Using Smart Bro on the Rooftop

Internet connection was not yet on our barangay, the signal is interrupted by mountains surrounding us so if we want to hook up internet we need to visit internet cafe which is not that bad because we are just 15 minutes away from town.


When I went home I bought smart bro stick which I uses in Manila to keep online, we tried to use it at home but the connection is very slow which is more pestering than entertaining so when I have to use the internet I have to go to town and stay on children’s park so I can plug my smart bro stick.  The other day my sister tried to use the smart bro stick in our roof top, they’re able to connect and chat with me for a short time.

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Grilled Marinated Steak

We grilled steak last Friday after getting a good deal in the nearby supermarket.  When I am done grilling all the steak for my husband I marinated my steak on soy sauce, salt, sugar and little bit of water , I just add salt on the steak that I am already grilling so it has something to taste.

Grilled Steak

My husband laughed on what I did because the meat should be marinated longer before cooking it but mine is on the spot marination. It didn’t turn bad anyway,  I grilled mine longer too unlike my husband steak which is grilled medium rare.

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Farming and Benefits of Pest Control

Farming is one of the source of living in our province, our house is surrounded with fields and my father’s family own a small hectare of rice fields which every year there’s two pair of siblings scheduled to plant rice on the fields. Last year when I had a vacation it was our term, it was not  a simple task to do especially my father is working in the city. So my mother hired my cousin’s husband to plow the field and plant rice, we also bought pest products to kill the snails and pests when the rice started to grow.

Rice Fields

Planting and growing rice is not easy because it needs a lot of dedication until the rice are ready for harvest.

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