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Commonly Misused Words

Hi guys just a thought of sharing this info graphic, this are the commonly misused words we can read and heard from anybody.  I am sure you are going agree on what is written here, not all of us are fluent in English language and even those native speaker sometimes commit mistakes on their spelling, click the image to see it on larger view.

Home Schooling

My older cousin is a professional teacher, she’s practicing her profession on private schools and accepts tutorial lessons on her free time which is mostly during weekend, I have heard once that one  of her student want to be home schooled by her parents, for sure there’s a good reason why the parents  opted in home based learning.

Anyway home schooling is now widely accepted in other countries especially those developed countries like United States, where children are educated at home by parents or tutors. Some parents consider some factors to home school their children; they believed that their children can get best education at home, for religious reasons and because of poor learning environment at traditional schools.

Most children learn to do vices  and escape their classes because of the wrong choice of peers; they are influenced to do wrong doings by friends instead of learning in school. There are also some children who developed  low self-esteem because of bullying incidents  in school.

If you are  planning to home school your children you should consider StudyPoint, it  is a company that provides tutoring services for all subjects including SAT and ACT test prep, they also have Math expert tutoring staffs that can help your children to get good grades.

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