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Make a Fashion Statement of Your Own

You are a unique individual. You like to express yourself through your appearance. After all, people will judge a book by its cover. They will get to know you next, but first impressions are everything. When you want to have a polished look, you need to be highly selective. Take your time and carefully create the exterior that you have always wanted, reflecting the light that is inside of you. It all begins with careful attention to detail.

Experiment with Your Hair

It’s time to make changes with your hair, especially if you have always worn the same hairstyle and are ready for something new. Don’t let yourself become bored. You can opt for a new cut or go short if you have always worn long locks trailing down your back. If you are not daring enough to give it a trim, think about options with curls or color. There is always the alternative of a wig when you want to experiment without making a permanent change.

Play with Makeup

As a little girl, you always wanted to have a makeup party. Now is your chance to live out those dreams. Purchase a selection of products and explore your options. Discover the transformation that can occur with a different blush or lipstick. Your face is a canvas. You get to enhance it in any way that you choose.

Freshen Up Your Wardrobe

When you want to liven up your closet, sarees from Craftsvilla will allow you to bring a taste of India with you wherever you go. Choose from a wide selection of styles and colors. You will love the variety and the way a saree makes you feel as it flows around you, adding a touch of glamour to your life.


Add the finishing touches with accessories, such as jewelry or clips for your hair. Make yourself feel beautiful in everyway and bring out the best in yourself. When you pay attention to how you present yourself to the world, it will give you a sense of confidence. Open doors and take hold of more opportunities by making yourself a top priority. You can’t be truly happy if you are not content with yourself. Take the time to try a variety of fashions and discover the potential that lies within. You can make yourself shine.

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Punk Style In The Water

If you are anxious about the summer season because of wearing a bathing suit, you are not alone. There are many people who dread trying on bathing suits only to find that they don’t fit in one area or another. There are also those who don’t mind swimming in a pool of people or walking on a beach as they have a punk wardrobe that is of a unique look. Some of the clothes might be black while others might display pictures and phrases of how you might feel about a particular topic. Puck stlye bathing suits are rather common, and there are various kinds that you can get so that you take a little bit of your style to the water.

Bathing Suit for Little Girl

While you might think that this kind of swimwear is all black or has images of skulls, not all of it has a dark image. There are neon colors of blue, green, pink and orange. You will also find the suits that have metal accents on the sides or even on the front of the suit. Some of them might have animals on the front while others could feature zombies. You can find bathing suits with a punk style in a one-piece or a two-piece. Some of the suits have solid straps around the neck and polka dots against a solid background. Many of the suits that you would find in this selection are modest in that the bottom portion of a two-piece has longer shorts or a top that isn’t as skimpy as others that you might see on the rack. Paisley designs, especially with colors of blue and black, are popular. You could also see hearts on a dark background or crosses blended with other designs, such as hearts or birds. There are suits for women and men who are into the punk way of dressing.

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Preparing Your Feet For Summer

Summer is fast approaching, and that means it’s time for flip flops. But are you ready to bare your feet after a long winter of boots and socks? Here are five steps to prepare your walkers for the sunshine.

1. Exfoliate Everything

Flip flops showcase your entire foot at one point or another. The tops are always visible; the bottoms become so once you sit down and cross your legs or jiggle your ankles. Leave none of your skin crusty and dry. Slough off all the dead cells.

2. Moisturize The Good

Once you’ve revealed a fresh new layer of skin, it’s important to keep it in good shape by applying creams, lotions and moisturizers to maintain its hydration. Do this at least twice a day, ideally in the morning and again at night.


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3. Buffer The Bad

For all their convenience, flip flops aren’t kind to your feet, not when your heels are constantly grinding into a cheap material with no give and no protective padding. Make it a habit to buffer the bottoms of your feet during summertime. Remove build-up before it begins.

4. Paint Your Nails

Flip flops and pedicures go hand-in-hand, or perhaps toe-in-toe, so your first order of business after buying a pair should be getting your toenails done. You might also want to treat your cuticles after they’ve been neglected for the winter.

5. Enjoy The Sun

Congratulations! Your feet are now presentable to other humans. Click here to find a great pair of flip flops to wear all summer long!

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Pearl Necklace: How to Wear them Casually

Simple, yet the definition of beauty and elegance, pearl necklaces have graced the necks of women and young ladies for centuries. From weddings to formal parties, a strand of pearls draped delicately around the female neck was a common sight. Long ago when pirates ruled the seas, even the beautiful and tough women traveling on the ships were fond of wearing pearl necklaces in a less formal fashion. Women today could learn a lesson from the seagoing ladies of yesteryear. More often than not, your stunning strand of pearls are probably tucked away in a jewelry box just waiting just for a special occasion when you can wear them. Which is such a shame since the pearl necklaces you bought at places like The Pearl Source can complement casual clothing just as they do with elegant eveningwear.

In order to properly pair the jewelry with the clothing, you must first select which pearl necklace will look best with the outfit. Simple outfits, such as a dark tank top and dark jeans, can be beautifully accented with a bold pearl necklace. To prevent a casual outfit from looking bland, simple wrap a long strand of pearls twice around the neck. If your outfit is a bit more complicated with prints and bright-colored shoes, it may be best to forgo a strand of pearls and instead wear a pendant necklace.

Since pearls jewelry can be both demure and dramatic, you should keep any other jewelry you might wear to a minimum. These naturally eye-catching gems should be allowed to take center stage, so coordinate your other jewelry appropriately. What you must remember when wearing pearl necklaces casually is to make sure you don’t look overdone or tacky with too much flashy jewelry. Excessive jewelry will only distract from your outfit and make your appearance look messy.

Matching a strand of pearls with a pair of jeans has become increasingly popular. Just look through the latest celebrity magazine and you’re sure to see at least one famous female strutting the pearls and jeans combo. Despite its popularity, you can stand out from the crowd while still rocking your jeans and pearls. One way to personalize the pairing, is to move away from the classic white pearls and instead wear one of the many colored pearl necklaces available at sites like Or you can simply wrap a strand of pearls around your wrist several times to create your very own pearl bracelet.

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Evening Dresses 2013: A Simple Guide To Glamming Up For A Black Tie Event

There are only a few occasions where a woman gets to put on a  great dress and glam it up. Once you get such opportunity, do not just let it pass. A lot of women avoid attending various formal events because they think that buying evening dresses can leave a hole in their pocket.

Evening Dresses

Truth is, evening dresses 2013 are no longer that expensive. This is most especially true if you shop on online boutiques or ask your favourite couturier for a custom-made dress. Aside from buying stylish yet cheap homecoming dresses, here are some more tips on how to glam up for a black tie event without breaking your bank.

  • Keep an open mind. Most women already have a style in mind way before they shop for their dress. Sadly, they get disappointed when they can’t find a dress that resembles the style that they wish to wear. Be open and try out new things. You may never know what works if you won’t try them all.
  • Wear the right undergarments. No matter how perfect the style of your dress is, the look will just be destroyed if you wear the wrong undergarments. Wear bra that has the right cup size and opt for seamless underwear.

Homecoming Dresses

  • Don on a statement jewelry. It is recommended that you wear one piece of bold jewelry then work your outfit around it. This will instantly glam up an already stylish yet affordable evening dress.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. There is no sense in wearing a fabulous pair of shoes if you are not comfortable enough to walk with it.

These are already obvious fashion and styling tips but most women forget about these simple tips from time to time.

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