Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gibberish and Mumbling Thoughts on my Mind

There are times I am thinking  if I did a right decision to write a lot of blogs, I have five(5) blogs in all excluding my poetry blog which is remained untouched. I don't know if it is right that I separate my food blog to this blog because since  I did it I seldom got an idea either topic to blog, and the dork me purchased another domain, and Gibberish and Mumbling Thoughts was born.

How can I update two blogs with the same niche, topic or whatever term on your mind? As if I can post it here and there, in short if before ideas or post are flooding on my mind and I don't know where to post, right now I am empty I have blogs but I have nothing to write, well yes I can join a lot of memes but the question is where's the substance if I just keep posting photos I took with short explanation on what is it, if I keep posting  photos sooner or later this blog will be a photo blog .

Lesson learned: Think before you blog I mean act!


anne said...

Ay ako girl mixed bag permanente so I can update any topic I want. Bahala na si batman ug sabot nyahahaha.

Chie Wilks said...

that thoughts struck me before sis. I had a food blog din kasi noon kaso, like you may time na mauubusan tau ng ayon, sinama ko nalang ang foods sa home or main blog ko. Hirap talaga pag maraming blogs..minsan kasi we are thinking ahead na ayon..we can write a lot

w0rkingAth0mE said...

That's my question also eh ang hirap na mag update ng blogs with the same niche ... Pero kahit papano eto na uupdate naman .. Siguro lng i'm not open to add another blog pa bka hndi ko na kayanin .. Galing mo nga dami n blogs maintained. Goodluck

Mel Cole said...

Galing, 5 na ba blogs mo sa wp Ryhe? 1 pa lang sa aking and I hope to create more. KAso, gipit din ako nang topic to share :)