Level 65 in Candy Crush

Playing candy crush in Facebook is one of my past time when I am bored or trying to relax from blogging world. These past few days I am stuck on level 65, it was quite hard to pass this level. The chocolates are so annoying, there are few times already that I almost surpassed this level but there’s one jelly left and I have no more lives.

Candy Crrush

My husband told me to stop playing Candy Crush if I don’t know how to play it. He even teasing me that he plays the level very easy and he already passed me. I know it is not real because it has no Facebook account.

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Free WordPress Themes

Blogging is not just my favorite past time but it also a source of my income at home. I have more than fifteen blogs as of this time and I am planning of having more blogs if possible. Buying a domain is easy and cheap when there’s a big sale on domain registrar like godaddy and namecheap but renewing them is sometimes costly.

Wordpress Themes

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While searching for coupon codes online I found out that there are some websites that offers free webpage like freewebsite.us without spending any cents. They have variation of templates and themes for bloggers at no cost.

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Pink Flowers

I took picture of this flower the other day while throwing the cardboard at the back of our apartment building.  This flower is another yard or building,  not sure what is the name of this plants but it looks familiar.

Pink Flowers

It looks like the flower I saw in our school compound, that smells like chocolate or something.

Brownout and Battery Operated Window Candles

Rainy season is coming soon after the long summer, this is also the time when there’s storm and typhoon that causes electrical shortage or brown-out. When this phenomenon came we usually used candles or petroleum lamp to have lights at home but there are times when the wind is strong we have to lit them again and again. It was tedious task to do, we have to sit beside the light to make sure it will not die.

battery operated window candles

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While browsing online I found out you could buy battery operated window candles for cheap and affordable price. This is very helpful for places like us where there’s electrical shortage. It is also convenient and economical because you can just recharge the battery when needed unlike buying candles or petroleum all the time just to lit a light.

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Rainy Day

When I woke up today it was already dark and now it is raining, the power shut off a while when there’s a sharp lightning followed by a loud thunderstorm. I felt scared a little when it occurs but I think it was not only me because I heard the young people below shouting in surprised. I am not sure what is running right now if it is a generator or the electricity had only a warning shock a while ago.

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