Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cat stalker

Today my sister asked me about my other old Friendster account, which I said I don't have as what I remember I have two FS where I uploaded my photos, and I didn't remember the third one but she told  my old email account I sign-up for the site, so I immediately went to yahoo to log-in as I can't remember what's the password anymore I verified my ownership and guess what the email account is already deactivated and I re-activated it again so I can request password from Friendster in order I can log-in. To end the story short, I was surprised too see hundreds of photos, photos I thought gone missing when my sister accidentally corrupted the memory card of my camera, yeah it was not her first time to do it last week.

Mostly the photos are my cats, which is my passion everyday. To stalked my cats and took picture of them no matter what they do. Lol! Below is Paul the first kitten of Joven.,
And of course this is the cutie Theodore, seeing this photo below I want to bite him but too sad he is gone. Waaah, in seven of my cats only two or one is left since I left home. Maybe they missed me so much, what do you think?
Camera Critters

Skywatching at Yangdong Folk Village

This is my current desktop background, this photo was taken when we went to Yangdong Folk Village, last year for Chuseok Holiday.  The clouds looks so low and it looks like it is going to rain.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

My work that makes me laugh and cry

Have you ever feel humiliated? A feeling that you want to cry and run, hide then kept your self locked from the outside world. Maybe some of us feel this feeling in unexpected time or not, what if you're not a fighter? Someone who's just masquerading on her smile, someone who says she is alright even she is not fine, someone who says she is okay even it is not right. What would you do if this feeling struck to you, exactly on your face? Are you going to cry? Lost your patience and run, well it is hard to decide unless you are on that situation, but if you were there you will be hurt as well.

As it says all of us were on the same level there's no rich and there's no poor. There's no ugly person and there's no beautiful, there's no small and there's no tall and that is from the eye's of God, what about in the eye's of man?

You have to remember we are all living in a place called earth, full of lies and masquerade. World is unfair, there is a lot of educated people who are mal-educated, those are those people who says they are holding a degree, are they? No they are not, they are like a veracious animal, a very awful creature. Someone you should hate and wish to die.

Why do other people cannot understand or they really cannot understand? They are so hard to please, they just say what do they want to say, they don't intend to  hear your explanations and in the end they will leave you a threat and of course as an employee you are shocked,  what will come to your mind? Of course you care, you care about the company and you will feel a slight blade of fear. Even you feel your tears will run down your eyes you will still look calm but behind that you are losing your strength. You really want to cry, but you are an actress, you will smile even it is hard to fake a smile.

It is such a pain to be blame, to accept all the words you cannot chewed, you are just a paid worker not the owner. So why the shit is all thrown to you? Why you need to feel all the pain when you don't need too?

See, how unfair the world?  You are going to hate this kind of mal-educated people. They are so powerful to talk nonsense and blame small people, well maybe you are going to pity the small people but you don't know your pity belong to this mal-educated people, they need it more than small people need it.

Hi guys, just sharing an old short writing of mine, I wrote it to release stress and sadness. You might asked what happened and I have wrote a shitty article. This is the story...

I am working as a secretary all-around in an internet provider with few computers for rent,  there are times we don't have an internet access due to typhoon. So when it first happened my boss gave a discount for the days there's no internet so when I made the bills it is discounted. The next time it happen again, an incident we cannot forbid. My boss told me not to give discount anymore because the smart company don't give us also a discount like what happened the first time, in short we still pay full according to the contract. So I made the bills with no discount, some customers understand and there are few who don't especially this not so old woman. She keep whining to me,  call us cheaters and etc., this is how she said it "She know's how to write, she is good and writing and she will write it in local newspaper that we are cheating the customer" I explained her everything, I can't give her a discount because I am not the owner and I am just following what is instructed to me. I even told her she can talk to my boss and asked a discount to him, I can dial his number for her.  So she talked to my boss and the way I heard it she's telling my boss that I don't want to give her a discount and etc., you know the way that as if it is my fault that I don't wanna give her a discount like maybe blaming me. My boss talk to me and says just give her a discount so she will stop, when she left I feel doomed.  I got a phobia entertaining customers if before I am all smile and so darn entertaining, it changes me it makes me civil and dull.  I am just so lucky that my boss and his family are kind but to unlucky with the other customers. Even my lady boss tell me to call her Ate when I first applied at my work I still call her Mam, and Sir instead of Kuya I guess. That's how am I used too, I would not accept a MOST POLITE ribbon on my preparatory level if I am not too. Haha

I cried a lot at home and I don't even want to go back at work that's why sometimes my sister works for me if she has no class. My father just laugh on me, he said it is part of life and I need to be tough if I want to survive. On the next month the not so old woman and I met again, I am a little tense of her but I was surprised she sounds so sweet and so dear to me.  Hmmp, maybe she learned her mistake.,or she is going to ask for another discount? Lol! Anyway her bill cost $11.52 per month, our biggest subscriber are internet cafe owners.

Miniature Filing Cabinet

Nothing new today aside from I got a nice deal of apples at Kim's Club Mart, so instead of buying two packages I bought four. I also cooked some spaghetti today as my meal I didn't know that the spaghetti sauce I picked in the counter has red peppers on it so its a bit chilly. I am craving for coffee right now but I can't have one, my 100th sticks just bid goodbye, I have to wait until next weekend so I can have one. Pookie bear don't want to use his credit card  as much as we can, he said I need to wait until his payday.  He send his savings home, maybe for the future generation.  I have one choco sticks left and I am saving it tomorrow but I don't know if I can resist the temptation tonight.

As I am also working in my own office and time, I have my miniature filing cabinet. Where I put my mark pen, scissors and anything which is small and easy to misplace.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy Fiesta! - Kanidugan Festival 2011

Today is the town fiesta of Odiongan, so guaranteed there's a long parade to celebrate Kanidugan Festival, just as I log-in online  I found my sister online trying to upload her fresh photo but bad luck happen, the SD memory card get corrupted when he attached it to the computer, we try too look for a software online to retrieve the photos which are so depressing to loss,  it took us all ages due to her slow internet connection in the internet cafe but the photos cannot still be retrieve, so I was not able to do anything online the whole afternoon but to search for alternative software and etc.,
Walking coconuts (lol)

Just tonight they got online again (my mother and sister) maybe they are both depressed and not relax for the thought that the photos are all gone. They went to another computer shop, and luckily one of the technician in my old job is working there so he was able to retrieve all the photos in the SD memory card. But the sad thing the SD memory card won't work anymore in the camera, unable to used card. I just told her don't mind it she can buy another memory card but she cannot buy another photo.

It looks like this is not made from coconut, maybe Romblon has no more coconut
Anyway below is my entry for the Ruby Tuesday, the Suzuki guys who are included in the parade, showing their talent or maybe showing what to do with Suzuki motor (lol). So if you buy one you can also drive like this. He-he

Monday, April 4, 2011

How to Spot a Blogger

If you see a person in the street with his camera and snapping everything, surely you will think he is a blogger, yeah not photographer anymore because for sure a professional photographer will not snap a photo of street sign, (lol). Pookie bear keep telling me that I am weird because I snapped photo of anything in the street or the sky, I just keep telling I need it for my blog, I need it for my weekdays meme and this photo I need it for my mellow yellow Monday.


Anyway you will spot a blogger if he took picture of everything, food, fences, sky as in anything that he can post to her blog. Haha, in short a blogger has always a camera on his hands or bag.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday, Spam, Sundae, Ice cream

Hi guys, how's your weekend?  Mine is working fine aside from I am starving, lol. There are times I came to the point I don't feel like eating what is around, tired of it. Anyway I don't know if I am really tired or just too lazy to cook my food because been addicted surfing online. 

We didn't hike yesterday because according to weather forecast it is going to rain so we are awake until 4 AM because we already cancelled the supposed hiking day, and guess what it did not rain. Pookie bear don't like to do it today (Sunday) so we moved it again to the next next weekend, don't know if it will materialized that time, let's just hope and see.

I was bored last night not until I remember my old emails and when I open them, there's a lot of spam mails from social networking sites I have joined when I am newbie to internet, like in Tagged, Fanbox, Hi5 and etc., I am thinking of deleting all my online affiliations but thinking of how old are them, it stop me. You know me everything has  sentimental value, that's why my husband called me a packed rat and my stuff as a junk. Haist,!

For sure you know it already today is the 119th Anniversary of the first Documented Ice cream sundae, so let's celebrate. "Manong isang apa nga diyan!"

Evanston was one of the first locations to pass a blue law against selling ice cream sodas in 1890. "Some ingenious confectioners and drug store operators [in Evanston]... obeying the law, served ice cream with the syrup of your choice without the soda. Thereby complying with the law ... This sodaless soda was the Sunday soda."As sales of the dessert continued on Mondays, local leaders then objected to naming the dish after the Sabbath. So the spelling of the name was changed to Sundae.

Friday, April 1, 2011

The tale of peanut butter sandwich and a cup of coffee

If you already stumbled to my food blog you already know what happened yesterday, what happened to my food. As I am not feeling well and not in the mood to go the gym I didn't went out  yesterday so Pookie bear went alone, he didn't forced me to go which is surprising because we always have a tug of war every time I feel lazy going to the gym, well maybe he knew his mistakes especially I told him I have no strength and I feel weak because I have not eaten yes as my supposed to be viand was thrown by someone.

Last night he asked how could I forgive him, I replied when my empty stomach is full. Then he asked me again what do I want to eat except for adobo which is already in the pail. So I ordered cup of coffee and four peanut butter sandwich, he asked me again if it is okay if he makes it five(5) as the left buns are five pieces. So I said yes, while he is making my order. I keep nagging him to make it faster, hurry, quick and etc., as I am hungry, you know playing like I am the boss and he is my servant. Lol! He told me to wait and my food will be ready if it is ready.

When he is done with my coffee he brought it to me but as I am busy online I neglect it for a second then he return it in the kitchen he said he don't want to play because he can't bend (lower back pain), poor sweetie so I went to the kitchen to get the coffee and sandwich.

While blogging I am munching the sandwich and sipping my coffee,  when I finished eating he asked me if I forgive him already, I replied you have to wait for a second I need to chew the remaining particles on my mouth and when I done I said yes and we are now peace.

He asked me after wards, did you enjoy your expired bread?