Procrastination and Reading Addiction

I am quite busy and procrastinated these past few days, I seldom update my blogs and do things that normal blogger will do. I am hooked up reading personal stories from different people online,  I spend most of the time waiting for a new stories to be publish. I would like to quit this addiction because it is affecting my blogging moods.

Anyway I am going to Seoul this week to renew my passport, it is going to expire soon. I am also taking the chance to meet my  friend in Seoul, it was almost three years ago when we met the last time.

Funny Novelty Items at Spencer’s

Every time I shop online there are a couple of things that I take into consideration before I buy something such as the variety of items and choices, prices, payment methods, and how fast my purchases will be delivered. Nowadays, there are so many online stores to choose from that I no longer go to the mall. It is just faster, easier, and more convenient. Plus, it is where you find unique items at incredibly low prices. Among the many sites I have come across, a couple have stood out not only because of their products but also because of how exciting their whole website is. One of them is Spencer’s, a lifestyle retail company selling a wide selection of items like clothing, lingerie, accessories, footwear, body jewelry, board games, novelty gifts, adult stuff and many more. Their unique, fun, cute, and humorous products are a favorite of shoppers of all ages.

For people who like doing funny gags, jokes and pranks as well as giving gag gifts, Spencer’s also sell a lot of them. For sure your gift will be unforgettable and different from everyone else’s. Some of the funny gifts they have are no-tear toilet paper, prankster paraphernalia, shocking pens, funny glasses, rubber chickens, whoopee cushions, redneck teeth and many more. These modern ways of delivering gags and pranks will certainly generate lots of laughter.

For international shoppers, do not fuss because Spencer’s not only ship to the US and Canada but also to 220 countries all over the world. If you are worried about using your credit card, be reminded that shopping at Spencer’s is completely secure and reliable. Among the payment methods they accept are Paypal and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover).

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EMS Philippines: Philippines Postal Corporation Thieves

As we are moving to a new apartment I decided to send home my old clothes, souvenirs and some magazines to the Philippines. I have included few chocolates despite the fact that I  have told my mother I am not going to send chocolates because I have no funds for it, I have no allowance since October but for the last minute I decided to buy chocolates,  Kisses chocolates with Almonds and one big pack of chocolate nuggets.

I have sent the box few days before we moved,  I  packed and taped it securely. I added more cardboard below and made the clothes and notebooks as base, I have learned my lesson about not packing the box securely because the old digital cam I’ve sent the last time was stolen together with other things.

I was already sure that whoever tried to open my box will take him longer to do it, so he will probably not try to do it but I was wrong. My box arrived home with missing items with a note from postal distribution center somewhere South that they received the box being taped like it was opened. My sister texted me the items they received and there I have found out the two chocolates I’ve send was missing, what’s left are the cheap ones. Yeah right, the thief stole the expensive chocolates, furthermore he/she also stole my pair of jeans in the box. Probably she has been out of clothes already or if he is male, he will probably give it to his wife/girlfriend as a gift.

[They opened the box and closed it with green electric tape]

I felt relieved when I found out that all of my souvenirs are there, I can buy the chocolates again but not my souvenir collections, probably it didn’t attract the thief and I should be thankful for that.

The local post office in our province says those thieves probably remember my name and my mother’s name since they got a digital camera on my box, because the first boxes I have sent before are left unharmed but those boxes I’ve sent lately are opened and a few items are stolen.

I would suggest that the Philippine Postal Corporation should change their name to the Philippines Postal Thieves Corporation, well I know that not all of them are stealing but it was just very bad that those good employees were affected by these thieves in this corporation.

The government should send those thieves abroad so they will know how to value the money of many Filipinos spend on sending packages for their families, and so they can experience the hardship of many Filipinos.

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Moving to New Place

I am quite busy these past few days that I can’t update my blogs, I am busy both offline and online. In the next few days we are moving to a new apartment  that’s why I became so busy packing our things, it was not done yet because we are still using the pots and utensils.

Today my husband’s director will visit here in our apartment and she will take us to our new apartment. Gladly I have cleaned last night so it is not going to be shameful when she came here.

Printing Business

My family has new business and that is printing and photocopying. My mother bought a printer a month ago and they decided to offer printing jobs to make use of it. People already knew that they offer such services so little by little they got more customers. I hope their printing business flourish so they can avail software from for web to print.

Eoncode offers EonWorkflow  a  highly customizable and powerful suite of software tools designed to enhance all aspects of a  printing business. This software will surely a great help for large printing business.

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