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Shoot Me

Today is Thursday, just posting a photo of me.  Look for me, it is the one in the left or right. Have a wild guess everyone. Lol!
Forever In Blue Jeans

Busy Tuesday

I am not so feeling well today, last night my dinner consist of fried chicken and sauce made by me. After few minutes I feel my head aching, I thought it is just the heat because when I cooked I just came from the shower. So I just continue browsing the internet while eating some chocolates even it really disturbs me. 
Few more minutes I throw up all the the food I have eaten and there I feel a little relieved, my headache is a little better but I feel so tired and sleepy. I just sleep 5-6 hours the previous night.
I guess I have a food poisoning, if I forgot to say the chicken I have cooked is one day expired (lol). It is a waste to throw the whole chicken eh, my husband will be mad at me and for sure no more bag of chicken on the next day and months. Anyway my husband didn’t believed eating sugar, lol.
I woke up today at twelve o’clock in the afternoon, harvest my crops and browse the internet for few hours then eat my breakfast what I mean drink my breakfast, milk and banana shake. While shaking I am cooking a viand for my lunch, nilaga. 
As of 5:29 PM did not eat anything yet, I have cleaned the fridge and the bathroom after cooking. I am taking a break to clean the whole apartment, haist I guess I need to eat right now.

What’s new?

What’s new about me? Aside from having a new hair-cut I think there’s nothing more, actually my new hair-cut was  two weeks ago or more. Oh yeah I visited a doctor for scaling and that’s another story.  I am sorry dear readers if I became in-active in blogging here, it started since we arrived from vacation. Not just because I am addicted playing on frontierville but because I lost my battery charger on North Korea since then my blogging life became dull.  I can’t use my digital cam without charging my battery, so I can’t take photo to blog or share something about what’s happening on my life.  Why not buy a new one? I know you are asking me about that, well I am just waiting for my hubby doves to buy me a new one. I think he really postpones buying me a battery charger because he is already tired seeing me taking photo of everything like food, sky, flowers and anything that catches my attention.
Hopefully he could buy a new one for me this week as what he told me last night. So I need to be a good girl, no more whining and childish act for the sake of my battery charger. Lol!

Just want to say sorry to some people who leave comments on my blog and likewise send message to my mailbox, sorry for not attending to them. In my eight email address, I only open two of them everyday, the other six just occasionally. Like every one or two months, another Lol again.

Shoot Me: My latest picture

Wanted. That’s me, my latest photo taken today by my husband. I’m taking a bath after going to the gym when my husband tell me to make it faster because our agent in China needs a clear picture of me in a white background for my visa.
So in short my bath rituals was disturbed, I was like in hurry. Immediately wear my clothes and comb my hair, forget the lotion and deodorant  because the photographer is already getting tired of waiting.

After sending the photo, I am kinda disturbed can’t stop thinking of my visa for North Korea. Our flight is on Saturday for China and there’s a lot of “what if” on my mind.

Forever In Blue Jeans