My food intolerance strikes again tonight, I got severe headache and I started vomiting after I ate spoonful of sugar.  I brought glass of water with me while throwing out the food I just ate and then brush my teeth.  I am now extra careful when opening our bathroom cabinet I already learned my lesson when I accidentally drop my toothbrush in the toilet because it took us few days before finding a real plumber.

Unplugging the toilet and removing the toothbrush  was not easy it is very frustrating, I tried to remove it myself by using metal hanger but it didn’t work so I went out to look for plumber snake but because of language barrier  I was not able to find one. The next day our landlord brought his friend to unplugged our toilet but all he did is to flush a lot of water and done, the toilet is still plugged because the toothbrush is still there but they don’t understand it.

Luckily my husband co-teacher was able to call a plumbing company and when the plumber man arrived he was able to remove the toothbrush from our toilet bowl by the use of  the snake tool.  During those times  I wish we are living in California so in instant we can just call the expert  Plumber in Berkeley  who are always on call.

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