Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kanidugan Festival

I want my nostalgic post in order but as I can find my writings about my work I ended not joining last week,  and I still didn't find it as the dork me is so lazy to dig my box of junk I ended up posting this photo today as our town fiesta is almost here. 

On April 5th, its our town fiesta to celebrate the feast of St. Vincent, part of the celebration is Kanidugan Festival or Coconut Festival in English. It started since 2003 and since then it became big part of the yearly celebration. You can read more about this on my old post Odiongan Town Fiesta

As looking at my old photo, it looks like I am so darn fat, waaahhh. Does it mean I am already fat when I went here?


chubskulit said...

You're not fat Rhe, feeling mo lang yan hehehehe... Mas madaming lumba lumbang puti dito at ang feeling nila sexy sila waaahhh

w0rkingAth0mE said...

meaning marami coconut dyan .. dito sa amin coconut din ang product eh ..

Mel Cole said...

Lol, you are not fat in that photo Ryhe. You are gorgeous! Malaman. :) My Nostalgia

Adin B said...

Lovely photo! Visiting you via NT.

Adin B

anne said...

dili man ka fat oi chubby lang man, dili na siya fat ha? hehehe

Vernz said...

darn fat pa yan sa yo! eh paano na ako.. wahahhhh.. fiesta pala sa inyo.. akala mu nasa kabilang bayan lang hehehe.. Hi Ry..

teka lang ask me, yan ba yung me-ari ng 888 hosting yung sinasabi mung naghost sa yo?

carinamodella said...

attending to a town fiesta is so much fun. colorful parades...sumptuous meal...and a lot more! lovely photo!