A normal busy day

We went to the gym tonight but it is still closed so instead of going home again I  just told my husband to shop while we are out, so we did in Lotte Super.

When we reach home put the items in the fridge and cupboard then I cooked some chicken. I got burnt on my neck when the chicken pops out while I am mixing it.

The Gym is Closed

Early this evening we went to gym for our work-out schedule, when we reached the second floor we smell a strong chemical and the two restaurants are closed. When we reached the third floor where the gym is located the door is open but it is very silent, when we came inside the gym is empty nobody is working out.

We found in the information that gym is closed because of the strong smell, the lady owner told us that there’s fire yesterday at one of the restaurant in the second floor, she apologized but we said no need because we understand. So no choice we left after asking  when will the gym will be open again, she said after two days.

We tried to peep inside the closed restaurant if how big is the damage but we can’t see it, we are in that situation when the guy owner of the gym found us, we greeted each other and asked if we are looking at the right restaurant.

Anyway I don’t know what to say but having fire in the building already crossed on my mind, it is not the first time that something crossed on my mind and it happens.

Giant Christmas Tree

Well Christmas day is already around the corner, it seems there’s more Christmas decoration this year  here in our place, I’ve seen a lot of of establishment with Christmas greetings, like the department store and few clothes store. This is the giant Christmas tree in Icheon I snap a photo while waiting for the green street light.

An Empty Street

An empty house, a whole inside my heart. Well I think that’s enough of singing of out of tune, just one lonely night I went out to look for pizza place which I already blog previously, so today I just want to share the photo I have taken in the shopping district. On the day light this street is very busy but on very late night it is empty.

As you can see (do you?) most of the stores has no metal door,  you can still see what’s inside the store through the glass walls. In Philippines I guess you cannot do this unless you have guards on duty,.

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