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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shoot Me: My latest picture

Wanted. That's me, my latest photo taken today by my husband. I'm taking a bath after going to the gym when my husband tell me to make it faster because our agent in China needs a clear picture of me in a white background for my visa.

So in short my bath rituals was disturbed, I was like in hurry. Immediately wear my clothes and comb my hair, forget the lotion and deodorant  because the photographer is already getting tired of waiting.

After sending the photo, I am kinda disturbed can't stop thinking of my visa for North Korea. Our flight is on Saturday for China and there's a lot of "what if" on my mind.

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Join A Teacher's Link Exchange Project

Ate Vernz just created a project called A Teacher’s Link Exchange Project and everyone is  invited to join specially those who have multiple blogs or has a new blog who wished to have a number of link exchanges in one time.

To know more about this project, Please check  Link Exchange Project. See you there!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Yay my free mousepad just arrived!

Guess what? My free mousepad from  Artscow arrived today, yes it is free as a matter of fact 100% free including international shipping. No specific  plans for the mousepad because we are not using mouse here, maybe just a souvenir. 

If you did not get yours, grab it now by visiting  here

Impulsive buyer - Yes, I am so vain!

Are you an impulsive buyer? Yes I am, I buy stuffs out of my list once it caught my attention like what happened today, I went to the supermarket to buy kimchi instead of going to aisle where kimchi is,  I loiter around the aisle of beauty stuffs and toiletries. So what happened? When I went to the kimchi aisle I have a Nivea lotion on my hand and then when I went to the cashier to pay I already have Dove soap and body wash on my hands.

I can't say no to this stuffs, yes I am so vain!

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Monday, July 19, 2010

5" x 7" Prints -> 20 for $1.99 includes shipping

Get those special captured moments developed into 5" x 7" prints with a bumper deal that will get our photo-loving members queuing up (well, metaphorically speaking). With another free shipping offer on the table, the latest promotion is set to get the pulses racing.

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday

Hi guys, I'm back into blogging again. I just don't feel like blogging these past few days week, I have been busy playing frontierville and watching soap opera online. Partly I am also on my vacation mode, five more days before our flight to China. I am excited and somewhat nervous. 

Anyway here's my share for today Mellow Yellow Monday, it is my habit sometimes  to design my food when I eat.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Instant Noodles


Feeling hungry and don't feel like cooking? Instant noodles is the answer, you don't need to cook it just pour hot water and wait for few minutes. Done, eating time! Most travelers prepare noodles if they can't eat into a proper place, eat noodles on the ship, bus and private vehicles. No hassle, you don't need to wash your dishes. Just throw it in the  nearest garbage bin and success.

Noodles here in Korea are kind of spicy, this is the only one I can take it is mild spicy.  Hoping there is pancit canton here. Lol!

Blue Monday 

Saturday, July 10, 2010

100% Free Personalized Mousepad - no shipping fees!

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Over excited...?

This photo was taken last year, hubby has a lot of plans that Saturday four our first wedding anniversary. There's a thing on my mind but I ignore it because I thought he is too excited for our anniversary. After visiting Jogye Temple we went to Myeongdong Cathedaral then have late lunch in Everest, a Nepalese restaurant. Then he walked me to the Dongdaemon Gate then we went home, then buy a cake to complete our first anniversary celebration.

It is not a blast but memorable visiting a temple and church on the same day. plus on  five more days we're going to China as the part 2 our anniversary special. On Sunday he asked me what date is it, I told him it is 26th and greet him a never ending Happy Anniversary since the weekend starts.  He was shocked, you know why? He thought it was already 27th and last Saturday is, I knew it from the start.

This is my 7th entry for


The day I will never forgot

I am browsing some photos when I stumble on this pictures, I still remember the day that we almost lost our house if not from a curious cousin who peek inside.

It's been raining for days, but that day the weather is nice so my mother and I washed our clothes while my younger sister is cooking a pot of rice, she put the wet firewood in top of remaining  coal of wood as what my grandma's habit when she is still leaving with us before she decided to go  home to Tarlac. After a while my sister decided to fry some eggs and I think left over fish too, it was also the time when we are just about washing the clothes, so when our mother went inside and saw the group of firewood she told her us not to do it anymore because it might cause a fire. Don't know what else my sister's did because I washed the clean clothes in the faucet.

I  have finished washing our clothes when they decided to go outside the street and check our leaking water pipes that cause  holes in the ground, I followed them because I know my mother will nagged at me if I just sit inside our house without helping them. So we have fun outside with my cousin's bf and one uncle who's helping us to make way for the water and cover the holes. We are almost finished when one of my younger male cousin is running fast toward us while shouting, "Your kitchen is burning!" I hurriedly rushed inside our house, the fire is really big I did not waste my time and get a pail of water to our adjacent comfort room. So when my mother and sister came in the fire is under control, but we still pour a lot of water who knows there's a small fire and it will ignite again, one older male cousin goes into the top of our roof and pour water and check it too.

My sister is so kind to put the wet firewood again in top of the coal , a styrofoam (ice box) makes the fire bigger when the fire reached the adjacent division.

My younger cousin says he saw fire on our roof, due to curiosity he went inside our house and check what we are cooking. Then he find out nobody is inside, so he run to the street where he find us. Lol, if not to his curiosity we already don't have a house right now, and my father will scold and he will hate us for doing it right on his birthday. Yeah, folks it is my father's birthday that day, what a gift we had for him.


My $15.44 payment from Adgitize

I received my first payment from Adgitize yesterday, I am expecting it on the 20th but the admin pay earlier. It is worth it to advertise on this site for $14, more traffic more chance to have clicks in your google adsense ads plus guaranteed money back after a month as long as you completed 300 points a day. 100 for your own blog + 100 click points + 100 advertising points. So why are you waiting for Get World Class Advertising on a Bloggers Budget.

Adgitize your web site.

Farmville Fanatic

Lazy blogger. Who?  No other than me, lol! Jezzz, been addicted again to Farmville today, yesterday and the other day. Zynga just released their new land expansion of 26x26 of course FV fanatic like me will be busy adding five (5) new neighbors as the rule says aside from paying a millions of farmville coins. Howdy! It took time redecorating my packed rat I wish this game is for real...hehe

Thursday, July 8, 2010

My specialized rubber coaster

Isn't it lovely? This is the design of the specialized rubber coaster I have ordered in Artscow, hope it arrived soon in here.

This is just cheap, 4 coaster for $2.99 with free shipping, you can create your set drinks accessories that can be individually designed to your liking. 

Coupon Code: SUMDRINKS
 Expiry Date: 07/27/2010

Offer applicable to all shapes including square, round and heart-shaped.

Sign-up or log-in now at ARTSCOW.

TIP: coupon code only applies to single drink coasters. If you want a pack of 4 identical coasters, please set quantity to 4.

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Colombo National Museum

Shoot me! Hehe, I think the today's meme fits my photo below. Taken in Colombo National Museum  in Sri Lanka. Hubby is taking photo of the gun when I enter the scene, so he has no choice but to take photo of me with the gun even he don't like it.

Forever In Blue Jeans

Watery Wednesday: Koi Pond

I'm back into blogging, I was not able to post and hop  yesterday still coping with sleepy nights. Anyway here's my entry for watery Wednesday a colorful koi pond.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just a post to say thank you

I was not able to do blog hopping for few days, hubby is not feeling well so we're sleeping very early and further more I can't concentrate doing my online task like blogging, clicking and etc when I have patient to tend., I am so worried about his condition, he ate so little and I kept telling him to eat even the food don't taste good, drink a lot of water, just rest and don't go to school and a lot more motherly wifey duties, he kept telling me I am like a mother.  He stopped taking the medicines I bought last weekend because he said it makes his heart beat faster, and he feels very hot with it.

He is not yet fully recovered yesterday but he still went to school so a fever strucked again last night. He still went to school today but thanks God because as of now, he is doing well he already ate his normal food and not just two pieces of toasted bread with peanut butter.

Thank you for the get well soon comments and some healthful tips from my avid readers, Ruth, Ate Pink, Ateh Vernz and Charmie.

I wonder where's the blog comments I just approved, I can't see them on my post. Sorry guys if I can't visit you the links are missing.

Red Maple Tree

When I was still a little kid, my knowledge is limited to what I learned from school , on what I see around me and at our home.  All I know leaves  has only one color and that is green, but when I grow older and can now walk within a miles I discover a lot of things, leaves or plants is not just green in color, there's read, brown, yellow and a lot more.

Here's red maple tree as an example, its leaves is red and not green.  This tree is one of the most common and widespread deciduous trees of eastern North America. It ranges from the Lake of the Woods on the border between Ontario and Minnesota, east to Newfoundland, south to near Miami, Florida, and southwest to east Texas. Many of its features, especially its leaves, are quite variable in form. At maturity it often attains a height of around 15 m (50 ft). It is aptly named as its flowers, petioles, twigs and seeds are all red to varying degrees. Among these features, however, it is best known for its brilliant deep scarlet foliage in autumn.

I first saw this leaf, in Canada's national flag. 

Monday, July 5, 2010

Blue Monday: Katagarama Devale

Photo taken from Katagarama Devale, Kandy, Sri Lanka read story here.

Blue Monday