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Showing newest 28 of 35 posts from March 2011. Show older posts

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kanidugan Festival

I want my nostalgic post in order but as I can find my writings about my work I ended not joining last week,  and I still didn't find it as the dork me is so lazy to dig my box of junk I ended up posting this photo today as our town fiesta is almost here. 

On April 5th, its our town fiesta to celebrate the feast of St. Vincent, part of the celebration is Kanidugan Festival or Coconut Festival in English. It started since 2003 and since then it became big part of the yearly celebration. You can read more about this on my old post Odiongan Town Fiesta

As looking at my old photo, it looks like I am so darn fat, waaahhh. Does it mean I am already fat when I went here?

Are you looking for football tickets?

Lately I just feel boredom with my everyday life, if before I enjoyed being inside our apartment now I want to wander around and watch some sports competition, our town will celebrate its fiesta on the first week of April and I remember watching basketball games and other ball games.

As I am surfing around for sport games  I have found out that has tickets for atlanta falcons and the new orleans saints and all minnesota vikings tickets. Sounds nice isn't it? It is now easy to purchase  atlanta falcons tickets, new orleans saints tickets and minnesota vikings tickets when you  feel bored at home and want to go out for sports fun. If you want to enjoy your summer you know where to buy tickets,

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gibberish and Mumbling Thoughts on my Mind

There are times I am thinking  if I did a right decision to write a lot of blogs, I have five(5) blogs in all excluding my poetry blog which is remained untouched. I don't know if it is right that I separate my food blog to this blog because since  I did it I seldom got an idea either topic to blog, and the dork me purchased another domain, and Gibberish and Mumbling Thoughts was born.

How can I update two blogs with the same niche, topic or whatever term on your mind? As if I can post it here and there, in short if before ideas or post are flooding on my mind and I don't know where to post, right now I am empty I have blogs but I have nothing to write, well yes I can join a lot of memes but the question is where's the substance if I just keep posting photos I took with short explanation on what is it, if I keep posting  photos sooner or later this blog will be a photo blog .

Lesson learned: Think before you blog I mean act!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nivea on Sale - Extra White

I consider myself as Nivea baby already, most of my personal stuff are Nivea products aside from Dove. Here's my weekend loot, as expected when ever I visit Watsons I will surely went out the store with a plastic bag on my hand. My plan is just to Nivea roll on because the last time I visit at Watsons it's a less cheaper than in supermarket, and I was right because there's a new promo, Nivea roll on + a spray for  $7.00 as I am looking around my eyes caught the word 1+1, so I grabbed Nivea Soft for $5.38, it is a moisturizing cream. Their Nivea Lotion (Moisture) is also on sale, 400ml+250ml for $7.99 I would like to buy one but I have more than five lotions so I just thought it is not that important as this time. 

Anyway I also bought a Watsons moisturizing hand soap with strawberry and yoghurt extract, I don't use hand soap except for bath soap so this will be added to my collections.

Monday, March 28, 2011

One snowy day

Hi everyone, how's your Monday? I have TV show marathon here, I have nothing to do last night, I just feel bored and I decided to watch the TV show, Kokey and Ako online, and I just finished it right now. This my share of mellow yellow today, it is one snowy day and we are going to gym.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Blackie, the Korean dog

Meet "Blackie", I don't know what's his name I just called him Blackie every time I saw him around the neighborhood. I think the store owner in the corner owns him, because that's where I saw him at night, he is busy smelling for food in the garbage bag when I throw some egg cartoons, just so lucky I brought my camera as we are going to the gym, he posed for me. His cute, isn't it?

Camera Critters

Lainy’s Musings 3rd Blogoversary – The Gravatar Contest

When I've seen an email on my inbox with a subject I HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON  I didn't give big importance about it, I thought it is just one of the spam emails I regularly received. As I am visiting sis Lainy's blog, I have found out that she already send invitation cards for blogversary contest to all her blog pals, I immediately check my inbox again, so I concluded the email with attachment from the sender named Lainybelle with a subject of Hope to see you soon is from her and I was right. Here's my pretty invitation it feels like I am invited to a wedding day,.

Well I have promised sis Lainy I am going to join her contest but fast reading of the rules I almost fell in my chair, I found it so complicated. So I have asked myself am I going to join or not? If I did, I am going to enjoy the sweet smell of sweet potato (mangangamote ako) naming the gravatars and if I didn't join where's my "palabra de honor"

Well armed with determination, dignity(daw) and so on, I started to read the rules again carefully. Phew! I over reacted so much, I thought it is so complicated. You know me I hate answering filling the blanks or enumeration, I would rather choose definition or explanation because that's my favorite part of the test. The rules is not that hard, it is so simple what makes it hard is just a "state of mind".

All you need is just to understand the rules carefully, so c'mon join with me with Lainy’s Musings 3rd Blogoversary – The Gravatar Contest there's a lot of prizes to be won.  This is open to everyone as long as you have an active blog. Remember the contest will closed  on April 20, 2011, 00:01 am, +8 hours GMT (Manila).  So hurry and join now!

Happy 3rd Blogversary sis!


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Busy weekend - Grilled Bulgogi

There are times I am asking myself where I am got wrong err what I mean why feel so darn lazy to post something here, maybe because I have nothing to write, writer's block? I think mental block is more appropriate because I think I am going crazy, hahaha! Joke only,  anyway we had another grilled party last night don't expect too much because it is just Pookie bear and me, while I am busy in front of our electric grill someone is having  a pretty life in front of his computer and keep asking me if I am not done yet and so on, demanding huh?

As a result our apartment stinks again, well  my duty is not done yet by grilling the bulgogi, laundry is waiting and a pot of rice need to be cook.  It's  a busy night while I am mending my stomach cramps, the good thing is after I am done I can asked him whatever I like to eat, like making a sandwich for me and please a glass of water too.  Haha, just give and take. Well it is not yet over, I have to run to the nearest GS 25 for chocolates, just glad that  he don't ate it all there are some left just for me.,

We did not shop yet so I don't have yet the other kind of Dove Moisture Body Wash, he is giving me money but I feel lazy and cold to go out.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Hiking Plans

Hi guys I was not able to blog yesterday, I am not feeling well but I feel a little better now. Yesterday it rain then snowed here, its already spring but there's still snow huh? So the hiking that we are planning for tomorrow will be cancel, its quite cold outside and the temperature tomorrow will be the same so we can't enjoy the hiking so much, hopefully next week.

Photo not mine

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What a clumsy day!

Nothing to post, its a wordless Wednesday. I cooked spaghetti today for my meal, Pookie bear used some sauce to his eggs. As I am frying some eggs, I was surprised when the oil spark or whatever you may called it so I dropped some white eggs to the pasta, later on when Pookie bear ate he is preparing a serving of his rice when he accidentally flicked the  spoon and  your guess as good as mine he also drop some rice in the floor. He sounds angry when I asked him what happened, he thought I am going to "scold" him (lol), anyway when I told him what I did to his fried eggs, he didn't scold me he just laugh and told me he knows it because his fried egg is quite smaller than usual, I added two egg whites but maybe what I drop into my pasta is more than two egg whites. I boiled some water to wash my pasta it might get spoiled with the egg whites eh., We're both clumsy today huh?

Anyway here's  a photo taken few days ago, I asked him to take photo of me and here's the result. Smile!

He just love playing around every time I ask him to take a photo of me.

LG Mascot

As I have blog the other day we went to E-mart, and before you can reached the place the huge LG building first in the front. So here's the LG mascot, taken after going to E-mart. LG is on sale, appliances and mobile phones, and computer I guess. The mascot is entertaining the people inside the cars, cars that stuck in traffic while waiting for their turn to E-mart's parking area, he is with a lady in microphone. saying something I can't understand.  I decided to take photo of the mascot and run after the shot, hahaha. He is cute isn't it?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Enjoy your summer with the season’s sexiest swimwear!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Express for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Winter season just ended today, spring then the most awaited season summer.  Our summer get away is already booked we are heading to Mongolia to experience the nomadic life and I wonder if there are beaches on Mongolia but if there’s none for sure I am going to have splurge here in Korea after our vacation, I am planning to encourage my husband to return  to Busan, the so-called summer capital here and visit Haeundae, Busan’s most popular beach. Isn't it  a nice idea after staying on camp houses in Mongolia is a water spree when we returned home.

Anyway pretty excited with my plans I have search for women's swimwear  online and I found the Express Spring 2011 Swim Collection, I wish I am slim like I was during my college days because I would love to wear  two piece swimwear  like the Denim String Triangle Bikini Top, as my current figure won’t permit me I opted to Monokini, at least I can hide my bulgy stomach without holding my breath so much.
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Well summer fashion will not be completed without other beach essentials to pair off your sexy swim wear, right? So Express has also a wide collection of tote bags, sandals, sunglasses and stunning hats to match your fashion.
Express is not just for women, they also have an array of collection for men like jeans, shirts, suits and of course swim shorts for summer get away.
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So hurry choose your style, be daring, sexy and glamorous this summer with Express!

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Monday, March 21, 2011

We had fun with our new electric grill

We had a long day today, Pookie bear and I wander around to look for laptop and a DSLR camera but we are not able to find one. So we decided to go to E-Mart just by walking, its our first time to go without taking a taxi and so lucky that we are able to find the right direction. It took us 35 minutes just by walking, when we got there we didn't find anything as well so  decided to go home and Pookie bear bought two tiny box of pizza for me. We also walk home that's why I am very tired tonight.

After few hours Pookie bear he feel like eating meat, so we went to Nong Hyup Super Market to  buy meat then he thought of getting an electric grill, the meat has seasoning  already and ready to be grilled or barbecue. We had fun while cooking, after eating our bounty,  we re-design the things here inside our apartment. Pookie bear also fixed our closet, so we don't need the clothes rack anymore. 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cat Delights

I feel procrastinated these days, anyway sharing some photos of our cat in the Philippines. How do you like to have "cat delights" on your table?

This is good for 10 servings I guess, joke. Our kitty loves to sleep in the places where they know we cannot disturb them by picking them up while sleeping but they don't know they are still going to be disturb by paparazzi.

I think they enjoy the warm or cold brought by the galvanized iron (our roof), so they sleep in the plastic wares in our open divider.
Camera Critters

Friday, March 18, 2011

Finally a real plumber arrived!

Well finally our toilet was fixed, a real plumber came and used a toilet auger to removed the stuck tooth brush, I did not see it though because I run to the nearest bank here in our place to withdraw if ever we need more money to pay the plumber. When I returned home the plumber's truck is not in the front of the apartment anymore, so I when I went inside our apartment someone is having  a cool time surfing the net without cleaning or removing the said toothbrush in the bathroom floor. 

Pookie bear's co-teacher was the one who called the plumber, I think she look online for a plumber. The guy who first came here its not really  a real plumber but a tile installer, I mean his business is tiles. He is a friend of our landlord so they gave him the business and maybe he is the one who installed tiles in this apartment. Anyway Pookie bear's co teacher also got the money we payed to the first guy, so what I owed to Pookie bear is 2 weeks and half of my allowance. I made a bargain with him if it is fine just to make it two weeks and he said yes, but I make a deal again what if he just deduct half  in on my allowance every week.  Then he replied its fine, 5 weeks.

When he returned to school for his next class, I went to the bank to pay bills and I could say I can pay my bills alone now using the machine, because the last time I pay I have to ask the woman at my back what's next by pointing the screen to her. So on next month I am not going to disturb the guy in the information counter.,

If you don't yet I am very happy that I finally established a communication my aunt and cousins in Germany, you can read the whole story here, my cousins are already teenager except for the younger who is eight years old if I am not mistaken. I just saw them on pic when they are a toddler and I am in Elementary., and since then we have no communication with them.

So as I feel happy and relieved I decided to enjoy  and treat myself by shopping some small stuff for me. Love my new little  teddy bear..hehe

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Once a bulimic

I missed joining Nostalgia, I have no entry last week. I just don't feel nostalgic, see that girl in the corner? That's the old me, taken after our graduation. Too thin to be me, isn't it?

Growing up I am not thin nor fat, the only problem is I have a bulgy stomach. My mother always tell me I am like a frog, thin arms and legs but big stomach. So you will seldom see me in fit clothes, well anyway how are you going to see me if I am boyish, right?

Anyway on college, the ugly duckling turn to swan. I was just lucky whatever you may call it, my new found friend on college our kikay's. Retouch to the left and to the right, so later on I found my way to what they call blossoming period, but the fact that I can't wear fit clothes without holding my breath. I started jogging and doing exercise early in the morning, I woke up as early as 4:30 in the morning to jog in the street, do sit-ups. There are times I am lucky if one  of the street light is not broken, you know there's no houses just fields except if you reach our house then more houses .

Before being bulimic
One night while watching a TV show with my sister, Mel and Joey if I am not mistaken, they're  talking about bulimia nervosa an eating disorder characterized by restraining of food intake for a period of time followed by an over intake or binging period that results in feelings of guilt and low self-esteem. So an idea struck on me, the next day all I know I am already a bulimic, if before one cup of rice is enough not this time I keep eating on large quantities until my stomach can't hold it anymore and there throw up all the food I ate. Nobody knows it, I got the body I want I became thin, I mean my stomach became smaller. Later I know my sister told me she knew what I am doing when I am left to wash the dishes in the kitchen.

Anyway I also stopped jogging in the morning, I told myself I don't  need to feel tired everyday if throwing up all the food is the easiest way to get what I want.  Well probably my mother like my transformation, she started buying girly clothes for me, like blouses, skirts and even sandals and make-ups.

I enjoyed being me that time, I have confidence to wear what I want to wear and etc., not until I graduate and started looking for work. That was the time I regret the things I have done, if I can just return the time I will not do it again. Just too bad, its too late., that time a realization came to myself I only have one life, it is not like typing in a word application  that you can erase, (backspace) delete or undo-delete it and saved.

When I overcome being bulimic


Wanted Plumber, a real plumber!

Photo not mine
Well it seems our toilet will be plugged for a long time or maybe forever, the plumber insist its fine and he don't think the toilet needs to be open, lol. He also said we have two choices, to get the money back from him but we have to go to their office which is we both don't know where is it, or he is going to return in our apartment the next time the toilet is plugged. So does it mean he is going to come here everyday after we sit in our throne? Anyway what he didn't understand is the toothbrush needs to be removed in the toilet, because it is stuck in the curve pipe. 

So my husband get annoyed not just to me but to the plumber and to his co-teacher as well. Right now he is contacting Dad asking if he can come here in Korea if he will shoulder his air fare just  to unplugged the toilet here, I don't know if he is serious but that's what I read  on what he is typing right now, nosy me. I wonder how much does it cost, from Canada to Korea so might not be serious because if he is I am going to be in a shit hole. I might not have allowance for five years or more considering the amount of allowance I received from him weekly, which is just for chocolate treats. So sad!

So right now we need  a plumber, a real plumber! Haist if we are just in Philippines, any person can do this as long as you are willing to pay. It is cheap too $6-7 a day., so I suggest to Pookie bear maybe we don't need a plumber, a laborer will do because my father can also fixed our plugged toilet and he is not a plumber.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kurdapya Meets the World: For the first time giveaway

I am posting this giveaway not just one but twice see the purse isn't it lovely? I love the color, wonder how am I going to look like while holding a pinkish read purse, hmmmm. Anyway before going too far on imagining things, let me tell you that Ate Shela aka Kurdapya the author of these three blogs Kurdapya Meets World, Motherly Instinct, Simply Filipina is hosting a giveaway for the very first time.  This is open to everyone so join with me by submitting your entry @ Kurdapya Meets the World: For the first time.

This giveaway will end on March 31, 2011, so hurry and join now by visiting Kurdapya Meets the World: For the first time for more details.

(Thanks for the invitation Ate!)  

So depressing...

Photo not mine
I am not feeling well today, the plumber came as well as the landlord and his wife. Well the plumber did not do anything he just use the shower hose to put some water to unplugged the toilet. So it works for few minuter not until they left, so I just pay $26.55 without really fixing it. Well my husband scold me or what ever you may call it, telling me why I did not tell them that the toothbrush need to be removed and not just hose it. It looks like the toothbrush was moved that's why the water works properly when he is fixing it. 

Just  a while we had a conversation with the landlord again on what the plumber needs to do but I doubt it if he understand it because we also talk to him last night when we luckily saw him outside cleaning in the front garage. We just asked him to come with us and see for his self, Pookie bear co-teacher called him too. Anyway the landlord says he is going to call the guy tomorrow, so I am in big shit right now, because to remove the toothbrush the toilet bowl need to be removed and as well as the tiles in the bathroom. That means MONEY, Pookie bear won't shoulder the expenses because he said its my fault so I need to learn my lesson. In short I am not going to have my allowance for a long time it depends on how much money we are going to spend to pay the plumber and some tools needed.

So right now I am very depressed! Huhuhu!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My dream and interpretation

Photo not mine
Last night I have dreamed of two guys are chasing me in the forest then I found a house in the wilderness, I knocked and someone opened the door, I saw three  or  four young kids and a young girl whom I think pregnant. She is not the mother of the kids it feels like she's a nanny, she is busy cleaning and cooking. When I enter their humble abode, everything is a mess. Kids are playing around, cat poop's are everywhere together with sand and dirt. I have no choice but to smell all of it because it is a matter of life and death. The two guys finally reached the house where am I, I immediately run to a room or in a closet and all I know they took all of the kids and the pregnant woman. Then while I am hiding, there's a sophisticated woman with me, she is sexy and fabulous looking, it sounds like she knows the guy chasing me and she is also hiding from them. Then I don't know what happened next, everything became unclear all I know the kids and the girl was able to returned home but she was raped I guess., and I think I wake up already by movements, Pookie bear is busy preparing his meal.

I thought if you dream a poop its money, like when I dreamed of tiny little poops of chicken, I got surprised when I received payment that day in ask2link but is quite different today.

Just this evening Pookie bear and I are scheduled to go to the gym so as usual I need to brush my teeth before going out. So I pee first and flush the toilet when I opened the medicine cabinet or simply cabinet just in top of it, splasssh! My toothbrush dance with the water and gone, its a new one just opened it yesterday. So I opened another tooth brush then a realization came, what if the tooth brush plugged the toilet?

Still we went to the gym and I am not on the mood to squats and leg extension anymore, I just did leg press and I keep asking Pookie bear if I can go home right at that moment, but he wont allow me so I need to wait until its done. What disturbs me is he keep teasing me, and laughing while  I am down, as in very down. Telling me that I need to talk to the land lord because he is not going to help me and etc., I became dramatic and says I will choose to go home and I am in suicidal mode right now..,

At home before I took a shower he asked me if I can search online about the case, then I have read online we need a toilet auger or metal craw hanger to get the toothbrush. So to make sure that the toilet is plugged  I throw a lot of tissue paper and flushed it, the result it is indeed plugged because of the toothbrush. So I went out to buy claw hanger or toilet auger if I can't find the first one. I ended buying a claw hanger and we try to find the tooth brush using it but we can't. I have try to asked one of the sales lady if she know where to get toilet auger and she is very helpful to show me the way but the fact that I cannot understand their language it is useless, I just laughed and say okay or I don't remember if what else I have said on my gibberish  way, so I just went to the counter to pay my hangers, guess what I just went it there without looking if there's a line, so the cashier told me something, maybe "Please fall inline" or I don't know maybe no please, so shameful to be absent minded. Haist.,

He emailed his co-teacher to tell her what happened and the she will be the one to talk with the landlord or translate it for us. Well the result will be until tomorrow when Pookie bear went to school,we are going to know if  the plumber will come,.

Photo not mine
So I think that's what my dream last night means I have to keep away from the toilet because I am going to be in shit with it., if you are going to ask who's the two guy chasing me... Pookie bear's answer..the landlord and the plumber. Lol!

Well maybe the sophisticated lady who talk to me help me hide is the sales lady, the kids are the young guys and girl paying their stuff  in the counter, and don't tell me the pregnant woman is the chubby cashier? Well it could be because in my dream I hide on their house and I found the claw hanger in their store.

Like my dream it is unclear or the case was not resolved, the toilet too is waiting to be fixed. Hopefully I am not going to use it tonight or tomorrow morning or else the garbage collector will be surprised to see something nice in the garbage bags. Lol!

Right now, I am not in the mood to do anything. I am totally disturb especially if someone keep telling my fault and not learning my lesson to close the lid before opening the cabinet and etc., I told Pookie bear I am so sad and I cannot blog hop tonight or do my online task, he is like little tiny cat who rubs his head on my shoulder and give me a hug of consolation while telling tomorrow it will be fine, hmmppp, too late I am already hurt.

Yeah I keep banging things a while ago when I am going to the shop and even tell him that I can a kill a cow right now, his replied  sounds like this"Okay sweetie, kill a cow outside so we are going to have a lot of cow meat, more food"

White Day Gym

Yesterday was White Day Celebration here so most of the stores has a bag, box of chocolates, candies and teddy bears. This is what I have received yesterday from Pookie bear and as usual from his students, kids.

Most of you know I suffered or had a back pain for almost one week, despite the pain I still go to gym not to work-out but just to fool around err I mean to be the spotter. When Pookie bear told me to come with him as spotter, my first reaction "Spotter? Are we going to play billiards?" Lol,  he gets annoyed again to me correcting him when I know between the two of us I am not the native English speaker. So if you also don't know like me in weight training, a spotter will assist someone lifting a weight for safety - so I helped  and assisted him when he used heavy dumb bells or barb bells.

Due to I can't work around the gym, I enjoyed myself taking photos on my own little ways, just lucky that the gym is not busy because it is too early.

Yesterday I am able to work-out again because I already feel better.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Movie: I saw the Devil

Every time I see yellow school buses here in Korea, there's one thing I always remember the Korean movie "I saw the Devil", we watched it a week ago if I am not mistaken. If you admire Koreanovelas you should watch Korean movie too because they are also good to watch.

Photo taken after gym
Plot of the movie:

A woman named Joo-Yun (Oh San-Ha) is stranded in her broken down car on a snowy night. She talks to her fiance on her cellphone while she awaits for a tow truck. Her fiance is So-Hyun (Lee Byung-Hun), an agent for the National Intelligence Service.

Meanwhile, a yellow van stops in front of the woman's broken down car. A man named (Choi Min-Sik) gets out of the van and knocks on the woman's window. He offers to help her get the car started. The preoccupied fiance Soo-Hyun, still on the phone with Joo-Yun, advises her to stay in the car until the tow truck arrives and gets called away on business matters. Joo-Yun tells the creepy man that she will wait for the tow truck and raises her window shut. Moments later, the creepy man named Kyung-Chul smashes the passenger window open with a sledgehammer and beats Joo-Yun unconscious. Kyung-Chul takes Joo-Yun to his home and decapitates the woman.

A few days later, an ear is found in a plastic bag by children playing near a river. When the police arrive, they later find Joo-Yun's head in the river. At this moment So-Hyun arrives at the crime scene and witnesses his fiance's decapitated head.

At the funeral for Joo-Yun, Soo-Hyun apologizes to her for not being there to protect her and also promises to inflict pain 1,000x worse to the man responsible for her death.

When Soo-Hyun tracks down his fiance's killer he beats the man severely. The killer awakens the next day bloodied, but still alive. There is also an envelope with money left on his belly. Soo-Hyun's plan for vengeance is just beginning ..

View Source

Sunday, March 13, 2011

What is Tsunami?

The tsunami happened to Japan after an earthquake is really devastating, you can't imagine yourself swimming with the houses, cars and buildings. It is something you wouldn't wish to experience, I feel scared yes. Have you asked yourself why there's tsunami after earthquake? Here's a simple example why it happens, imagine a   water with ice once the ice move upward what will happened, water will be disturbed right? So that's happened when there is an earth quake under the bed of the ocean and as a result the bottom is lifted upwards, then all of a sudden there is a whole heap of water being pushed upwards as well. 

Photo not mine
If you don't know yet the term tsunami comes from the Japanese, meaning "harbor" (tsu) and "wave" (nami). It says Tsunamis are a frequent occurrence in Japan; approximately 195 events have been recorded.Owing to the immense volumes of water and the high energy involved, tsunamis can devastate coastal regions, so we are not going to be surprised anymore why does it happened few days ago in their country. You might asked yourself where is the safe place/country to stay? Well sometimes I wonder if earth is still a safe place to stay, Pookie bear told me to stay in the moon if I feel worried about it.

Sometimes to I wonder if earth is round why people living in the countries located at the top of the earth is not falling downward, how are they able to stand and walk.  Lol, well I know earth is round because I have seen it on my own eyes, when I  am inside the plane  flying straight in the air all I can see is clouds everywhere, I've seen it like C I mean the curve of C. I don't know if my eyes just kidding me or I am just imagining things.

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

One step done to Mongolia

Nothing to blog today I just don't feel like blogging, I am sorry I didn't also joined some meme yesterday and today.  Sigh.,

Anyway Pookie bear I mean our travel agent already purchased plane ticket for us to Mongolia and we are going to Seoul in 22nd to pay the travel agent and submit the requirement for Mongolian visa, the cool thing is I don't need visa to Mongolia but Pookie bear needs it. Well prior to our upcoming vacation to Mongolia been hearing a lot of Mongolian music, Travel shows, movies and etc. where does it came from? Well no other than from my room mate, Pookie bear it usually happens when we are going to visit another country, it sounds like he is studying or want to know a lot of things about the place.

Goofing around, always remember don't take photo of Pookie bear or else you are going to talk to your hand. Lol! 

There are times there's  no peace inside our apartment because we always ended to discussion  or I think it is more proper to say argument (haha) he seems know all the things and I always mixed it with my silliness that makes him angry most of the time. I am sure Pookie bear was thankful these past few days because I seldom disturbed him due to I cannot move a lot, I feel like I am a mermaid crawling with my feet. My back feels better now, but my hips feels weird hopefully  it is not a sign that I am gonna fly when full moon comes. Lol!

Anyway he changed the day of our cheat day, so we had a cheat day today. I ate some curls, chocolates and ice cream. I did not eat them all I am saving for rainy days. Hehe,

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cucko Biscuit (Kakabuwesit)

Hi and hello everyone, been busy yesterday tweaking a new template to my other blog, you know me once I started something I wont stop until I finished it.  There is nothing much happening to me aside from being depressed the other day because of my back pain especially Pookie bear told me that once you broke your back it will be forever, and I cry like a  child thinking I am going to be crippled all my life, there's only one question struck to me  how can I work if I am crippled? If I can't work in the future how can I support my family and how can help Pookie bear at home....ahhhh

Please look at my template by clicking Anything and Everything , darn I almost forgot I have a blog in Wordpress.

Anyway Pookie bear is thinking of purchasing a printer with scanner next week or next next week and I am the first one who feel so happy with it because I am planning to print some you know, some of my trash. Lol!

I feel a little angry a while ago while I am submitting a post about Cuckoo Clock it always end as an error, so I have to check and post it again and again and then I found out it is my feed failure when I opted to publish it on my other blog.

Originally Pookie bear is the one who's angry a while ago because his CC will not work when he tried to purchase plane ticket online  and  then he just find out when he called the company will change the card because they added new chips, but the worst is they also changed the CC number so the CC will not really work, his last resort is to contact the travel agency we usually used and everything is fine now.

So when I was the one who's angry he keeps on bothering me reasoning that I did not help him and  I kept on  disturbing him too.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Did you know, monkeys have 12 hairs at any one time?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Writerz Mind

Hello guys thank you all for the congratulatory message, mwah! Love it too! Anyway as of today I am a little busy tweaking my new blog, you heard it right NEW as in brand new. It was a self hosted WordPress blog courtesy of Ms. Belle, all you need to do is  just  buy a domain at and she will set up everything for you! So if you want to have your own  just contact admin for details.   Please take time to visit and follow my new blog  The Writerz Mind.

It's my dream to own a self hosted blog in WordPress and thanks to Sis Mona for the help, for letting me know  Ms. Belle of Belleverlasting and JDMbelleverlasting.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Me and My Story at Travel3Sixty Magazine

Hi guys guess what this is the surprised I am talking about the other day on my old post, I am featured!  Duh, Ows? Am I serious? Well yes as a matter of fact you can see the evidence below, hehe.  I just received it today. Anyway this is what I like in flying and traveling ... I am able to share stories and places I have visited to my dear readers through my travel blog The Traveler's Journey

Travel 3Sixty is an in-flight magazine of AirAsia, so if you are inside AirAsia plane right now you might stumble to my face err I mean story. 

I have submitted my story around January and Mr. Rajendra the editor of this magazine replied to me that he want my story to be featured on March issue, so here is it. I won  AirAsia E-Gift Voucher RM100  together with a hard copy of Travel3Sixty magazine.

Thank you to Mr. Rajendra, Ms. Fazlina Bee, Travel 3Sixty staff and AirAsia Family!
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