Devina DeDiva Racist Comments Against Miss World Philippines

Earning a degree from a prestigious University doesn’t defy who you are nor riding an expensive car, living in expensive mansions, wearing golds and expensive clothes but the words coming from your mouth tell who you are, who are your friends and family this is what I learned growing into this society.

Devina DeDiva

The internet world was shaken when a certain Divine DeDiva posted  a racist comment about the recent winner of the Miss World pageant, Miss Philippines on her Facebook account.

Devina DeDiva

Many people are furious and even created a Devina DeDiva hate page on Facebook. Update: I have found out that someone hacked the hate page of Devina DeDiva in Facebook from 7k  likes it went up to 19k, the creator and other admins where kick out from the page so they created a new page - Filipinos Unite to Demand Apology from Devina Sharma – Dediva.

Devina DeDiva Racist Comments

Well you cannot really buy class and good manners no matter how educated you are. This is what they say think before you click, she is now enjoying her 20 minutes of fame. Lol!

Devina DeDiva Racist Comments

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6 Responses to “Devina DeDiva Racist Comments Against Miss World Philippines”

  1. Proud Filipina says:

    I do not know what she has against Filipino women. It could be that she is just plain narrowminded and we can’t do anything much to help her. Poor girl. In any case, what she did will not help her attain nirvana. In the end she is the one to suffer most out of her own doing.

    • Apple says:

      Why is she so bitter about Filipinas?
      In the Bible it says,
      And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased; and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted. Matt 23:12

      • whew says:

        what i don’t like about this is that Filipinos again are barging up front to ask for forgiveness from her. in my case, i care not a single lick with what she said. i don’t like the mentality of Filipinos that whenever we are criticized badly, we demand for an apology like we are somehow kings and queens of the world. do you remember the latest FIBA Asia? it was embarrassing how many Filipinos posted derogatory comments towards Hamed Haddadi but when it was our turn to be insulted, you know already. Sheesh. Double standards much? They should have just left as it is, she was already being negatively viewed by her own people, that’s price enough for her stupidity.

  2. pandoy says:

    hey divine didiva its hurt your ego ha, you can’t imagine that filipino are won the title, unlike you, your nothing because even your rich you don’t won nothing it means your nothing better for to shut your mouth because you are more than a maid that you talking about, and one thing we don’t need your comment and look your face first because even the dog won’t like you, let me remain you that beauty pageant is for the beauty, intelligent, talent and most of all not resist like you, and all of that you don’t have looser.

  3. TISHYDOT says:

    I hope Devina Dediva would have learned her lesson. True beauty comes from the heart. Regardless of race, color or status, human beings are to be respected.

    If she has not learned her lesson yet, I know that the road ahead will be harder for her. Humility widens our perception of things and open doors of opportunities but pride shuts and stops us from learning new things, which will eventually kill the life inside of us . Devina, you need to choose.

    -from a Filipina who cleans toilets.

  4. Joselito says:

    If only we Were so concerned about the sorry state of affairs in our country and show the same defensive and justice seeking behavior to correct our politicians instead of useless bashing online

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