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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Food that makes you fat on weekend

Last weekend Pookie bear and I decided to make our own  burger rather than going to Lotteria to buy one. He wants it to be juicy so when I told him to mix some flour or eggs he didn't want the idea he don't want fillers to his burger patties. So we just mix ground beef, black pepper and salt and fried it without oil. Excuse us but we don't have burger bans so we used wheat bread instead, his sandwich burger is different from mine. He just used the patties, onions and pour some mustard on it while mine has cheese, onions, mayonnaise and pickles which make it really juicy and yummy.

The next day I cooked a macaroni spaghetti, I made a special sauce for it I mixed the ground beef I have kept, sausages, onions and black pepper together with ready made spaghetti sauce.  I am the only one who ate the 500g macaroni, so it last long until Monday.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Winter is almost here

This is how the trees looks like today after all the leaves reached the ground if you remember my post, Yellow is everywhere you can see those leaves. It's already snowing here especially in Seoul, as of today there's no snow fall here in our place, the sun is shining so bright.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

There's a snow today!

As am I busy tweaking my computer this afternoon I heard someone is shoveling something outside our apartment I am thinking if there's already a snow but I ignored the idea because it seems its too early to have snow but I am planning to peep which I forgot since I became engrossed on what I am doing.

Tonight Pookie bear and I went out to have a little shopping for his treats, he want to eat a home made juicy burger.There's nothing new when we went out of our door, the street is a little wet not until we reached the shopping district there's some pile of ice or frost. So I'm wondering if there's snow...

When we reached the next street, there's also some pile of ice. Darn, I missed it. I missed the first drop of snow today. All I've seen is a dirty ice on the street...

Wishing to Santa Claus

It is a wordless weekend. These past few days we sleep very early, as in very early in the morning in short very late at night. Confusing eh, well in short we slept at 4 o'clock in the morning. It must be a good thing that I can surf and do all the things I want online but its not my computer speed is killing me, darn too slow. I can't even open a lot of tabs and it took forever before I can open or read a blog.  I thought when I free some memory space by resizing photos my computer will work better jezzz it turns bad . I've told my Santa Claus I need a new lappy with a bigger memory or DSLR camera, Santa Claus replied immediately "one or another". Waaaahh, in short travel or lappy? I choose the first one which is travel, what would I do with a new lappy when I all alone here in our apartment and Santa Claus is wandering in Bangladesh enjoying his trip. For sure when he came home he is going to tell me about his tour and let me look on his pictures just to envy me.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Gift prize are already mailed to winners

Such a busy day today, I wake up late as normal. I still feel sleepy though I was not able to sleep immediately last night, darn my head is already aching but I can't still sleep. Lesson I  learned ,don't drink coffee at night. Anyway I already mailed the gifts to the lucky winner, even though its hard to communicate we both tried to understand each other. Actually I thought I can't mailed the items because shampoo or anything liquid is not allowed in the airplane as they told me and as what I know too. So I am thinking while they're discussing what should I send if this stuff are not allowed? For sure the winner's will feel bad if they won't received the prize they know they will received right. Anyway to cut the story short my parcel is accepted, the first box which is the first prize is not properly packed (lol) the young lady did not help/told me  to put some crumpled news paper at the top unlike the second one the old lady was the one who help me to close the box  even though it is also not properly taped because I'm the only one who taped it, so the taped is not flat .  (hehehe) Anyway they are properly box so you don't need to worry.

As of today this is the status of the parcel if you (winners) want to track it for the following days you can do it here just input the tracking code on the receipt I've sent on your mail. The bar code with the two letters in the start and in the end. The guy in the post office told me the parcel will be in the Philippines in three days, but they don't know how long it will be in your respected city, maybe two weeks or more.

Wait I don't know what is three days, either THREE BUSINESS days  (Saturday & Sunday not included) or three normal days. ^_^

Winner! Winner! My giveaway winners are....

My first giveaway is officially closed. Thanks to everyone who participated and who wish to participate but it is already close (lol). I am too excited to announce the winner so instead of posting this later afternoon I will post it right now it  is just the same thing anyway.I wish I have a lot of Moolah so everyone would received a gift from me but because I have none here's the two lucky winner of my giveaway.

1st prize
Congratulations to Silvergirl of
 Live for Life Don't Just Exist!

2nd prize
Congratulations to Mona of
Emails are already sent to the winners you have 48 hours to respond. If no response after the allotted time I will use again for the next winner. 


1. Kayce
15. Riza
2. bdiane34
16. Camelia
3. luckyfinds
17. Wendy
4. Ateh Vernz
5. Gustosa
19. Anika
6. Silvergirl  1st prize
20. Veta
7. Liz
21.Joanne J
8. zh3en22
22. De Punta en Blanco
9.  Cristina
23. Mel G
10. Mona  2nd prize
24. Jules67
11. Bec
25. Anastasia
12. Monik
26. Thriszha
13. Min
27. Christina D
14. Heli Beauties
28. Grace Wong

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I belong shoot me

Happy Thursday everyone, these photo was taken last May this year when we dine out in a Japanese restaurant as a celebration to Pookie bear's birthday. I always see this flowers every time we passed this house so I make sure that I am going to have photo while it is blooming. My clothes matched to the color of the plant isn't it?

Wait did you see Rochelle of Sexbomb in my photo? A big LOL.

Forever In Blue Jeans

Nostalgia: A Diary of a Señorita!

 It's Nostalgic day today, I am so busy while ago working with my photos and folders. My computer is working slow because I have a lot of photos of anything so I have to re-sized few of them to smaller sizes to make space. Well after facing a financial problem so I can joined the field trip which is a pre-requisite in order to graduate our course, I was able to join if you think the buyer of our land paid the money in full, nope. My aunt who has a store  lend us the money and the buyer will be the one to pay in few days or week, lol.  The land that my father sold was not paid full until I got married , the funny thing is they put fences on the land a month or more before our wedding even it is not fully paid, I think the buyer was scared because before they keep telling us that they will return the land if we keep asking for a payment , you know Filipino thinking if you married a foreigner you are rich (lol). So maybe he thought we already have money to buy the land from him especially my mother says "return it and we will also pay in installment".

Anyway after the field trip our adviser asked us to submit report/notes of what we did in our entire field trip or educational tour in other term. I have a different strategy instead of notes I submitted a story or maybe a diary.


Life is wonderful as a saying goes and to dream is powerful.

We have to admit that all of us were dreamers, all we wanted is to make that dreams in real. Dreams came true. The moment that those dreams will materialize “What would you do?”

Wishes are just like dreams, we wished because we dream. We all wanted that all of our wishes would be granted in jus a twist of fingers, to escape reality even for a short while and live to our own imaginary world. Yes it is fantasy! Do you believe in fantasy? Your reveries and your mere dreams…

Have you ever feel and treated as special? Had you ever experienced how to feels like a real SEÑORITA and SEÑORITO? Where to worry for tomorrows is not allowed. All you need to do is enjoy the luxurious life you had. All you wanted and all you wish were granted in a second, all you have to feel is fun, you can go wherever you want. Have you ever tried to sleep in a soft and very comfortable bed where a soft wind blew up to your face then at the middle of the night you has woke up asking “Where am I?” Have you experienced the hot and cold shower into your body? All you need to do is stand and it pours like a rain, when you get tired lay at the tub then sleep for a while. All of your needs are just near you, all you need is to pick it up or just press 1 and it rings. Have you eaten with out worrying for the next day? All you need to do is eat because food is automatically served the moment you sited at the dining table. All you need to do is to be with yourself because the moment you went outside a car is waiting for you, all you need to do is enjoy and all you need to feel is fun. All you need to do is embraced all the moments until there is still a time, until the sun is still at the North and chickens are still asleep.

Had you ever feel those feelings? If you do how it does feel? And if you don’t why not give a try to feel like one? All you need to do is to close your eyes and open your mind then explore with us, be a part of our unforgettable memories, be with our tour all you need to do is simply turn on the page…

January 14, 2007


“Herz dito na kami pier!” after reading the text message I hurriedly rushed to my baggage and automatically move outside of our house. My mother was next to me who constantly having her requisition since yesterday I am annoyed of such millions repeated word but I just smiled sweetly “Yes Mom. Everything is perfectly alright”.

After leaving our door I’ve seen my father with our relatives having a little chat I straightly walked forward to him and bid him my sweetest kiss “Mwaaahh”. My guffaw echoed around after seeing my father’s face, my red lips marked on his cheek. I was really happy that I couldn’t stop laughing I want to embrace him but I cant with my things, anyway I don’t want to be too emotional, I’ll just be out for one week. Before riding in the motorcycle, I dearly kissed my beloved mother again I left a red mark that makes not only my lips to smile but also my eyes. I will surely miss you my dearest.


At exactly 3:00 PM I have reached the POCTOY PORT, vehicles can’t proceed to the terminal so I need to carry my baggage and take a short walk. I was on my middle platform when I saw someone familiar who had his happy smile that makes me see his whole teeth even from a distance. Yes! That was JOHN PAUL who excitedly welcomed my arrival at the terminal were I did my final bow. I was surprised upon seeing all of them “Waaaahh!” I thought I was too early but it seems I was too late.

MARY , a good friend of mine and the one who texted me a while ago bumped me in “Hanap ka na ni Randy Calatrava!”, “Huh?” quite anticipating how the guys looks like maybe I could meet him later. My eyes roll over the terminal I’m looking for my buddy GRACE  but I can’t find her around and nobody knows where she is. So quite worried I texted her finding where she is and telling her that we are almost leaving but he never cared to text back. Afterwards I loiter beyond the terminal as what I noticed all of us were excited. I’ve asked about their things how many bags they got, what is their dinner and etc. I smiled secretly upon seeing all them got a “Tortillos” on their bags. It looks like a picnic! (hehehe). Out of expectation John Paul Canulo became my buddy in absence of Grace which means where ever we go during the whole tour we’re partners.

EventuallyI was glad upon seeing ENGR. JULIE around the terminal. He is holding a white folder unknown to me what is inside I smiled and say “Sir!” his noted facial expression greeted me. We all wanted him to join us during the tour but it is impossible to his part so half excited and sad we hand our boat ticket from him, which is the white folder contents of. We’ll going to miss you Sir and I knew you feel the same way too “Mamimiss mo rin kaming mga pasaway!”. MS. NOVA also showed up at the terminal teasing me if I going for a field trip or for pictorial I laughingly answered “Both”


Still this is January 14, 2007. Around 4:15pm we were already at the MV VIRGIN MARY. CHERYL  and I got astonished upon knowing that we the same number of bed but it never pertained as a problem. After the joyous dinner, Sir GIL collected the mobile number of everyone including the food allergies. Mechanical Engineer students are also wit us as BSIT-Calatrava too.

The night seems so long and I have to confess that during a trip I never got courage to sleep, everybody had his or her jacket except me of course! Because I never feel the coldness of the night. At the top deck we see each other’s face BSIT Calatrava, Mechanical Engineering students and special mention JOSE MARIA  with the boys enjoying the “EYES OF THE ADOR” have a good trip my dears! As what is expected I’m the only soul who is awake at the long cold night. I have been mesmerized watching the sea breeze at the top deck and when boredom occurs lie at my bed and read my pocket size Bible and the book entitled OUR DAILY BREAD. I never forgot to include those two reading materials on my things, as I am never forgotten to bring my “Ding ang Bato!”My panghilod! (hehehe).

January 15, 2007

Almost 3:00 in the morning when LESTER and JUNNY  woke up. Junny invited the two of us for a cup of noodles so we arrived at the tourist canteen but we preferably enjoy the warm soup of noodles at the top deck beyond the strong cold wind.

Thirty minutes before arriving at the MANILA PORT, MISHEL , YANIE , MARY  with MOSHE  and I went up to the top deck to witness VIRGIN MARY’S arrival at the port. As the moment we’re approaching small lights became big ones. I’ve already seen the cargo metal boxes around, the people waiting and especially I’ve already breath the polluted air of Manila. “Welcome Manila and Goodbye Odiongan!”

We are all ready but we still need to wait ENGR. ORLEY  to show up before leaving the boat. At exactly 4:20 AM when we vacated the boat my buddy securely held my left arm “Humawak ka sa akin!” Wow! I remember the last time I have sponsored at my cousin’s wedding because the way my buddy and I hold each other arms is the way when my partner and I walked beyond the aisle. (How sweet!) People are looking after us as what Yanie told me but I don’t care becauseI treat him as my brother ,when the one time I left my hand out from my buddy’s arm he gets angry with me. “Kapag ikaw ay nawala ay…” (What a strict  and protective buddy I got!) We stayed at the right part of the port waiting for BSIT-Calatrava to showed up, after few minutes of waiting Sir Gil decided to fetch them upstairs, out of our knowing the one we are waiting for is already waiting for us at the bus ”Nauna na pala sa amin!”

Someone comes up at the bus after a while, he counted all of us when suddenly he paused for a minute near us “Magdyowa kayo?” my buddy andI just laughed. At exactly 4:45 AM the bus runs out from the port while Sir Dandy is praying. I never heard that he introduced his self but due to Sir Julie stories he is not a stranger to me. While traveling Sir Dandy entertained us with PHILIPPINE HISTORICAL HERITAGE. As what my watch says it was 6:30 AM when we arrived at the DJM DORMITORY. I silently moved out from the bus and carefully run upstairs the dorm after saying a morning greeting on the guard behind the gate and to the people who welcomed us along the hallway, before I got my final step at the top of the stairs I heard Sir Dandy’s voice “Breakfast is ready at seven!”


The continuation will be on Thursday again, hope you like reading A Diary of a Señorita!. Into this post I have a trivia, my buddy John Paul and Mishel developed a feeling to each other I only know it after our tour. So I think they're hiding it from me (according to my perception only) because I am the last one who knows it. Waaah, they're unfair I never got a hint. So the last part of the tour Mary was already my buddy because Mishel and him became compatible. Maybe my buddy gets tired to take care of a child which is me. Hehehe

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Buy a mystery shirt for $2.95

If you love collecting t-shirts you will like this, one t-shirt for $2.95 (Php 129.37) at stake. This is a best gift for your love ones this Christmas for sure your they will love it. It's mystery shirt so you can't choose what to order you will just know how the shirt looks like once it was delivered to your door.

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A Random Mystery Shirt!
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Printed in the U.S.A
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North Korean artillery pounds S.Korean island

As I am blog hopping last night I have found out that North Korea fired a deadly barrage of artillery shells onto a South Korean island on Tuesday in one of the most serious border incidents since the 1950-1953 war, inciting global condemnation. Two marines had died, 15 marines were wounded along with three civilians. South Korea's military went on top alert, its troops fired back with cannon and the government met in an underground war room in response to what Seoul called an atrocity against civilians.

North Korea's supreme command, however, accused South Korea of firing first and vowed "merciless military attacks with no hesitation if the South Korean enemy dares to invade our sea territory by 0.001 mm". But condemnation of  Pyongyang poured in from the United States, which has 28,500 troops in South Korea, along with Russia, Japan and Western Europe.

Some 50 shells landed on Yeonpyeong near the tense Yellow Sea border, damaging dozens of houses and sending plumes of thick smoke into the air, YTN television reported.

I have asked my husband if he knows it and if he is not scared, well he said yes he knows it he just shrugged his shoulder and says he can fly back to Canada and left me here.  What a  loving husband he is(lol). Anyway he laugh on his own joke after wards, when went to North Korea last July it was also the time  that  South says North bomb the navy ship. That's why it is kind of scary to go there that time, I don't want to be a prisoner of war eh.,but it is more scary to go there now. Whew luckily we have a right decision to go there last July.

List of giveaway entrants

My giveaway will end tomorrow, as a request here's the list of valid entry. You still have two days left to join, do it  here.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My giveaway will end soon don't forget to join today!

Hey ladies my giveaway will end soon, three more days and two lucky winners will bag home these freebies. So join now while its hot. Don't forget the rules on how to join so your entry will be valid. 

How to join:
  • FOLLOW this blog through GFC and The Traveler's Journey
  • BLOG about this giveaway or PUT it on your side bar and link it back here
  • LEAVE a comment with the URL of your post, tweet and email here.

Until Nov. 25
Valid Entries

Monday, November 22, 2010

Salted and Dried Fish - Tuyo

If there is one food I've missed in the Philippines that is hawot or tuyo (salted and dried fish), it is good to serve during breakfast with fried egg or sometimes just hot coffee and rice is solve. So when I saw this dried fish in the store I bought a small pack, its different from Philippine tuyo. It is darn too hard to chew and it is not salty either.

Pookie bear don't like the smell of our apartment every time  I cooked it.  Anyway I just fried few times and it is already forgotten then pookie bear just found out it is already moldy well instead of scolding or telling me that I waste that food he is thankful because he won't smell it anymore. That's also the reason why I didn't fried or touch it, the smell someone here has a special nose. Lol!


Food intolerance or food poisoning?

As I blog last night my head is bothering me since I wake up. Thinking it is just starvation I ate but instead of a big help my headache worsen. Can't even look at my computer screen, so this was the time I feel like vomiting so I decided  to throw up all the food I ate, yes decided because I put my two fingers on my throat so I am gonna throw up. Goodbye food, I did not stop until my stomach is all empty. Guess what happened? I feel relieved, my headache was gone. Food poisoning again like what happened in airport when we are going to China? As far as I remember all I have eaten that night is the chocolate's stick and before that I drink banana milk, I guess it's the milk because the expiry date was last night.

I guess I need to be very extra careful with the food I ate because my stomach, immune system what ever is not that strong because I always end as patient victim. Like for example when I am still in college way back home, after eating our dinner I had a severe headache and I felt my face is getting hot. My mother asked me to eat sugar and she put some young leaves of a lime into my head pulse because they thought its air or whatever (copying my aunt when she had an headache she always had those leaves) . I fall asleep with a headache, so when I wake up in the morning I feel better. I ate the left over fish we had that night for breakfast and as I am washing the dishes the familiar feeling occur, headache and hot face. Is it food poisoning or allergy? Anyway that's not the first time it happened to me, it is just the second time. The first time is when I ate boiled eggs, my father arrived home from Manila they worked there for few months. Cleaning his things I've seen two boiled eggs as what he said he bought in the ship, so I've eaten it for my meal. Then it all started, it already happened thrice here in Korea as far as I remember.

It  seems my mother is right "ang katakawan ko ang papatay sa akin" (being voracious will kill me)  because I always feel sick upon eating something. Anyway I slept with an empty stomach last night, I just had a coffee after the incident, I am looking for the wheat bread but a voracious bear ate it all. Huhuhu

Every week I have a chocolate allowance, chocolate because it is not that big so I can have a shopping free in the shopping district near here. Anyway even it's big it will all end in chocolate anyways, the tight me will not buy something unless needed or unless it is a chocolate either a body care product which is on sale. So my husband gave it to me and he gave me an extra so I can buy my own meal because I told him I am hungry but I have nothing to eat (even there is), I just don't feel like eating the food I am seeing eating everyday. I am planning not to buy any and just save all of my money for future expenses like the postal for my giveaway (hahaha). But the pookie bear won't agree with me, buy a food or no extra? So of course I don't like the idea so I went out to family mart. When I was there, I picked a ready meal and two gimbap trying to save more. Lucky or unlucky but the meal I have picked is already expired. Lucky because their counter machine is always updated with their product information  because if not I will end as patient again (lol). That's why there is an expiry date to see (blind me). So I decided to pick some dumplings and the gimbap, I am already going to pay when my eyes landed on the small containers of peanut. Your guess is right as mine, instead of saving and just using my extra allowance I've use mine too. Huhuhu

Until now I don't know what is my condition I mean that condition food poisoning or allergy?

Anyway this is what I found out food poisoning has two types infectious agent and toxic agent. Food infection refers to the presence of bacteria or other microbes which infect the body after consumption. Food intoxication refers to the ingestion of toxins contained within the food, including bacterially produced exotoxins, which can happen even when the microbe that produced the toxin is no longer present or able to cause infection. In spite of the common term food poisoning, most cases are caused by a variety of pathogenic bacteria, viruses, or parasites that contaminate food, rather than chemical or natural toxins.

Headaches Caused by Food

People find that they have intolerances to foods such as wheat, other grains, fruits, dairy products and a variety of other foods. If a person suffers headaches caused by foods it is important to go through a process of elimination (I think it is elimination or discharging when I throw up all the food in my stomach). Food allergists can assist a person in eliminating probable food causes one by one from the diet until the guilty foods are found.

To know more about this information just click the title above that's where I found the article I have pasted.  I don't own it.

I think the above sentence fit for me, maybe I have intolerances to some food. Tsk, here I am again self medication. I think much better if I took a nursing course because I am expert in self medication. Haha, joke. Or maybe I have diabetes because it also says that getting headaches after eating can be an early sign that diabetes may be a problem.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Even monkey loves chocolate

Remember my last post for camera critters? The two cats in our window, sad to say only one is left, the one at the right was victim of hit and run. I have asked my sister about their names but the forgotten me ,only remember one name which is Jumong,  the cat at the left.

I was not able to participate last week so here's my share of camera critters for today, this photo was taken in  Golden Temple we went upstairs to the shrine where the giant golden Buddha was located, as I am looking for something inside my bag this monkey run so fast near me, at first I am scared but I remember I have this small white toblerone I gave him a little piece and since then he won't stop following me. As usual my husband was annoyed on what I did, well I suffered the consequences because the monkey became my stalker he keep following me I am little bit afraid because I don't know if they are domestic or wild, just so lucky that a group old locals came and shoo it away. They're the one who's praying when we arrived in the shrine. Well if you think I learned my lesson after it, I did not.

Camera Critters

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday Headache

Last night or maybe already today we slept at around 4:30 in the morning, I've ask my husband to wake me up at nine in the morning because I have to finish something but I have changed my mind and ask him to wake me up at twelve in the afternoon. So he did but I was not able to wake up because my eye lids are still too heavy. I went back to sleep and ask him to wake up after one hour, time passed I opened my eyes then he told me if I know its already 2:30 in the afternoon, that's where the time I am fully awake and grab my computer immediately and this is where I realized my head is aching. Dunno what happen last night while I am sleep why is it aching, all I know I ate chocolate sticks before we sleep I ate all of it. I never learned my lesson, when I ate too much chocolate I always have a headache.

So I am not feeling well the half day (because I wake up afternoon already) until now, my head still bothering me. We went out a while ago and buy some soy milk and other food for Pookie bear's cheat day.  So this is what we got..

Black olives and sausages to make a sandwich.  He don't allow me to take pictures but I insisted (lol), he even ask me to slow down because I started eating his black olives, I guess one of the reason why my head aches because I starved myself. When I ate sandwich tonight it was the time I realized I am hungry, darn I am using the computer too much and it is not anymore healthy because I forgot to eat and sometimes to withdraw my food as in p**p. Excuse me..

Friday, November 19, 2010

My New Blog Header

I have a new header if you not noticed it while you are here. It is a boredom to look at the flowers alone, so I've changed it. Everything I did or changed I need approval when I am still single it is from my mother and now I am married for sure its from my husband which sometimes annoys him when he is busy with his never ending genealogy program.  So when I asked him if my header looks okay he said yes without a doubt but with buts, as in but you don't know how to ride a bike or scooter.  He is 100%  right, the last time I ride a bike a hit a local in Sri Lanka, anyway I replied back to him that's my goal to ride a scooter/bike. Tsk! When it will be, I am a weakling so it seems it is a dream.

Anyway when I see the girl in the scooter I always remember my photo below. I am not riding this bike but I am just sitting in it. It's our instructor motor bike parked in front of the our institute building.

This is what I hate with kimchi

As I am blog hopping tonight I stumble at Surviving Korea's post about having no kimchi  on their house. Speaking of kimchi I almost forgot the 2.334 kg of kimchi setting in our kitchen, I removed it from the fridge because I am planning to cut it when it is already warmed but it slipped out of my mind. Just a good thing I have remember it when I do blog hopping because if not I am going to be on rushed tomorrow preparing Pookie bear's meal.

This is what I hate in buying a whole kimchi, I have to cut it. I look like someone working in a slaughter house the only difference I am not chopping meat but kimchi. I already learned my lesson when cutting it without letting it warm because it is too damn cold into my tiny hands that I keep washing my hand with hot water

If you are interested to know what happened with my Crab Kimchi Pookie bear decided to throw it because I can't eat anymore after I can't stop myself scratching. Darn it is easy for him to throw something because its not his money (huhuhu).

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nostalgia: Niyakap Ko ang Bukas Part4

Okay guys this is the last part of my so called life during my struggle to finished my degree. If you noticed the part 3 was quite missing for one day because I pull it out, I added this blog into my sponsoredreview account, and in order to be accepted I have to pull it out because it is not written in English as one of the qualification to be accepted.

“Rhanne gabi na hindi ka pa ba matutuog?” napatigil siya sa pagbabasa ng marinig ang boses ng inay niya mula sa silid ng mga ito, kanina pa natulog ang mga ito. Pahimad niyang nilingon ang malaking kuwadrado ng orasan, magaalas-dose n pala ng gabi. Nawili siya sa kuwentong sinusulat kaya hindi niya namalayan at pagtakbo ng  oras. Siya na lang siguro ang kaluluwang gising ng mga oras na iyon.
“Tatapusin ko na lang to!” sagot niya habang inuunat ang  mga pang naninigas sa mahabang pagkakaupo. Nalimutan niyang hindi pala makatulog ang mga tao sa bahay nila ng bukas ang ilaw. Muli niyang tinuon ang utak sa ginagawa, nakakaisang talata palang siya ng…
Apat na araw bago ang Biyernes, ang itinakdang araw sa pagbibigay ng kabayaran ng sinumang sasama sa field trip. Nang tanungin siya ng adviser nila kung sasama siya o hindi, wala siyang makapang kasagutan. Nangangapa siya sa karimlan bantulot “ Sasama Sir” sagot niya na walang kasiguraduhan katulad ng kumuha  siya ng medical exam walang kasiguraduhan kung magagamit niya ba yon.
 Dalawang araw bago ang deadline, ayaw niya nang bigyan ng false hope ang sarili niya, hindi pa siya nag-eempake ng mga gamit na dadalhin.
Biyernes the moment of truth, excited na ang lahat parang guguho ang mundo niya ng umagang iyon, tuliro ang utak niya at pikit mata tinanggap niya ang kapalaran niya katulad ng unang pagkakataong ipinikit niya ang mga mata niya at umasa sa HIMALA, ang makapagpatuloy siya ng pag-aaral.
Dalawang oras bago mag-alauna lito siyang pumasok sa paaralan. Nadatnan niya ang mabait nilang adviser kasama ang maunawain nitong asawa na guro rin nila na abala sa photo copying machine sa opisina ng una.
“Sir, hindi ako makakasama!” agad niyang bulalas sa guro matapos magbigay ng paggalang. Naiiyak na siya ng mga oras na yon ngunit pilit niyang pinipigilan ang nararamdaman, tinatagan niya lang ang loob niya.
“Bakit?” concerned na tanong ng asawa ng adviser nila
Matamis na ngiti lang ang naging kasagutan niya kasabay ng
“Sige, Sir ..Mam, punta muna ako kay Sir Forca, tignan ko if dumating na allowance naming!” paalam niya at walang lakas na inihakbang palayo ang kanyang mga paa. Masakit pero tanggap ko na ang katotohanan.
Ilang metro bago ako makarating sa aking patutunguhan hindi ako maaring magkamali si Inay ang nakikita kong iyon, kakaiba ang kanyang ekspresyon kaya napabilis tuloy ang aking paghakbang.
“Bakit Nay?” nag-aalala kung tanong kakaiba ang kislap ng mga mata ni Inay, nangalog ang mga tuhod ko para akong mabubuwal, gusto kong sumigaw…
“Nay Bakit?” pag-uulit ko sa aking katanungan medyo pumiyok pa nga ata ako dahil sa bilis ng pintig ng nararamdaman ko, kakaiba ang kabang sumalakay sa akin. Pakiramdam ko nasa lalamunan ko ang puso ko, parang gusto kung umiyak at pagkatapos magtatalon at humalakhak sa tuwa. Nababaliw na ba ako?
Kakaiba sa nararamdaman ko ang matamis na pagkakangiti ni inay kasabay noon may kinuha siya sa kulay itim na bagay na iyon.
“Oh!” abot niya sa akin
Hindi ko alam kung ano ang sasabihin ko, hindi ako makapagsalita, hindi ko alam kung anong kataga ang lalabas sa bibig ko.
“Magkano to?” katagang agad nanulas sa aking mga labi
“Kulang pa yan, siyam lang yan!” agarang tugon ni inay sa akin
Masaya ako alam ko ngunit agad din inyong napawi “Kulang?”
“Sa linggo na daw ang anim!” agad kung kinuyom sa mga palad ko ang salapi, mahigpit ang paraan ng pagkakakuyom ko at halos malapirot iyon sa mga kamay ko. Halo ang nararamdaman ko, alam ko masaya ako pero hindi ko makuhang magsaya. Pakiramdam ko gusto kong ibalik sa palad ni inay ang mga salaping hawak-hawak ko. Napakahalaga nito sa pamilya naming, kalahati ng buhay ni itay ang muli niyang isinakripisyo alang-alang sa akin, alang-alang sa kinabukasan ko. Gusto kung umiyak ngunit hindi ko magawa, napakalaking utang na loob na naman ang dapat kung tanawin sa mga magulang ko. Napakahalaga ng kabayaran ng salaping ito. Oo, LUPA ang kapalit ng salaping ito na ngayo’y nasa mga palad ko. Lupang nagmula pa sa magulang ni itay, lupang hindi pinagdalawang isip na isakripisyo ni itay alang-alang sa bukas na haharapin ko. Paunang bayad sa lupang ngayo’y pag-aari na ng iba. Saglit na pumasok sa balintataw  ko ang mukha ni Lolo, ang ama ni inay na ngayon ay namayapa na. Noon siya ang naging instrumento para makapag-aral ako, ngayon lupa ni Lolo na ama ng tatay ko ang naging daan para mayakap ko pa rin ang aking bukas. Mabait talaga ang Diyos, hindi niya ako pinabayaan, panibagong HIMALA ang muli niyang ipinagkaloob sa akin. Taimtim akong nagpasalamat at pasimple kong pinalis ang tubig na namumuo sa aking mga mata. Isa lang ang nasa isip ko at pinangako ko ng mga oras na yon “Kahit anong iutos ni itay at inay gagawin ko, kahit gaano pa kabigat iyon!”

Bigla siyang napabalik sa realidad ng mabasa siya ng kung ano, taka siyang tumingala sa itaas. Wala naman siyang nakitang butiki, LUHA! Napaluha pala siya ng hindi namamalayan..
Masakit ngunit kailangan niyang magdesisyon kung sino ang susundin niya PUSO o ISANG PANGAKO?
Pikit mata muli niyang binalikan ang naudlot na pagsusulat..

Malalim siyang napabuntong-hininga
“Bkit kc hndi p sbhin kng ano ang nara2mdama mo, pra kng bata!”
She nodded after reading that text message hindi pa rin siya makapaniwala na si Aeron ang katext niya. Ilang beses niya itong tinanong ang sagot..
“Ako 2 khit 2mwag k pa!”
‘Msa2v mu ba skin ng personal ang nara2mdaman mo?” she replied after a long time of waiting
“Hindi hiya ako!” nagkibit-balikat siya ng mabasa yon, she’s totally disturb
“Mahal mo ako o gusto lang?” nanigurado niyang text at ang sagot itanong ninyo na lang sa akin

“Rye, malayo ang tanaw mo wala ka naman tinatanaw” pabirong untag sa kanya ni Ishel na ikinabigla niya

“Uuwi ka na? Hindi mo ba ako mamimizz?”
“Miz din…hahaha!”

“Hoy Ryanne, in love ka kay Aeron anoh?” untag sa kanya
“Whatever it take!” bigla niyang bulalas
“Mahal mo ba siya?”

“Rhanne, mag-uumaga na hindi ka pa ba matutulog? Patayin mo na yang ilaw ano ba?” ubos na ang pasensiyang sita ng inay niya sa kanya na ikina-igtad niya, tulala pa rin siyang nakatingin sa kapirasong papel sa harap niya, paulit-ulit na nagsusumiksik sa isip niya ang katanungang “MAHAL MO BA SIYA?” Nalilito siya, hindi niya alam kung ano ang idudugtong at isasagot ng character na binuhay niya sa kanyang panulat. Naapektuhan ang sistema niya, nadadala siya sa daloy ng mga pangyayari ng bigla sumingit sa sulok ng utak niya ang mga pangaral ng itay niya sa kanya.
“Huwag kang makikipag-boyfriend Rhanne. Magtrabaho ka muna!”

Ang inay niya…
“Buntis ang mga kaklase mo?” gulalat na bulalas ng inay niya sa ipinagtapat niya tango lang naging kasagutan niya
“Bakit nabuntis?” parang walang muwang na usisa nito sa kanya
“Eh kasi may boyfriend sila!” sagot niyang napalakas
“Oh ano naniniwala ka na sa sinabi ko, lantod ang mga kaklase mo! Kaya ikaw piliin mo kung sino ang kakaibiganin mo!” panimulang sermon sa kanya
“Anong konek?”
“Ikaw Eirrhanne, huwag kang makikipag-boyfriend at kapag nalaman kong nakipag-boyfriend ka kakalbuhin kita, ewan ko lang kung makalabas ka!” banta ng nito sa kanya
“Hindi naman ah!” maikli niyang sagot “Paano ako magkakaboyfriend eh lagi kang nakabuntot” mahina niyang dugtong
“Wala nay, sabi ko malabong mangyari iyon”
“Subukan mo lang Eirrhanne, kakalbuhin talaga kita! Alam mong kapag sinabi ko sinabi ko!”
“Hindi naman eh, tinatarayan ko nga sila!”
“Sige makipagboyfriend ka at kapag nabuntis ka itatakwil kita!  Huwag na huwag kang uuwi dito kapag nangyari yon at ako ang papatay sa iyo!”
“Paano nga ako mabubuntis ..boyfriend nga wala” katwiran niya ngunit hindi ata siya pinakinggan ng ina
“Eirrhanne tandaan mo sinabi ko. Ituturing kitang patay kapag sinuway mo ako, huwag na huwag mo ritong iuuwi ang anak mo wala na nga tayong makain magdadagdag ka pa!” malakas na boses ng inay niya umuusok na ata bumbunan nito.

Napailing na lang siya ng maalala ang panenermon ng inay niya, napakamorbid ng pag-iisip nito. Sobrang advance, muli siyang napatingin sa huling talatang naisulat niya.
Lito na naman siyang napatingin sa kawalan nanatiling nabitin sa ere ang ballpen na hawak niya
“KAHIT ANONG IUTOS NILA SUSUNDIN KO!” nagtutumining sa utak niya ang mga katagang iyon, mariin siyang napapikit. Ano ang mas matimbang PUSO o ISIP?

“Rhanne, wala ka pang trabaho kaya huwag kang makikipagboyfriend!” itay niya yon..ang inay niya..
“Kakalbuhin kita kapag nakipag-boyfriend ka!”

Pasabunot niyang hinilot ang nanakit niyang ulo, nakapagdesisyon na siya, tahimik siyang tumayo at walang anumang iniligpit ang mga nakakalat niyang gamit. Magaala-una na ilang oras na lang ang itutulog niya.
“Mahal mo ba siya?” parang nababasa pa rin niya ang katanungang iyon. Saglit siyang napatigil sa pagliligpit, sigurado ang desisyong hinagilap niya ang munting papel..
“Mahal mo ba siya?”
“YAYAKAPIN ko pa rin ang Bukas!”
Napangiti siya ng mabasa ang katagang naisulat niya. Malalim siyang humugot ng buntong-hininga at magaan ang loob na pinatay ang ilaw. Matutulog muna siya, kailangan niyang magpahinga, bahala na ang bukas makapaghihintay naman siguro ang puso.

Abangan ang susunod na kabanata…me ganon?

So what have you learned from my story? Lol, gawin ba namang aralin. If you've noticed the story started when I am writing and finished when I am done, it means it is all reminiscence, a nostalgic past. The love story inserted or you have read is the story I am writing  while my family is watching TV. Don't be confused about the names, Rhanne is different from Ryanne. When I wrote love stories I used my names and sometimes my character.

Once I have wrote my own diary but unfortunate things happened that my mother and sister read it and they won't stop teasing me, so I ripped that diary and burned it. My writings is my diary after it, what you read on my poems and stories is me. When I write I don't feel alone, I don't feel unwanted.  It is the way where I expressed my feelings and my thoughts.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Mom & Dad!

Yesterday November 16, it was my parents-in law anniversary. The task to send a card is on me,  so instead of sending an e-card from yahoo greetings I made a specialized one. I thought my husband will like it, but on my dismay he didn't.  He told me I can send my card and he will send another one for him (lol), he didn't approved the photo why his nephew is in the picture because it's Mom and Dad anniversary.  I told him that's all I got, I don't have any picture of Mom and Dad except the one they just sent on me taken in their trailer.  So I explained to him what is my picture all about, in their 42 years together that's what they got. Two son with their own family and two nephews from their older son, I am really into hidden message or picture message.

The background I used was the photo taken in Hahoe Folk Village here in Korea.  So I send my card, didn't see him send his card because in the end he didn't opposed me anymore in my idea. Anyway Mom and Dad like it, they said it is a great card. That's what count...

Again Happy Anniversary to Mom & Dad!

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