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New York Street Vendors

If you’ve ever been to New York City, you’re probably aware of the many street vendors that have a big impact on the city’s hip, street-smart vibe. From Manhattan’s posh shopping districts to historic Times Square and Theater District, you’ll find over 20,000 street vendors selling hot dogs, gourmet food, coffee, ice cream, flowers, t-shirts and gifts to locals and visitors.

Over the years, New York street vendors have played an important part in building the city’s heritage. Many are immigrants who came from poor countries and impoverished conditions to the Big Apple to make a better life for their families. Some are American military veterans who proudly served in one of our country’s wars. New York street vendors are small business people from all races and cultures who work long hours under harsh outdoor conditions, especially in New York’s summer heat and freezing winters. Their struggle to build a better life reflects the true essence of New York’s history, and the people of New York love having them around.

New York Street Vendors

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You’ll find over 100 restaurants located within the compact Theater District, from 42nd street to 53rd street, but you’ll need reservations to get into all of them. They stay packed year-round with theater patrons who want to dine before or after a Broadway play. The most popular reservation time is 6:30 PM, early for many diners, but necessary if you want to eat before you see a show. Although there are some world-famous restaurants in this exciting strip, packed crowds and booked reservations may prevent you from getting in. Fortunately, you’ll find fancy food trucks and street vendors in the area who serve delicious cuisine, so you can always find great food. Whether you prefer a quick gourmet meal, kosher hot dog, hot pretzel snack, Italian gelato desert, or cup of cappucino or espresso from a beverage cart, you’ll find street vendors with all kinds of foods to satisfy your taste buds.

Since the early 1900s, street vendors have played an important role in building New York City’s history. Today, city streets are filled with lively street vendors who provide convenient services and great food year-round to New York residents and tourists. Whether you’re looking for an early morning croissant and cup of coffee, a mid-day snack, a late night meal, or your favorite desert, you’re sure to find it on the streets of New York.

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Buying Travel Logo Mugs

Buying souvenirs is a must for me when we are travelling, like today while we are walking at the beach, my eyes are looking for souvenir stores where I can buy postcards or key chains.  These are my souvenir priorities because they are easy and light to carry.  I have noticed though that postcards here in Montenegro are not that popular unlike in most tourist areas we visited in other countries I can find them easily.

Well, today I am already tempted to buy travel logo mugs but when I have thought that the last mug I have sent home was broken along the way.

Antique Collecting: Online Auctions Made Easy

My husband and I loves to visit museums and world heritage sites every time we travel to other country. Seeing antiques, old jars, jewelries, clothing, paintings and other old historical pieces and places is the highlights of our trip.  It give us knowledge how ancient people live long time ago, how they progress and built their community.

Antique Collections

Well if you are an antique collector travelling to further cities is not needed anymore because nowadays, there are websites that bring auctioneers together with interested buyers and one of them is In business since 1997, they have over 1,000 auction house clients worldwide and have particular expertise in vintage collectibles, gaming memorabilia, coin and antique auctions, collectible firearms, movie props and original set costumes. Their clients likewise place classic and unique jewellery and diamonds, native memorabilia, original prints and paintings.’s online live bidding platform enables buyers to know about auctions as they are posted, browse lists of auction items and place absentee bids online anytime, anywhere. The whole process of bidding is quite easy. Online bidders can join in the auction as if they are physically present in the venue and can even watch the live auction via video feed from the floor. It’s very convenient and absolutely safe to bid because critical data is encrypted securely.

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Luxury Apartments in Paris

Paris is also know as the “City of Lights” is the largest city in France. It is one of the popular destination among travelers because of its beautiful structures and cultures that attracts many tourists each year. Paris is also known for endless fashion and music, if you are planning for your next vacation you might as well consider going to Paris this summer.

Luxury hotels are expensive but there are luxury apt that works like luxury hotel which are less expensive with complete amenities and includes kitchen, laundry facilities, dishwasher, stove, microwave, towels, soaps and other things that can cater your needs while you are on vacation. Luxury apartments are extremely comfortable and far better than hotel rooms, they are mostly closed to monuments and places of tourist interest.

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Shuttle Service in Port of Miami

One of the basic of traveling is planning your trip. You should know and plan where to stay, where to go and what to visit. Right transportation also one of the big factor you should consider. The moment you arrived in the airport you should already had  a taxi or shuttle reservation to your hotel or residence to avoid headache on dealing  to drivers that will rip you off on fare.

Remember that most of the time there’s booth in the arrival area that offers different services like hotel booking, shuttle renting and etc.,  If you are traveling in the US, airport shuttle is not a big deal unlike in most Asian countries everyone would  grab you to hire their taxi. 

Anyway if you are going to travel in Miami  with your family or friends and you’re looking for a shuttle between the port of Miami, the Miami airport, and other points in between, look no farther than Express Shuttle’s port of Miami shuttle. You can conveniently rent a private shuttle van for family use,  and  if you are alone you can book a shared ride shuttle service from anywhere in Miami including from the Airport to your hotel, residence or to a beach house.  Rates are affordable and the service is very accommodating .

Shared ride from Port of Miami to Miami International Airport will only cost you $10 per person if you are in shared ride shuttle and if you will rent a private shuttle for family it will only cost you $75  and can accommodate up to 10  persons, waiting time is as short as 20 minutes so you will be always on time for your flight.

Aside from Miami International Airport they also offer affordable rates to Ft Lauderdale Airport,  Miami Residences, Ft Lauderdale Hotels, Downtown Miami Hotels, South Beach Hotels, Aventura City residences and hotels, Doral City residences and hotels.

So book a shuttle now at Express Shuttle , less worry and convenient for your own good.

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