It’s hard to say Favor Please…

Probably like me you are also dizzy about my blogs, one of them is on and off since last night. After the incident where I can’t type here in blogger, I really did panic because I can’t imagine anymore if my three other blogs will bid goodbye so I immediately contacted Ate Belle, she replied but I am already asleep, so I just read when I wake up in the afternoon where every one have eaten their lunch already.

I have found out she upgraded my hosting package for free, that’s a big wow. Thank you very much Ate Belle! She even told me that it is free of charge and she will do the transfer for me, well you know I am type of person who has this undying shyness in my nerves, as long as I know I can do it I won’t ask help unless I reached the end point. I just don’t know why, but I am really dependent to myself and I always had this word “try” that’s maybe I learned few things online because of my curiosity.

Even when sis Grace will install the template here, I wouldn’t not mind doing it my self as long as she send me the code but she says, she don’t send code or I forgot the exact term. Another shyness attacked! You know I am not use that other people will do a favor for me because mostly I am the one who do favor for others. Well of course she, did installed.

You might think I just don’t like to give my account details, well I should tell you I don’t mind giving my username and password because I have no secret and no importance stuff, spams and a lot of spam mails, yes I have those.

Well so the dork me start working in my cpanel, I am almost done when I am already in importing my blogs in my travel blog I found out 0/223 something, guess what I back-out and deleted the add-on domains, mysql, wordpress and etc., Dunno what comes to my mind, I thought nothing will be exported, I already forgot how I export my food blog to my WP blog eh, which is few days ago.

Well the experimentalist me tested it again on my other blogs, but error occurs maybe because I installed, delete and installed again, don’t know if I overwrite things on my root document and etc.,

I successfully transfer my travel blog to wordpress but google keeps giving me ERROR, and then I found out, it seems I had a problem with my database it looks like I named it wrong. I have tweak the template already, so I log-out and clean the cache. Well when I try to log-in again google gave me an ERROR, if you think I stop…you are right I stopped that’s why I am blogging right now and releasing the stress. I wasted time in configuring my own self hosted blog when there is someone who is so kind to do it for me, lesson learned. THROW AWAY the SHYNESS, its not anymore IN today (Hindi na uso yon ngaun, kapal muks na dapat).

So right now, you might not access my Collective Thoughts blog, anyway guys if you are looking for a trusted hosting online with a friendly and thoughtful service don’t think twice with

5 Responses to “It’s hard to say Favor Please…”

  1. kat says:

    nyahahaha…ayan, nahilo na ako a blog mo hhehe. kaw kasi, di mo na lang ipaubaya sa kanila joke… Belle din ang katuwang ko sa hosting RyHeanne, as in chat kami kasi di ko talaga alam gawin tong WP platform hahaha…super kapals hamuk ko no? kakapalan ko kasi kung hindi eh, abutin ako ng millennium bago matapos waaaaaaaaa.

  2. Lainy says:

    You’ve found a good soul in Mabelle. She indeed has a good heart. She’s also one of the benevolent sponsors to my blogoversary contest. I heard a lot of good things about her. So cool!

  3. anne says:

    Ay basta si belle, mabait yan hehehe. Siya din ang may pakana lahat sa wp ko hehehe. Guily as charge ka na belle lol joke lang. Hahaha, I always love working with her, she helps me a lot.

  4. chiewilks says:

    hirap din ako sa WP..nkakahilo lalo na sa hosting. i don’t trust mysef talaga pagdating sa WP hosting kaya’t i seek help. Pero my host naman,si mommyRubz, did all the processing. I hope i wont face hosting problem in the future kasi like you sis, i am shy to ask for help din. as much as possible, ill try my best to fix my blog problems myself. I hope you’ll get your WP blog to work.

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