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I’ll be Out of Town

We are going to Jeju today so  we are going to be out of town until the weekend which means I can’t blog for few days. So right now I am busy and stress packing my clothes yeah just mine my husband pack his clothes last night. Lol! Well I am just leaving  a short note here, have to clean around first before we left and I have to eat all the food left or else it is going to be spoiled that’s included pot of rice, darn I feel like a pig again. Lol!

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Snowy Update

I am quite busy tweaking these past few days that I can’t visit my blogs and post an article, I am also procrastinated. I have nothing else to write maybe because I don’t usually share and talk what I am doing and etc., sort of private person huh? Lol!

It snowed a lot today it cause heavy traffic in the main street I remember a friend who wished to snow a lot I just chuckled remembering her childish wish. Heavy snow can cause a lot of problems and accidents in the street eh., Anyway I  decided to rest for a while and blog I am going to tweak again tomorrow.

I have cooked  a soup tonight and as usual my husband told me to separate soup for him all he wanted is the vegetable and he don’t like macaroni on it, too much carbohydrates as what he reasoned out.

Pizza and Chocolates

I woke up late today after eating lunch we went out to buy fluorescent light for our bathroom as it just stop working, we first went to Kim’s Club Mart or which is now Emart Everyday but we didn’t find one, we just bought few treats like cheese stick and onion rings and then look for another store. Then go home and return to the market again to look for an organizer four our kitchen, we ended up buying a stackable tray.

Later tonight we had pizza and chocolates, from Pizza School and Watson. I have ordered Napoli Pizza for me and Pepperoni for my husband.

Instead of  waiting for our pizza we went to Watsons for Sweet Treats,  when we pay in the counter the sales clerk asked me to choose one from the free items in the corner, I choose tiny sunblocks and then she added sample of BB Creams.

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Lovely Greeting Card from a Friend

Today we heard some scratches outside our door, it sounds weird. It’s like a kid playing and scratching then afterwards it sounds like someone is tearing something that is taped on our door, we just concluded it is our landlord especially when someone arrived and asked for something and we heard two guys talking outside but neither of the two sounds like our landlord.

So I told my husband when we went out to go the gym we are going to be surprised when our door is full of scratch, anyway it turns out it is the landlord’s friend based on the truck in front of our apartment building with an old toilet bowl. He maybe tearing something on it,  oh well I have found our internet bill stuck on the small mailbox beside our door and was surprised there’s another mail with it, been waiting for this mail since we arrived from vacation. I thought it already arrived and got lost in the bigger mailbox here in the apartment.

Thank you ate Rose for the lovely card,  it is so cute and well made.  Ate Rose is a very kind and lovely blogger I  met online, she has a good humor that will make you smile once you get to know her well.  Meet the Cottrill’s by visiting  Travel’s and Wandering,   Obstacle’s and Glories and few more other sites that you’re going to know when you hop in now to these blogs.

This is the first greeting card I received from a blogger friend and it means a lot to me I am planning to buy a photo album and keep all the keepsakes there.

Again thanks a lot ate Rose, Merry Christmas too and Happy New Year. More blessings to count and share!