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Meat Shop

I woke up so late today but we are going to sleep early as we are going to wake up very early tomorrow, it is holiday tomorrow as it is the 100th Anniversary of the school. So we are finally going to hike, we have to leave here around five o’clock in the morning. Dunno if we are going to wake up without saying, let’s do it another day! By the way here’s my share of yellow for today, picture of a newly open meat shop in the market, I have found it when we shopped at Kim’s Mart and seeing the air balloon or what ever you may call it, it is perfect for Mellow Yellow Monday!


Yellow Barrier

I still can’t manage my time in blogging and for everything, I always end up cramming. I think I need to set aside few things then know and choose what is my priority, blogging, tweaking or blog hopping? Hard to choose isn’t it? Because they are all part of blogosphere.

Anyway I am sharing this yellow police barrier, I have taken this when went to Seoul a year ago I guess or months ago.


Practice makes it to Champion

I have been busy or feeling busy these past few days doing nothing aside from downloading my photos from my Friendster, tweaking blog templates, EC dropping and updating my windows and installing some programs, well plus cooking some meal of course. 
There are times I can’t decide on what  photos should I share for color meme’s and it always end up in no share at all, because I don’t post. I have not been too active, didn’t even share something last week. So I end up visiting my sister’s Facebook account and grab some of her photos. Below are the photos while they are practicing for the dance competition as feast celebration in our Barangay, when they eventually end as champion, visit Bluehoney’s Photoblog. The photo below was takes just beside our house, porch.

And this one was take in front of our house, before  my aunt has a small sari-sari store and I think they tore them down when they transfer to a good location and before my aunt build a store here its a small garden of flowers which I watered every late afternoon and I think my mother didn’t plant anymore as the land in front of us is not us so if someone want to build something the flowers need to be destroyed again.

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Cultwo Family

This is just one of the 24-hours convenient store here in Korea, there’s a variety of them from 7-eleven, Family Mart, GS25, Buy the Way and etc., this convenient store always fascinate me because of its name, what does it mean? Does the family had a sure name Cult or they belong to a cult? Lol! Anyway as what I have found out this store franchise is owned by Cult Media Corporation so probably that’s how it derived its name.

If you have money and planning to invest so something, do you know that you can purchased a franchise of this convenient store just by contacting them?
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