Sunday, March 13, 2011

What is Tsunami?

The tsunami happened to Japan after an earthquake is really devastating, you can't imagine yourself swimming with the houses, cars and buildings. It is something you wouldn't wish to experience, I feel scared yes. Have you asked yourself why there's tsunami after earthquake? Here's a simple example why it happens, imagine a   water with ice once the ice move upward what will happened, water will be disturbed right? So that's happened when there is an earth quake under the bed of the ocean and as a result the bottom is lifted upwards, then all of a sudden there is a whole heap of water being pushed upwards as well. 

Photo not mine
If you don't know yet the term tsunami comes from the Japanese, meaning "harbor" (tsu) and "wave" (nami). It says Tsunamis are a frequent occurrence in Japan; approximately 195 events have been recorded.Owing to the immense volumes of water and the high energy involved, tsunamis can devastate coastal regions, so we are not going to be surprised anymore why does it happened few days ago in their country. You might asked yourself where is the safe place/country to stay? Well sometimes I wonder if earth is still a safe place to stay, Pookie bear told me to stay in the moon if I feel worried about it.

Sometimes to I wonder if earth is round why people living in the countries located at the top of the earth is not falling downward, how are they able to stand and walk.  Lol, well I know earth is round because I have seen it on my own eyes, when I  am inside the plane  flying straight in the air all I can see is clouds everywhere, I've seen it like C I mean the curve of C. I don't know if my eyes just kidding me or I am just imagining things.

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Anne said...

girl they are not pulling down because of the gravity that's why we are really standing in the ground. ANd you are right our mother earth is not safe anymore yet there's no one could be blamed on that because we really did not care to her seriously. I mean look at the trees they were cutting it all out to developed. Sigh now naniningil na siya sana this would wake us up all. Visiting you here girl from my blog list.

RyHeAnNe said...

Hehe, oo nga pala nakalimutan ko about gravity. Mapapagalitan ako ng science teacher ko nito. Haha, You are right saka mga minings company then are to blame, cutting trees for support and etc.,

kat said...

nyaahahha...absent ka yata noon Hyanee noong na discuss ang gravity nyahahaha...tsaka, paki tanong kay hubby mo, magkano kaya pamasahe sa moon, kamo may internet ba doon para tuloy ang blogging nyahhhahaha.

Chuchie | Chie Wilks said...

thanks for reminding sis about this lesson..heheh i was grade 6 or 5 yata when i learned about tsunami sa school...japan is prone to earthquake..nataon yatang npunta sa marupok na bahagi ng lupa ang territory ng Japan kaya laging may quake