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Bloggers Unite: A Fundraising Giveaway Event | Over $860 Worth of Prizes!

As if a 7.2 magnitude earthquake last October wasn’t enough, the central region of the Philippines was hit by another disaster, a 295 kph typhoon on November 8, 2013. Supertyphoon Yolanda (International name: Haiyan), one of the most powerful storms ever recorded, smashed the central part of the Philippines and left hundreds of millions of destroyed of properties, death toll at around 4000, and over 650,000 displaced survivors desperate for food and shelter among others.

Bloggers Unite: A Fundraising Giveaway Event

Organized and hosted by:

Life’s Cheap Thrills, Diva Fabulosa, My Charmed Mom, Bay Area Mommy, Hot Fun Stuffs

Co-hosted by:

Two Little Cavaliers, Bunny’s Review, Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog, A.k.a. Chymecindy


As bloggers, we thought we could help these people by throwing this huge fundraising giveaway — a way we are all very familiar with. We have already raised $515 from this event and continuing to receive more donations through There will be a turnover of funds to a legitimate organizations that buys, repacks, and hands out relief goods directly to the victims. You can visit one of the host blogs for updates on the fund transfer in about a week or two.

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Product Promotion Through Blogs

With the popularity of blogs and websites online most companies consider blogs as one of the best alternative way to promote their products and services.  There are some company who offer their products for free to bloggers in exchange of honest review, and there are other companies who compensate bloggers monetarily.

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Most people when they want to buy or try a new product, they use the internet to look for reviews and that’s how blogs came along. Once the shopper stumbles to a certain blog with a review post, it boosts and promote the company’s product aside from the popularity it receives from the links in the review.

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What is Blog?

Blogging is a popular trend of writing nowadays, many people are now engaged in blogging because blogging is not just a simple past time but can also be a source of income online for people who desired to work from home.  You might be a blogger yourself but have you asked yourself what do blog means?

A blog is an informal site of discussion, an online diary of a writer. The infographic below explains what is a blog and who coined the term blog, please take time to read it.

 Are you ready to start blogging? If you want to be a blogger but don’t know how to start you can create your blog from free platforms like blogger and when you think you already know the secret of blogging you can upgrade to the higher platform and even make an identity online by using your own domain.

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Influence of Social Networking to Freeloaders

Lotto is form of gambling, every one wants to win and be rich without hardships. It is the instant ladder to success or having money and power. Anyway it was just lately that I have known that there’s lotto in Facebook, I just heard/read it from a certain group campaigning to stop this event.  It was sort of giveaway among bloggers but to them there’s money  involved unlike to us bloggers all we asked is twitter follow or page likes and other important things that could boost our blog popularity in the web.


In every week there’s a certain price like laptop, camera, TV and etc. Interested bettors can pick their number and pay them through bank or any means that they both agreed. I didn’t met any banker yet or bettors but  I think that’s how it works.

It was like a  social networking scandal the other day because it reach out local media’s when I think someone didn’t received his price and they ended in police station for pressing charges.

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Free WordPress Themes

Blogging is not just my favorite past time but it also a source of my income at home. I have more than fifteen blogs as of this time and I am planning of having more blogs if possible. Buying a domain is easy and cheap when there’s a big sale on domain registrar like godaddy and namecheap but renewing them is sometimes costly.

Wordpress Themes

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While searching for coupon codes online I found out that there are some websites that offers free webpage like without spending any cents. They have variation of templates and themes for bloggers at no cost.

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