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Shuttle Service in Port of Miami

One of the basic of traveling is planning your trip. You should know and plan where to stay, where to go and what to visit. Right transportation also one of the big factor you should consider. The moment you arrived in the airport you should already had  a taxi or shuttle reservation to your hotel or residence to avoid headache on dealing  to drivers that will rip you off on fare.

Remember that most of the time there’s booth in the arrival area that offers different services like hotel booking, shuttle renting and etc.,  If you are traveling in the US, airport shuttle is not a big deal unlike in most Asian countries everyone would  grab you to hire their taxi. 

Anyway if you are going to travel in Miami  with your family or friends and you’re looking for a shuttle between the port of Miami, the Miami airport, and other points in between, look no farther than Express Shuttle’s port of Miami shuttle. You can conveniently rent a private shuttle van for family use,  and  if you are alone you can book a shared ride shuttle service from anywhere in Miami including from the Airport to your hotel, residence or to a beach house.  Rates are affordable and the service is very accommodating .

Shared ride from Port of Miami to Miami International Airport will only cost you $10 per person if you are in shared ride shuttle and if you will rent a private shuttle for family it will only cost you $75  and can accommodate up to 10  persons, waiting time is as short as 20 minutes so you will be always on time for your flight.

Aside from Miami International Airport they also offer affordable rates to Ft Lauderdale Airport,  Miami Residences, Ft Lauderdale Hotels, Downtown Miami Hotels, South Beach Hotels, Aventura City residences and hotels, Doral City residences and hotels.

So book a shuttle now at Express Shuttle , less worry and convenient for your own good.

Back from a Short Vacation in Jeju

We arrived from Jeju yesterday, it was a short vacation but it was very tiring that we have to sleep very early last night. My husband says we have to go to the GYM today despite of bruises, sore legs, knees, feet and waist. I stumble and slide many times while descending Mt. Halla, we are the only two that is not gear up for hiking, everyone has their pair of hiking shoes, sticks, clamps and hiking gear. If not to the two good Samaritan we might end up in the hospital,.. Oh did I forgot I was hit by a motorbike while crossing the street in Jeju? It seems the delivery guy was in hurry to deliver his goods and didn’t drive slowly while turning left on the street where we are walking. He (delivery guy) is too scared that he wants me to bring to the hospital. I didn’t feel the pain upon impact but after few minutes I have to walk like a limping dog.,

Our Holiday Vacation in India

We arrived from our vacation in India yesterday it should be on Sunday but our flight from India to Beijing is delayed for 15 hours, Air China brought us with other passengers in a 5-star hotel fifteen minutes to the airport. Maybe because it is New Year and to avoid most of the passengers to air this frustration and hatred to the airline company especially most of the passengers has a connecting flight to other countries which is affected by the delayed.

I am going to tell more stories on my travel blog but one thing is sure India make us sick, most of the cities we visited are loud and dirty,  right now I am feeling sicker., climate change probably. Cold and cough just wake up light headed,

It snowed today just to glad that it didn’t when I went to pay our electric and internet bills because for sure I am not going to stand the cold outside. I also went out to claim my first earning from Google Adsense, it was send before Christmas but I am not here to claim it in Western Union, I have think of claiming it in India but it is too risky to do so.

Didn’t buy a lot of stuff from our vacation, I never got a doll I wanted. Within the cities we visited there are only few honest Indians who sold basic needs like bottled water in local price, most of them sold their goods in tourist price which double or thrice the local price, haist business minded people.

Hopefully I could update my blogs frequently, I have no post since we left for vacation.  I still have a list of designs to work with,  didn’t finish them last year because of almost losing my computer from virus problem, absent minded as in I can’t make my mind to work and having busy schedule both offline and online work, discouragement and etc., Sorry to those who keep waiting., I’ll try to start designing once I am feeling okay, right now all I need is a good rest and more time, I have two or three more loads of laundry can’t wash them all because we only have small balcony and cannot hang all of them together so I have to wait until the first batch of clothes dry, dunno when especially it is freaking cold outside.

Happy New Year to everyone and more blessings to share this year for us.

ELD Posture Correction Cushion and Travel Bags

It is summer time here in Korea and  one more month it is already school vacation. We are heading up for another travel a very tiring trip again with our big back packs, I have been asking my husband to purchase a luggage bag for me which is more easy to carry than carrying a bag into my shoulders that always end up with bruises after our vacation.

I wish I could have one of the EDDAS Travel Luggage Bags which are highly reliable and extensively designed  for the traveler’s personality, they are characterized by luxury color schemes with a European style design complete with a strong locking device for your things safety and they also contained the practicality and stylishness of ELD Travel bags.

ELD Posture Correction Cushion and Travel Bags

Yeah right EDDAS is just one of the brand that ELD Co., LTD owns, the company that specialized in manufacturing and developing products that  that are suited to various types of travels.  Additionally, they develop and support new growth engines such as leisure and cushion goods in addition to living goods. As their major brands, they  have domestically launched EDDAS and ETHOS, which are sophisticated and personalized goods. Based on their accumulated technology and know-how, they have acquired the ISO-9001, ISO-14001 quality management certification, a first in the travel bag business.

ELD Company become a corporation in the year 2006. In the year 2007, they created the license contract with CARVEN PARIS, a French luxury brand.  ELD introduced the ETHOS GREECE brand in the year 2008. ELD launched the EDDAS brand in the year 2009 and  established the EDDAS corporation, they also invented the golfer glove dryer in the same year. In the year 2010, ELD acquired ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certificates for quality management. ELD has signed the forging export contract with Vietnam and Japan in 2010. ELD registered patent and development of SMART CUSHION and BEAUTY CUSHION in the same year.

Aside from travel bags ELD produces  goods for vehicles, golf, presents and other travel accessories which are group into categories like  Hardside Luggage, Hard Case EP style, Softside Luggage, Softcase  Luggage, briefcase and Vintage Luggage which is a collectors item with touch of luxury from the past.

Oh well, to complete the travel accessories and in order to be relax during the long hour flight  ELD Posture correction cushion might be a great help, it can also be used at home, office and anywhere as it reduces pressure exerted on the waist when sitting down, and increases comfort by maintaining a stable posture. In addition, the cervical vertebrae acupressure effect increases productivity and eliminates fatigue.

ELD Posture Correction Cushion and Travel Bags

Aside from that ELD also sells  hip-up sitting cushions that maintains a good posture by putting your legs together, decreases the pressure to the back by dispersion of the weight while sitting,  lessen fatigue despite of long time use and decreases discomfort despite sitting for a long time.

I think I really need this one especially I always sit in the floor every time  I am in front of my computer. Anyway for complete line up of their products with the advantages of using them please visit here. Like their page in Facebook and for more fresh updates follow them in twitter.

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