More Korean Street food for us

Did not do much today, we’ve sent the box of goodies home. It’s been here for few months already and I didn’t have a chance to send it until today. My husband got annoyed when I didn’t open the door for him in the postal office, it just happened that I forgot about it, haha plus I am walking  after him, so he told me that next time he wouldn’t carry my box anymore.

After gym we walked  to the bus station to buy street foods like hotdog, sundae, teokkbogi  and a lot more which I cannot remember the name.  We feasted at them when we reached home,.

Korean Street Foods

That’s what we got last Saturday, my husband and I decided to take a short walk and try some street foods,  we had fish cake, hoddeok,  pepper with stuff in the inside, dumplings and few other things I can’t remember the name.

 This is my share of  the street foods my husband started eating his share in the street, he said that’s why it is called street foo, to be eaten in the street.

Pepero Chocolates

Yesterday was Pepero day here in Korea like what I have said it is similar to Valentines Day where couples exchange pepero sticks or chocolates. My husband came home with premium chocolate sticks from one of his student and pepero’s.

Early in the morning today I went to Family Mart to buy Pepero because  he is craving for Pepero and  he asked me to treat him.

And this is me with my Pepero loot a long pepero stick, my husband bought it from our favorite bakery in town.  Hmmm, my loot is not that much huh, unlike last year.

Huge EC Credits and Huge Thank you

I am watching an online TV show  last night when I decided to check my inbox and a message from Entrecard caught my attention someone sent a huge EC credits to me.  It’s from Patsy the author of   Patsy’s Word of Wisdom and Patsy’s Photos, I know its from her because she’s the only Patsy I know in blogging world.

Still unsure if it is a mistake or not I sent her a message in entrecard and left comment to her blog and she says it is not a mistake,  my HUGE thank you to you Patsy for your kindness, don’t forget to visit her blog guys!

If you need EC credits just left a comment and I am willing to share the blessings!

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