.

Devina DeDiva

Many people are furious and even created a Devina DeDiva hate page on Facebook. Update: I have found out that someone hacked the hate page of Devina DeDiva in Facebook from 7k  likes it went up to 19k, the creator and other admins where kick out from the page so they created a new page - Filipinos Unite to Demand Apology from Devina Sharma – Dediva.

Devina DeDiva Racist Comments

Well you cannot really buy class and good manners no matter how educated you are. This is what they say think before you click, she is now enjoying her 20 minutes of fame. Lol!

Devina DeDiva Racist Comments

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