Kimchi a lot of work

It is been few months already since we bought Kimchi from the supermarket but since last week we started to buy and eat Kimchi again.  So in short my cooking escapades in our kitchen rolled again, you know frying eggs with kimchi or fried rice and etc.,

Just tonight I just finished cutting the kimchi into pieces which is required hard work (lol) what I mean lot of work, need to clean the kitchen for the splattered Kimchi juice, wash the dishes and the Kimchi bag before throwing it in the garbage. If I am not going to wash it the whole apartment will stinks like Kimchi.,

A Perfect White Bedroom Furniture

6 cube storage -The White Company

Just recently my husband and I re-arranged our bedroom; we moved some of our furniture’s, sent the box home and throw few of the things that we don’t need. When we’re through we have found out that our bedroom became more spacious and empty unlike before it is kind of crowded.

Anyway as what I have noticed I need another shelf or storage for my things and paper works because the single tray I am using is starting to be cluttered again, few of my things are already in the floor. Our white drawer is also full so I can’t add more things on it; I guess it is time to buy a new white bedroom furniture. A six cube storage will do, where I can put few of my books and doll collections and I think this storage will matched our white three cube storage in our bed room.

The White Company is a company that specialised in supplying stylish, white, designer quality items for the home that are affordable.

On sending Package

Finally the box I’ve sent to Philippines last Friday arrived today to my family. I thought it is already gone missing because when I tracked it the last information the box arrived in the Philippines and nothing else.

My sister is so happy upon seeing pringle’s in the box, she said it’s been a long time since she’s been asking our mother to buy her pringle’s  so the pringle’s I’ve sent is just on time.

One of the souvenirs I’ve sent was broken so they just glued it. Maybe the box was not carried carefully or they just throw it away (sigh). Oh well the good thing is the box still arrived., my worried feeling for it is gone.

Craving for Pizza

I wake up late today, it is already noon time. Felt so tired last night, my husband asked me to buy some profiteroles but sad to say nothing is left so I bought muffins instead. When I reached home he is not satisfied with the bake goods and he summoned me to look for pizza in the middle of the night, I walked to the pizza place I know and they are all closed. I thought his craving will end up there, but I am wrong he asked me to look for loaf of bread as he wants to have grilled cheese sandwich so I went out again and when I came home I prepared the grilled cheese sandwich.

It has been a long walk last night, I also try to go to Watsons to buy chocolates but it is already closed when I reached there.

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