Thursday, April 28, 2011

Downloading all my Friendster photos

I  am busy downloading photos from my Friendster account, if you don't know yet you still have up to May 31 to save all your pictures from the said social networking site because after that they're going to have an overhaul or reformatting where all your files will be removed except for your account and friends. When I have read about it in yahoo news last night I immediately log-in to my Friendster account but it won't load, it says the site is busy. It seems Friendster users are all in panic saving their photos or transferring them to Facebook. So I did it tonight.,
I will tell you it is a lot of work, I just finished one album with 211 photos, and I have thousands of photos left to be downloaded to my computer, waahh..I need more memory. If you want to download your photos easier just view the picture one by one and after it save them all. See how it works in this Friendster link.


S-H-Y said... Best Blogger Tips

Just dropping by, I so love your theme blog..san mo to pinagawa? wp ba itong blog mo?

RyHeAnNe said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for dropping by, my blog is hosted by blogger, sis Grace did the makeover for me. :)

Chie Wilks said... Best Blogger Tips

im slowly backing mine up too..looking forward for a better friendster soon.

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