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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blogging here in Bangladesh

Hi folks, how's life? How's your Christmas? Blogging here from Bangladesh, currently we are here in Khulna in one of their top ends hotel. We are going to take a six hour bus later to Dhaka, so while killing our time just messing around inside the business center. It's a long bus trip but  we have no choice every hour counts, we can't wait for another day just to take the local plane to Dhaka. So approximately we are going to arrive Dhaka early in the morning and then fly to Chittagong. 

Just finished our advance dinner too, darn I am bloated and had a take out of my food too, maybe it will served as packed dinner tonight at the bus (lol). Wish me luck that I don't pee on my pants, hahaha. I have a lot of stories to tell when we got home. Well more pictures too but of course it will be on my travel blog, right?

So as for now I am wishing you a Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Spending Christmas in Bangladesh

Hello everyone, hope you all got  a lovely day today. I had a pretty busy day today cleaning some mess here and doing laundry actually it is not finish yet, have to clean more stuff and do another load tomorrow. I'll be out for blogging for nine(9) days, we had our flight to Malaysia tomorrow evening but we need to leave our place in the afternoon and had a last bus going to the airport. After our flight we need to fly again to Bangladesh and finally visit some historical mosque's and temples. Oh well I need to pack my things tonight and it is so stressful so leaving all of you a..

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

See you guys next year!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A glimpse of lunar eclipse in Korea

Happy Tuesday everyone. Finally I'm done with my other commitments online and now my time to blog. Have you seen the lunar eclipsed today/tonight? I've seen a little of it, I am busy walking in the thread mill (gym) when Pookie bear asked me about it and he pointed the moon half covered with the earth's shadow. Darn I forgot about it, just too bad I didn't bring the camera with me, so I am just contented watching the moon while walking in the thread mill which is lucky enough that the gym's wall is made of glass and the thread mills are facing the right view. Anyway I asked Pookie bear to hurry expecting that the eclipse is still there when we get home, to cut the story short we're done with the work-out but on my dismay I can't see the moon. If I can just moved those taller buildings in front of me why not, so I lost hope. While walking home I've seen a little of the moon and I am not expecting to see it in front of our apartment but guess what? I did, I'm still bless to see a little of it. 

The funny thing though we we arrived home I immediately grab my camera and turn it on, the red light is flashing, low battery. Luckily I have extra batteries, but was not able to take a lot of photo, guess what I am out of memory. My 2G memory is full from previous photos, I did not transfer them to my computer, lazy me.

The Yellow flower in North Korea

Happy Yellow Monday everyone this is a late post, dunno what makes me busy the whole afternoon. Lol, we wake up very early  to go to the bank and it is really foggy outside as if our place is in top of the mountain. After it back to sleep, ah yeah what makes me busy this afternoon is updating my online shop, you can pay a visit here

Anyway this is my share of yellow for today, I don't know what kind of flower is this maybe  a relative of sun flower, there's a lot of this in the plant box is Yanggakdo Hotel, North Korea. Pookie bear and I wander outside before retiring to bed for our first tour around Pyongyang. It is okay to wander outside the hotel as long you are not going to cross the boarder where the guards are, because if you do for sure you are going to sleep in jail.

Taken at the lobby of Yanggakdo Hotel

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Weekend Spaghetti

I wake up at seven minutes before three o'clock today in my dismay because I have asked Pookie Bear to wake me up before three o'clock but he never did. I just get awakened when he blew his nose. 

Well guess what happened even I tried to post in adgitize forum, it won't work anymore how can I write 200 words in seven minutes.

Oh well don't sleep four o'clock in the morning and asked your husband to wake you up before three o'clock because he will wake you up few minutes before it.

Anyway last night I had cooked 500g of spaghetti and just on my three(3) meals the pot is empty. Happy pot isn't it?

There's money in the toilet ...

I had wake up mid afternoon today, Pookie bear asked me if I am dreaming because I am making a  sound as if crying, I try to recall about it. All I know I am dreaming and it looks real and I already  forgot what is all about. Does it happened to you too? You forgot your dream after you wake up.

It is not a so busy weekend, I had an extra allowance today. Yahooo! How did I get it?  Well Pookie bear plugged the toilet (lol) using too much tissue, so he tried unplugging it but he did not succeed. So I enter the bathroom even he told me not to go inside, the wise me says I  need to pee which is true. Anyway he decided to change his clothes he is going to out to buy acid for  unplugging the toilet and the dork me keep trying my luck to do it, he asked me if I am going to go with him I said no and keep pushing the plunger. So he said if I can unplugged the toilet he is going to give me an extra allowance, so I said deal.

So while he is out I am trying my best to unplugged it, it is not dirty anyway it is just water maybe the tissues and poppy are stocked in the pipe, after a lot of trying I did it. So when Pookie bear arrived he has two gallons of acid I told him to prepare his money, he wouldn't believed me at first that I did it but when look at it. Done, he wouldn't give the extra allowance at first he said he is just kidding but anyway he gave it afterward but its not complete.

As I open my mail I have found out that Godaddy is in Holiday Sale for new domain it only cost $0.99 for one year. So I asked him if I can used his card, he said yes in one condition he don't owe me more money from the extra allowance and I said Yes. Anyway if you want to purchase your own domain just visit Godaddy and use HOLIDAY99 in check-out.

I have a new domain now for HERZ CORNER.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Disclosure Policy

This policy is valid from 18 December 2010.

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This blog does contain content which might present a conflict of interest. This content may not always be identified.

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Nostalgia: A Diary of a Señorita! 4

I almost forgot about Nostalgia Thursday I have been busy reading any news about Hubert's web acquittal, I  think I have visited all the online local news paper in the Philippines just to feed my hunger for knowledge. Anyway I feel sad about the result, I feel sad looking at the Mr. Visconde's face. If I can just see the past, I am willing to help.

January 17, 2007

I am perfectly sleeping when I was disturbed by a soft sound. Again it was Mary “Anong oras na Mae?” I’ve asked her while strengthening my body “Eleven thirty!” half awakened and sleeping I rushed to the bathroom to freshen up my mind then I went back to our room “GIRLS WAKE UP CALL!” I announces to others who are still sleeping. I remember what Sir Orley had told us yesterday “Puwede naming umakyat ng Baguio ng nakashort at slippers!” So why not? After a few minutes I went downstairs carrying my bag at my back “Whooaaahh!” Jose Maria’s reactions when I’ve meet him at the hallway “Bakit?”Unknowingly I ask him while proceeding to the living room for a hot coffee I was surprised upon knowing that all of the guys were already there especially the Mechanical Engineering students “Hindi talaga namin maunahan sa kusina!” (hehehe). At exactly 11:30 in the evening when we have started our long travel. (Mary had bluffed me a while ago when I’ve ask her the current time) after a prayer LIGHTS OFF! Sir Dandy gave us a freedom to fall asleep but I never did! In the whole trip I am awake “Ang lamig Herzy!” my buddy claimed after a while I look at him beyond the darkness of the bus his wearing a long sleeve jacket as what others do with their blankets. The bus is fully air-conditioned and it is almost 1:00 in the morning but I never feel such coldness that was wrapping with them. I’m just wearing a simple shirt with my shorts and slippers unlike to them they were fully wrapped from their clothes. I have a mocked smile to John Paul “Payakap” he added while caressing his arm into my shoulders I was horrified so I automatically got his arm out of me “Ayaw ko!” (I don’t like!). Sir Gil gets awakened with us and he teased me but I ignored the two of them and continue on what I was doing, darkness is still at the sky. After exiting Manila welcome BULACAN then PAMPANGA, passing through the long bridge even darkness is up above I’ve seen the LAHAR on my mind this place is quite familiar to me. After Pampanga is DAU TARLAC then CAPAS where the famous DEATH MARCH begins. We have a stop over at a gasoline station in STA. ISABEL, TARLAC I hurriedly jumped down the bus and directly go to the ladies room. I am really pissed off. I have remember what Sir Gil had said when we are still at Pampanga “MANG TONY PUWEDE MAG-STOP?” his really begging and when he can’t anymore he rushed to Mang Tony at the driver’s seat while the bus is moving (hehehe). “Sir Gil my sorry because Sir Dandy had told all of us that NO STOP OVER along Pampanga. Tulog kasi kayo lahat eh!” Well “MAAYAP NA ABAK QUE QUO NGAN!!!” Others decided to have a hot coffee and hot pandesal at the canteen area of gasoline station. “Bapa no ka ren na kame? Nanong balen nay ne?” without inhibition I’ve asked the pandesal vendor in ARNOLD FORTU’s surprised “Marunong ka?” “Wa que ne kame tinuknang nang malati quo pa!” Tagadito ako!” I am really excited to see the place where I was born because it counted years before I can came back here. I made all of them woke up! Certified Pasaway! “Wala nang naiwan?” it was Sir Dandy “W A L A!” at the moment we’ve answered in chorus the bus runs “Meron!” someone yelled at the back quite startled we’ve turned our head backward “Nyaaahhh!!!” There was a vacant seat near us where Lujane and Jemlyn were sitting. All of us laughed when Mang Tony holds the break and the two comes up. After the unexpected incident I have feel the tiredness I got my boredom my eyes are soared I have envy others who are sleeping. I’m like a ghost in this dark bus. Moving along Tarlac I’ve seen a lot of sugarcane plantations, wide rice field and mango grooves. When we’ve reached PANGASINAN at around 2:30 in the morning food stalls are everywhere, fruit stands, preserved foods and wines were on display. Finally we’ve reached BAUANG LA UNION where Mang Tony got a full tank suddenly Arnold have his joke “Oh yong magpapandesal kanina sa Tarlac andito na agad sa La Union!” we all laughed out of his joke. Afterwards Sir Dandy hand us an index card with a room number, which corresponds into our hotel room. We’ve got our choice ROOM 112. A moment before Baguio Sir Dandy informed us that we are crossing MARCOS HIGHWAY instead of KENNON ROAD because the latter is very dangerous for big vehicles; he has a lot of do’s and don’ts. He also slightly introduces our next iterinary. Then the history begins again from where the name KENNON ROAD was derived. Entering the CITY OF PINES the window glass misted makes the other to shiver from cold but I never did all I know I am hungry, the hot coffee from the dorm last its dosage. I’ve seen a lot of lights below the zig - zag road it looks like star sands from a far. Yes all I did while Sir Dandy is having his reminiscence from the past is sight seeing.

January 17, 2007

Almost 6:00 in the morning of January 17, 2007 when our bus stops at the faced of PRINCE PLAZA HOTEL, Sir Dandy directly goes to the reception area and after it he hand us the room key. ROOM 112 was on the 4th floor. We took up the elevator I have silently stood at the back and give the legacy to others to experience how to operate an elevator “Waaahhh!!”I was horrified and quite feel and embarrassment when the elevator opened up “we get back to the lobby!” our classmates who’s waiting burst into their laughter as we did too. My comrades were blaming upon taking the stairs the room key was on me I am the one holing it I have surely opened the door the silent darkness f the room welcomed us and as I have entered I directly put the key at the switch beyond the wall ten automatically lights on. My roommates excitedly run at the beds but me I hurriedly run to the power outlet. The room is spacious, as you entered at the door at your right you’ll see the bathroom door and inside there’s a bath tub a hot and cold shower, full width-size mirror, towel racks, toilet bowl and a roll of tissues labatory with the faucet, hotel soaps and etc. It is really a bathroom of a real SEÑORITA at the left opposing the bathroom was a built-in cabinet then few steps two beds separated by a bed side table with a telephone at the top facing the beds is a cabinet table with 17 inches colored TV at the top beyond it is full width-sizes mirror. At the corner of the second bed is a set of table room with a flower vase at the top. Frames decorated the wall, the room was fully air conditioned and carpeted, long soft maroon red curtains spells LUXURIES as the bed sheets do. At the top of the bed, three white bath towels were ready, press 1 rings “Hello good morning! Two bath towels at Room 112 please…” I have called up to the lobby then a minute later someone is knocking at the door, going to the verandah where you can see BAGUIO at the top of the hotel room and of course the main road and the façade of the hotel. We are five occupants of Room 112, Yanie, Mishel, Mary, Careen and I. “Herz maliligo na ako!” Mary announces after a minute of long familiarization at the hotel room. I have smiled grinly “Di maligo ka!” and as what I have looked up to her face she is terribly worried “Paano to?” pointing at the bathroom I jumped out of the bed and laughed “Hindi ako marunong!” bluffing her. With Careen’s help I’ve mixed hot and cold water. I am the last one to take a shower so it is expected that I’ll be the last one to move downstairs for a breakfast. After returning the key at the hotel reception area I have preceded at the adjacent restaurant everybody is eating, tables must be occupied by ten people before food serving. No choice but I need to eat my breakfast of first meal here at Baguio in Mechanical Engineering breakfast table luckily JYPH KARL MARQUEZ and JULIVON MUAJE joined me “Wow! Service Deluxe!” All I need to is eat the food in front of me. Feels like a real SEÑORITA “mui bien”. After the first meal, enjoy everything at the hotel room; Yanie and Mishel have their late childhood (hehehe) watching CARTOONS! As of me “nag-eemote sa verandah” took a deep breath inhaling the fresh air of BAGUIO CITY while closing my eyesthen has a silent wish. At exactly 7:00 in the morning when we left PRINCE PLAZA HOTEL to start our Baguio tour, we’ve passed along our way at BURNHARM PARK going to IBAY’S SILVER SHOP. We’ve got a window-shopping watching silver rings, necklaces, bracelets and other accessories. Afterwards we left inside the shop for a short walk then picture taking. We’ve reached LOURDES GROTTO after IBAY’S. Sir Dandy requisition begins again, as what he has said “If you saw a native Igorot with his native clothes you can shoot a photo with him and you can also wore his native hat but don’t be surprised if he beg for crunchy P20.00 (hehehe). Yes dear it is a business!”. Another one“If someone offered you to buy flowers and candles and if you’re not intending to buy just remain on silent because if you answered they would not stop pestering you unless you buy at them. They’ll follow you until you’ve reached the top. Next one “if you prefer to buy souvenirs did it at MAHARLIKA MARKET where items were cheaper.”

My first step was so easy I have almost run at the first stair but when it comes to the 20th stairs I can’t anymore my legs were aching I almost faint up and if it is not an shameful thing I should carry my sandals and run upwards. How many times I’ve stopped to ease the pain Cheryl and Sheena with Jyph was behind me. I have to continue armed with FAITH and HOPE. With my COURAGE and DETERMINATION I have reached the top. I am wishing for something, the deafly silence occurred upon reaching it, I prayed silently. Wishing all of my dreams came true. Virgin Mary is still the Virgin Mary I’ve seen on my grandfather’s grotto at Tarlac. Moving downward after a short pictorial is easy, I have felt the calmness on my heart something ahs taken out of my load. After Lourdes grotto is PASALUBONG SHOPPING at MAHARLIKA MARKET. People were everywhere as ukay-ukay hangs anywhere; everybody had their stuff from peanut brittle to strawberry jam. Different sizes and styles of key chains were on sale. After an hour of shopping at UK all of us see each other at the RIZAL PARK, the only Rizal Park I’ve known that only Rizal’s head has been sculptured on the monument “Picture! Picture…ay bakit ka lumalayo…?” Upon reaching the hotel at 11:30 AM we have directly proceeded to the restaurant Sir Carl, Lujane, Jemlyn, MARY ROSE MENDEZ, Moshe and I shared on the festive lunch after it siesta time!!!

Around 1:00 in the afternoon when we’ve meet at the lobby, afterwards we visit the souvenir items on sold at the front of the hotel after buying some bags run to the bus and almost 1:30 PM when we left PRINCE PLAZA HOTEL. Our next iterinary is to visit PMA BAGUIO, Leaving Baguio City passing through the historical CAMP JOHN HAY. When we enter the gate of the Academy our bus tour begins, historical bazookas welcomed us; we toured around and decided to come out the bus to have a pictorial facing the PMA Building where Cadets were having their formation. After a short while we walked as a battalion targeting another spot for the next pictorial “It’s a bird! No it’s a plane!” Its posing time beyond the historical plane. “Hey guys feet-off please don’t step at the grass!” that’s one of the policy the Academy imposing is. We proceeded to PMA Grotto and have a posed. At the grotto you can whisper your wish by tossing a coin at the small basin in front of Mama Mary. When Sir Dandy joined all of us we have our sight seeing finding for cute Cadets “Wala kang itulak kabigin!” Afterwards Sir Dandy guides us to PMA Grandstand where we stayed a few minutes to watch a practice for the graduation ceremony. They’re really amazing on their moves. I want my wildest dream came true! To join military!!! When we left grandstand we take a short walk a crossing famous halls. We reached a prestigious pool where Cadets were being thrown when their birthday comes as usual group picture. We’ve get along to PMA Pasalubong Center when I look for key chains again bus tour. Entering Baguio city again we have our bus tour passing UP Baguio, the famous Imelda Marcos vacation house then stop over at MINES VIEW, where a lot of souvenir items were on display into every stalls. “Wow! The place was so nice, so picture please…” At Mines View I’ve seen Pink Horses where you can take pictures while riding in it, it only cost P10.00 with the cowboy’s hat.Randy Calatrava forced me to ride at the horse but I said “Ayoko nga!” He wants a souvenir from me. Going back to the bus we are interrupted upon reaching the stalls with souvenir T-SHIRTS pick up your choice guys!

After buying and leaving with Mines View bus tour again around Baguio, we got a stop over at THE MANSION for pictorial purposes. I was amazed upon knowing that strawberry can be a taho too!Passing through Botanical Garden after it SM BAGUIO. Mary and I got our courage to roam around the mall. We reached the every corner and every side. From the first floor to second floor, escalator downward then escalator upward. We got through the Cosmetics Section, Accessories, Men and Women Section and then we reached Infant Section with a lot of Children’s wear we burst on laughter “Naliligaw na kami, kanina pa kami pabalik-balik dito!” (hahaha). Reaching grocery items pick anything you like as long as you have enough budgets into your pocket. Mary and I stay longer because I am really hungry. We got a big green one and others that will be big enough to full my stomach. Then loiter around again carrying the big SM bag at my back “Hohoho!” I’ve seen a lot of foreigners around especially Korean National. When Mary and I feel tired we stayed at the left then to right part of the mall “verandah” looking downward for a sight seeing. We decided to get back off the bus twenty minutes more before the departure time “Hala saan ang daan palabas?” (hehehe) The two of use get lost; we took the escalator downward “Ngaakkk we are reaching Basement Parking Area!” It is okay to me but Mary was on worried I know there’s an exit there because I’ve tried malling passing through the Basement. So we took upwards again and find our way out. We reached the left side corner where people got an exodus but we can’t find way to exit so get back gain inside the mall and have a window-shopping. Few minutes more before the departure “ Maiiwan kami sa loob ng mall!” We get through gain the left side, same corner same side at last we found a stair in a very side corner reaching Coffee Shops! “Whew!” Upon coming up to the bus, they’re astonished upon seeing my big SM plastic bag “Diyan ako bilib sayo Harriane walang pera pero ang dami mong pinamili!” Sir Gil nodded. Out of their expectation I laughed out loud and smiled mockingly (hehehe) if they only know that a thing makes the bag bigger is a packed of fish cracker costing a crunchy P18.50 (hahaha) and the others were packed of corn chips.

We left SM Baguio at exactly 6:00 PM without Sir Carl, his missing! We hurriedly rushed to our hotel room I started packing my things after the crispy dinner. I feel like SEÑORITA “Kulang na lang subuan ako ng nagseserve eh!” I’m going to miss this thing, and this food especially the sticky soup with quail’s egg. We got a party at the room I mean make a loud noise capturing our best pose. Mishel as the Kikay of our group we make her pose like a sexy diva beyond the long soft curtains. We are all happy our laughter’s echoed around when suddenly the telephone rings. All had been quiet the fire dies “Don’t disturb just married!” I have said referring to the occupants in the next room. The moment we got a Check-in Sir Dandy reminds us not to make such noise because we might disturb the occupants in the next room. They’re all worried “Hey hindi naman tayo maririnig sa labas, close na close itong room oh, wall to wall!”Even though I make them to feel such relief ness the fire already dies. So they decided to continue on watching television “GAME KA NA BA?” Unfortunately the telephone rings again without any hesitation I grabbed the handle “Hello good evening! Room 112 may I help you? May I know who’s on the line please?” I added. After a long silence I got shocked when the other line laughs and said, “Who’s on the line daw!” then I heard commotion “Ate Vivs?” Yes it was ate Vivian who interrupted our happy moments a while ago, which make the party to stop. “Kanina pa ako tumatawag diyan sa inyo!” she added “Pasaway! Paano mo nalaman telephone number dito “ After the end tone we all laughed but we never got a spirit to start our party again, “Pero lintik lang ang walang ganti!” (hehehe). I run to their hotel room (Ate Vivian) then knock to their door then run fast again to our hotel room. (Mas pasaway kami!) Afterwards I lay at the bottom of then bed facing the television but out of my expectation I fall asleep without in a proper location and position. LIGHTS OFF!!!


Herz Corner and a shopping story

As being addicted to beauty products  I have come to an idea of making my own online store called Herz Corner , I just started it today so there's only few products for sale but if you know some items you can tell me what you like. If you order and pay before December 21, 2010 it is 30-40% less on the price of a specific product.  I would love to extend it up to December 31, but I can't make it because I'll be out of the country. Please take a visit by clicking the banner or the link.

Here's a shopping story tonight after gym I decided to visit Missha, all I want is the lotion but the dork me decided to get another shower cologne, and then try the other tester.  I am opening one product but is darn hard anyway I succeeded but after wards the lid/cap hit the floor so I have to pick it  and it creates a sound that one of the sales lady came near me to help and then she found out what I tested is NOT a tester.  That means it is brand new, darn it was put in the tester place, anyway to avoid any arguments or what ever I just put the product on my little basket in short I pay for it. Always remember a tester has a tag TESTER don't just grab and spray. Hehe

I'll visit you guys tomorrow I run out of time today. Goodnight have a sweet dreams!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sale Addiction: Itchy Feet - to shop or not?

Around ten o'clock in the evening I have an itchy feet, itchy to go outside even it is  -7°C. I am itchy to go to Missha again and buy another box of lotion. I just love the way the box looks like, honestly I don't know if I am going to use all the colognes, gels, lotions I have bought yesterday because I still have three bottle of Avon perfume here, two are remain untouched. Maybe if I can't used them I am going to send them to Philippines again just the way I did with the stuffs I bought on sale or else host another giveaway next year.  

Anyway I managed to control my itchy feet, as it says you need to count 1 to 10, so I think thrice not just twice if I really need it. Plus if I went out to buy more I am going to be broke for the next two weeks which is I don't like but the other part of my mind says it is okay because 50% sale only happens once and I can't buy it anymore in a less price. Well I have controlled myself tonight and  I am hoping I can also do it tomorrow especially the shop is just in front of the gym where we are working out, we are on the third floor and every time I looked below I can see the store. Praying that the 50% promotion on their glass window is gone so I will not be tempted to go inside. I need to control this addiction of mine, addiction to SALE. 

Anyway I'm just happy to announce that I won a blog make-over at  Just Another Pixel Thirty on 30  Blog Contest giveaway. I don't know if I can bid goodbye to my lovely pink template I wish I won a cash prize that can be added to my paypal funds. Haha, choosy! Anyway I am happy because at least I won another contest and I am not just thank you girl.  Looking forward for the new make-over by Sis Grace.

Confession, at first I am not used with the word Sis because my younger siblings and I don't call  each other sis or sister just simply our nicknames but everybody kept calling me Sis and it is a shame not to return the favor so right now I am already used with Sis. Okay ba Sis? Teheee, darn now I copy my husband expression too. 

Goodnight everyone don't let the bed bugs bite!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Watery Wednesday in National Museum of Korea

Happy Wednesday everyone, here's my watery photo taken from National Museum of Korea when Emelyn and I visited the place. Isn't it lovely? It looks like there's a falling star..

Missha is on sale: My escapades in Seoul

I was very tired yesterday, I arrived here in our apartment at 7:30 in the evening from Seoul. Well at least it is positive, yes we got a Bangladesh visa so I'll be out of touch next week. Just hoping when I returned I am not going to be lazy to blog, sigh.

Yesterday as I am going to go to the subway platform I have seen a lot of ladies in MISSHA, one of the popular beauty/cosmetic/ store here in Korea. They are up to 50% SALE I have also seen it in our place but I didn't know it is all over MISSHA. So I also get in and try the testers, when I came out I smelled with different sprays and fragrances, including lotions. I have also one bag of Missha products with me.

After buying the desired  products I rushed to the subway platform I don't want to be late to pick-up our passports eh. Well I was on time actually 25 minutes early for 4:30 PM. I try to open the door but it is closed, so I waited outside and one Korean national and Bangladeshi came, the first guy also try to open the door but he can't so we waited outside until one guy came out the room and then we came in. After picking up our passport I went to Itaewon instead of taking the subway again I just walked to the place, I almost get lost because I took a different route I went to antique shops just so thankful that Hamilton Hotel is too big not to notice so I find my way to the busy street of Itaewon, I walked around and finally enter a souvenir shop. I found souvenir shirts but when I saw a Korean doll I take it instead. After paying the doll I return to the subway so I can take a bus and go home. After one more transfer I arrived at the subway where I have bought my stuffs, the dork me went inside again. When I pay at the counter the lady looks surprised to see me again, lol.  I got the six o'clock bus and I am very lucky that I was on time three minutes before the bus leaves when I bought a ticket. There's some vacant seats at the back I decided to transfer so I can eat my gimbap rolls. Yes I never eaten yet since I wake-up and left home around one o'clock in the afternoon.

After one hour we arrived on our city, its pretty cold eh. While walking I saw the MISSHA shop just in front of the gym, the dork me came in again and when I came out with one bag of Missha again. That's why I had two bags. As what I told before I love SALE, and I can't resist with the temptation of 50% Sale. I saved a lot I only pay $20.26 including tax  instead of $37.69.

When I came home, expect the expected. My husband nagged asked at me instead of me nagging at him actually until I wake up he is nagging at me. He asked me what how much did I spend with my trip to Seoul when I returned the change. Seeing what I bought he asked me where I got the money especially I have a Korean doll and etc., well I used my allowance buying the doll.  What makes him pissed off of me when he knows I did not eat. He told me I gave you money to eat and not to shop. He asked me to withdraw 50 thousand won  ($43.73) and I returned 15,000 won ($13.12) as changed. I used 12 thousand won ($10.49) as fare and the rest which is $20.11 shopping for sale. I think it is just fair because I also used my own money for buying gimbap rolls (hahaha) and pay additional 15 cents to my stuffs.

Anyway this morning afternoon he keeps nagging at me, darn due to tiredness last night I left the egg shells in the sink which he said not to do it. Anyway it is washed so it doesn't stink, he said it is  also pay back time for disturbing him when he is busy in front of his computer because he knows I don't like to be nagged / scolded when I just wake up.  Well that's life, I have to learn my lesson if I want my allowance coming. Be a lazy blogger but not a lazy wife. Teheeee...


I can hear the air siren right now, when I ever heard it, it sounds danger to my ears. I guess it is just a practice because I can't hear people rushing outside.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Poser

This is just a quick post, I just wake up and  I am on hurry but I still manage to blog. Lol, I am going to Seoul today to pick-up our passport hopefully with visa to Bangladesh. They only have one hour pick-up time so hopefully I can make it on time.

Anyway here's my recent photo taken in Itaewon subway, there's  a small place for posers along the corner and I take chance to have one.


Blue Monday Instructions

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Boredom and Sweetness

It's  normal day today finally I had sleep for a long hours after the busy week of traveling to Seoul. I wake up six minutes to two o'clock in the afternoon and of course the lazy me instead of eating my brunch I was busy surfing online.  Then in my surprised Pookie bear asked me what I want to eat because he says he is going to cook for me I thought he was kidding  at first, anyway I just requested hot coffee but he is very kind and he served it with walnut pie which he also heated in the microwave for few minutes.

I have asked him why he is very sweet today and he says he was bored playing on his computer. I wish he is always bored (lol) because at dinner time he also prepared a banana milk for me, and this time he just want to experiment I just noticed it when I've done drinking all the fruity milk it has peanut butter on it even I said I don't like to have peanut butter.  It is the second time he mixed peanut butter on my shake as long as there is a jar of it.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Al Saba Restaurant: Persian or Indian/Pakistan Restaurant?

When we went to Bangladesh Embassy last Thursday we saw this restaurant at the other side  of the street where we are walking, what caught our attention is the word "Persian" so  Pookie bear told me we are going to eat on this place on Saturday which is today after our appointment with Doctor Kim.

When our ordered was served Pookie bear says it looks like Pakistan/Indian cuisine, even though I already ate these kind of cuisine I didn't mind it because I don't know what is Persian cuisine. Well tonight I have read one comment from Va, she also says it doesn't looks like Persian cuisine but Pakistan so I've visited the link she left and she was right. Darn, it is a honest mistake. Look at the picture above "Al Saba Persian Carpet" if you read those words what will come to your mind? Persian cuisine isn't it? Most of the restaurant put their cuisine after its name...

not their interior decoration. Yes, it was funny when I review my photo taken inside the restaurant Pookie bear and Va maybe right it is really an Indian/Pakistan restaurant. Why? Darn maybe the "Persian carpet " means with their carpet and  their interior design. Hahaha, a honest mistake isn't it? Anyway I also don't know how Persian interior design looks like, so I am lost. Mr. Google might help me.

I am thinking too maybe the owner just put "Persian" to attract customers because there are a lot of Indian/Pakistan restaurant around the vicinity which means there is a tough competition.

Anyway to be sure I searched about this restaurant online which I need to do first before blogging about it, right? Anyway here's what I found, Al Saba means "Morning Light" and it is really an Indian/Pakistan Restaurant and it also has a carpet shop connected with the restaurant. Lol, that's unique.  You can read more details here. I did not see the carpet shop.  What makes me wonder  why they put the name of the restaurant and the carpet shop together? Business strategy, isn't it? Or the carpet shop named is "Al Saba Persian Carpet" and it is different from "Al Saba Restaurant". Just kind of confusing if it was your first time to visit the place because "Al Saba with Persian Carpet" is more noticeable. And it is the same place as you can see at the above photo there's another room but it has also table and chairs. All I can say I did not see a carpet shop. I'll try to look again on Tuesday when I return to Seoul.

Thanks Va for being my critic, it thought me to be more careful even though this is just a personal blog. Hehe

Eating "Persian" err Indian/Pakistan Food in Seoul

We just arrived from Seoul today, we went to International Clinic in Itaewon to ask a prescription for Malaria which we need for our vacation in Bangladesh this Christmas. We had to wake up early again so we can make it into our appointment. I just had gimbap rolls in the terminal as my breakfast, we're just on time with our appointment after the doctor gave us the prescription we needed we directly went to the pharmacy and walk towards the Persian Indian/Pakistan restaurant where we ate are our lunch. The restaurant opens at 11:30 AM but we are there ten minutes early,this is what we ate in Al Saba Restaurant.

Samosa - a stuffed pastry and a popular snack in South Asia, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, the Arabian Peninsula, the Mediterranean (Turkey), Southwest Asia, the Horn of Africa, North Africa and South Africa. It generally consists of a fried or baked triangular, semi-lunar or tetrahedral pastry shell with a savory filling, which may include spiced potatoes, onions, peas, coriander, and lentils, or ground beef or chicken. The size and shape of a samosa as well as the consistency of the pastry used can vary considerably, although it is mostly triangular. Samosas are often served with tamarind chutney or curd - Wikipedia

Vegetable Samosa
Mutton Karahi
Mutton Biryani
Tandoori Garlic Naan
My favorite drink, Lassi.

I did not ate all of my food so I have a take-out but my serving of samosa was eaten by Pookie bear so in all he has five samosa (lol) plus he ate all the rice I only got one spoon because he said it was his order and mine is the bread or the tandoori garlic naan. Anyway I will have a nice dinner later with my left over mutton karahi and I will not share it as well. Hehe, kiddo.