Chocolates and Freebies

Hi guys its been a while, yesterday the box from my Mother-in-law arrived. Pookie bear told me not to open it, so when he arrived he asked me if the box arrived, I replied no and then he started whining, haha. Then when he enter the room and see the box behind the door, he laughs upon knowing I am good timing him. As usual he won’t open it and keep teasing me, it smells good and etc.,as I am also excited to know what’s inside I keep insisting to let me see it, but the more I insist the more he won’t open the box. So when I told him I am not interested to know what’s inside and never gave him a single look while he is teasing me, he opened it immediately.


The box contains 2 shirts, few under wears, chocolates and my stuff. As it is not my clothes I am not authorize to take photo of them . Lol!


These are my stuffs, samples from different companies which I mailed to Canada, when I asked him if he asked Mom to mail them, he replied no so I am so happy when they are included in the box.


I thought these perfumes are on a bottle but I was wrong they are just a tiny drop on a small sachet.


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  1. chubskulit says:

    Wow ang daming goodies hehehe… Parehas tayo mahilig sa samples lol.. Bait naman ng MIL mo hehehe.. Para pala kayong mga bata dyan kung magusap hehehe. Just grabbing your url here..

  2. chubskulit says:

    di ko mahanap code mo dito wahhh..

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