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The February Extreme Cash Giveaway will run for four weeks giving you plenty of time to complete any entries you choose to do. Remember, all entries are OPTIONAL. We have lots  of daily entries for you to take advantage of as well, so don’t forget to bookmark this giveaway and come back everyday for more chances to win!

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Korean Postcards

It was been a year ago when some of my online friends asked postcards from me but it was just this week I am able to send postcards to them. Quite late huh? Probably in many countries you can easily find postcards on bookstores near you but I think in Korea you can’t. You can just find them where there is western community or place where foreigners go. I have bought mine in Insadong, but I believed there are also postcards in Itaewon.

Sending a package abroad is quite expensive so I was not able to send the postcards right away after my allowance was cut since I return to Korea. I also want to add key chains and souvenir and not just the post cards, the other day when I went to the post office, the woman gave me a brown envelope and I was surprised that it is cheaper to use it rather than a box. So I am planning to send more to friends and bloggers who want a postcards from Korea, like a postcard swap.

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The Best Family-friendly Companies To Work For

The balance between work and a home life is becoming more difficult as employees are working more and more hours per day. This balance is an important factor to workplace satisfaction of workers and a business looking to recruit. However, there are many companies out there that encourage their workers to maintain a healthy personal life. From allowing employees to work from home at their virtual offices to holding family-friendly events for staff, here are a few companies that are leading their way in this aspect:


This company ranks high on the work and life scale for employees. They offer a package to employees that has the best compensation, vacation, and benefits. Employees can apply to work in an office that is located in various countries around the world. The company gives employees every other Friday off as a perk. They also offer food and drinks to employees at a quarterly gathering.

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SAS Institute

This is a family friendly company that offers a host of benefits to employees. This includes many types of benefits that go beyond just health insurance. Employees have access to an aquatic center, and meals that are subsidized at a safe that is on-site. There is also a gym that is available to employees. They will provide an employee with a good balance between work and life.

Susquehanna International Group

The work and life balance of this company also ranks high for an employee. The biggest benefit that is offered by the company is the option for a flexible work schedule. Another perk for employees is a free breakfast and lunch. The availability of flexible work hours creates a healthy work environment.

Hitachi Data Systems

This is a company that expects employees to work hard at their job and then go home to spend quality time with family. Employees say the company takes the well being and health of their employees very seriously. They offer a gym for employee use, healthy foods, and incentives to maintain a lifestyle that is healthy. The flat structure of the company is flexible and friendly for employees from the top all the way down.

Orbitz Worldwide

The employees of this company can’t say enough about the flexible work hours that allow for time with the family. Many employees with a young family often do not like to be at work for a specified schedule if it keeps them constantly away from home. Orbitz offers a solution to this problem by providing a work at home program for employees.


This is one of the higher ranked employers for a work and home balance. The company will encourage employees to maintain a healthy work and life balance. Employees enjoy going to work in the morning and leaving to go home at the end of the day.

North Highland

This company prides itself on hiring genuinely nice people that value work time and family time. They work hard to limit how the high-stress of the job affects their family life. Employees have the freedom to choose their own career path. This is why employees enjoy working for this company.

Buy Cheap and Good Quality Fender Guitars Online

Our church has its own instrument for praise and worship, from drums to electric guitars. If I am not mistaken those instrument were bought long time ago and probably this time our church need new set of instrument but I think it would take long before the decision will be made because buying music instrument is a big decision I remember how the older member of our church set meetings about whether to buy or not to buy the music instruments.

Anyway want of the best guitar to choose are the classic Fender guitars from Fender are in best quality. Many musicians and great players own guitars from Fenders.

The guitar above is Fender T-Bucket 300 CE is a single-cutaway, it is made of laminated mahogany on back and sides and quilted and laminated maple top. Famous  features of this guitar are scalloped bracing, die-cast machine heads, all-solid rosewood bridge with compensated saddle and Fishman electronics.

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A rising demand for Buying Instagram Likes

Instagram boasts as an amazing place whereby a person can post his or her professional images. If you have posted photos that interrelate, they can assist you in attracting more customers and website visitors. Though it can take lots of time to become famous on Instagram, there exists a shortcut whereby you can buy Instagram likes which come with many benefits of boosting you to the next stage.

If you are curious of why you should purchase Instagram likes, then go on to know why.

Attracting Followers In case you have ever browsed for a picture on Instagram, most likely you might have come across many similar pictures that have a different numbers of likes. Majority of people are usually aligned into liking pictures that have more numbers of likes as they believe that such images are better. Nevertheless, there must be a reason as to why a picture may have more likes compared to another.

Therefore, buying Instagram likes can highly raise the number of your followers as a result of such mental effects on people. More Eminent Ranking Instagram relies on many aspects when ranking pictures. However, the number of likes is usually the most important factor. Instagram is usually aware that there is always a reason behind people liking a specific picture more than others and they use an algorithm that makes it easier to access pictures with majority of likes. Rather than having you picture rank low despite similar keywords, you can lead by having it rank at the top. There are more benefits that come along with higher ranking.

For instance, if more people can view your picture, they will most likely go ahead to follow you and even visit your website. This also has an advantage of making you to appear more professional since the most esteemed users have their pictures ranking on top. Converting Traffic When using Instagram for business purposes, it means you are attempting to convert visitors. You may either desire for the visitors to buy goods or services from your website or just visit it. Whichever way you make money on your website, purchasing lnstagram likes will assist in converting traffic into potential customers.

When you get more likes, it will prove that more people like the services you offer thereby you may get more customers compared to other sellers dealing with a similar service. This gives you an advantage over similar business as people will assume your services are better. Long-term Benefits A number of people have the belief that purchasing Instagram likes will only offer a short-term advantage in attracting more followers.

However, the long-term benefit is that you will be more exposed and thereby you will rank on top for more time, thereby your traffic will keep on increasing with time. Conclusion Purchasing Instagram likes can assist your business in a number of varying ways. If you desire to appear more professional, extend your number of followers and have an easier way of converting likes into customers, then purchasing Instagram likes is the best approach you can take. Having more likes can assist your social marketing campaign to succeed.

Article provided by Steve of Buy-Instagram.com

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