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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Personalized Hi-speed USB Hub - $3.99/each shipped

With so many gadgets around these days, have you noticed all the wires building up around your computer desk and worktop? If you're the  who likes to keep updated with the latest gizmos, then you’re likely to have cables everywhere. Your average Joe will probably have cables for their camera, cell phone, speakers, memory card reader and so much more.

The product on sale today helps you to solve this problem by using a USB hub. This neat personalized computer accessory allows you to use up to 4 USB gadgets from a single port. Available in black or white and single/twin sided customization, the 4-port USB is on sale for $3.99/each including free shipping.

Coupon Code: 4PORTUSB
Expiry Date: 07/22/2010

Make your USB hub now at ARTSCOW.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Watery Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone! Here's my lovely shots from Independence Hall of Korea , such a big fountain right?

Tuesday Tag-along - Follow Me Back

I'm back into this tag-along day, I manage not to join last week, thinking  people might tired seeing my blog on the linky list. Lol!

Tuesday Tag-AlongPhotobucket

Scorpions for sale

Have you tried eating exotic foods like frogs, bugs , sea horsesor scorpions? You want to eat if you have a chance? You can find a lot of these in China especially in Wangfujing Snack Street. More Pictures

Monday, June 28, 2010

Mini Coin Purses: buy 1 get 1 free offer

Cute little coin purses have been leading the line ever since its release over a year ago. It’s easy to why this essential accessory has been so popular amongst our members with the craftsmanship to match its quality in build and design. With so many fans of this mini coin purse,

Limited to first 2,000 orders only, design your own pair of mini coin purses for $3, buy 1 get 1 free offer which includes free international shipping. Put on your running shoes and get moving now.

Coupon Code: B1G1FMCP
Expiry Date: 07/31/2010

What are you waiting for? Design your coin purse  now at ARTSCOW.

Sanford and Son

I am  thankful that we bought another bottle of peanut butter even though I am not the first one to open it I am still glad that there's still a lot of it, let's just wait for tomorrow if it won't be empty again. Now I know why the peanut butter is empty even there's no loaf of bread around, my husband wipe the peanut butter in top  of his slice apple.  Sossy!

Watching  comedy TV show's is one of our stress reliever, I laughed hard while tamping my hand in the bed. We're bit addicted now to the show entitled "Sanford and son" an old  American situation comedy that premiered on the NBC television network on January 14, 1972, and was broadcast for six seasons. The final original episode aired on March 25, 1977. The show was based on the BBC sitcom Steptoe and Son, my husband says he loves watching this TV show when he is still nine (9) years old. See how old is it? I am not born yet when this TV show was aired.

Anyway In 2007, Time magazine included the show on their list of the "100 Best TV Shows of All Time". Fred Sanford (the father) is really funny especially when he is having his made-up heart attack where he always called his dead wife and when someone asked his name. 

A pet to remember

It's hard for me to look for a perfect mellow yellow photo today, until I crossed on these photos below. That's my tiny little pet "Scottie", he was so cute and small that other people thought he is chihuahua. I love him so much, he was my only little pet that I brought  to town. He was so funny when he walked to the cemented street, it looks like his feet is not touching to the ground maybe because the street feels hot into his tiny little pet feet.

I felt so sad when he get sick and die, I can see it into his eyes he is also sad. He died the moment my sister and I left the house for school and work. Just the moment I step out on our front door where her dog mom also visited him. I can't still forgot Scottie his little cute eyes, and  his wiggling little tail when I arrived home from work.


Blue Monday 

He was so funny the way he sleep, he sleeps like a human (lol). He loves wearing nail polish into his nails too.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A little pissed off

I am proud of being a Filipino but I am not proud of other Filipinos. They're too damn rude, now I know why we are descrimated by other country. Wherever other Filipino goes mahilig pa rin sumingit sa pila like what happen today when we are in Supermarket a  guy which is for sure not a Korean national and not an Indian man because he looks like me just made his way into the counter bringing two bottles of liquor, my husband who's in the line point it to me, and guess what the guy did, he look with his sharp eyes to me (us). "Super kapal, naningit na nga sa amin siya pa ang ganang tumingin ng masama...wala talagang hiya." It is understood that we have a bunch of loads compare to his two bottles I just hope he knows what courtesy means, it is also okay if he smile shyly rather than look at us with his sharp eyes.

Actually I don't know what the guy did until we reached home because when hubby point him to me but I did not understand it because I am too darn busy looking on the buy one take one shampoo the lady had on the counter. So when the guy look at me (us) sharply  I don't any have reaction except being startled why he had those look on his eyes not until we reached home.

Late reaction, isn't it? Anyway just want to unload some darn feelings...

Twin Cat in Sri Lanka

I love cats so much so wherever I go and I have my camera with me for sure I am going to take photo of them. Here's the twin cat I found in street of Sri Lanka while we are visiting an old church.

 The first cat is cooling down.

Other one busy cleaning his self.

Camera Critters

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Giveaways from Las Vegas

I'm back, that's really a short nap I had eh. I am sorry to say I was not able to nap, I just took a shower because I need to go to our favorite Chinese Restaurant to order some take home in few minutes. Guess what? My hubby is the one having a nap right now, so wise!

Ateh Dhemz invited me to join her giveaway fresh from Las Vegas, so whom I to battle the call of fate, what I mean to turn down a thoughtful invitation..this is her first time to hold a giveaway so Ateh Dhemz is too generous to choose eight(8) lucky winners via random. org.

This is open internationally, for more details on how to join just visit here

Prizes + a surprise gift:
(1) Las Vegas T-shirt (size: L)
(1) Las Vegas Hat
(3) Las Vegas Key Holder
(2) Las Vegas Pen
(1) Las Vegas Nail Buffer

Anothey day of headache

I don't know if this problem is serious, my head aches everyday now. I feel like vomiting when it occurs. My husband said I need to go out for a walk sometimes and not just stay home and face my computer all the time.

I hope I don't need eyeglasses because I am sure my husband will not stop teasing me as an old woman.

Anyway, thanks to my cash dollar from ARTSCOW I ordered another watch. We need it especially when our going out, its hard to check the time when you don't have any  clock or watch in your bag.  Hope it arrived on time I am tired carrying our small alarm clock when we are traveling.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Pink Magaline Vanity Kit Giveaway

Oh my Momay! I have goosebumps on my body, over "rated" (hehehe) I am too excited to join this giveaway from Ateh Pink, you know why I love her prizes. Yes dear, I love to win the ponds so much. I badly need it, my face is getting darker. I can't find any whitening product here, it is all moisturizer even lotions.  I'd bring 6 pieces of ponds sachet from Philippines, I seldom used it because I am afraid of losing them in span of time. As of now I have only one left which is already open. See how thrifty I am using my precious ponds? 

Mrs. Kolca whom I fondly called Ateh Pink has a lot of series of giveaways to celebrate her birthday if I am not mistaken this month of June (sorry Ateh don't know the exact date) hihihi. So if you wanna won this cute vanity kit and some beauty kits don't forgot to join this awesome giveaway by visiting Pink Magaline,

Deadline of entry is on July 16th, so hurry while supplies last errr... I mean while 16th is not yet blinking in your calendar. Open internationally.

Charlotte's First Giveaway

After being dormant in joining/posting giveaways, I am back again with Charlotte's First Giveaway , you heard it right 1st so there's 2nd giveaway on the way. 

Here's the prize for the month of July Super cute accessories for your lil princess, there's a problem I don't have yet a little princess but anyway I have little niece from a cousin so I think if ever I win and send this home she will jump in joy. Or if I am feeling .....hmmm...feeling wasted  I can kept it for the future princess in our home (hehehe).

This giveaway is to celebrate Ateh Maritess upcoming birthday this July 20th so don't forget to join on her special day because you are all invited by joining Charlotte's First Giveaway .

Dark Sky Friday

I have a lot of time in front of the computer but it seems it is not enough for me, I am always  cramming lol as if I have a test which I forgot to study. 

Maybe if I did not learn watching soap opera's online my time is enough to do all the task I have , anyway here's my entry for today dark sky at Independence Hall of Korea,it looks like the center part is clear where the landmark is located.

This is my 6th entry for Skywatch Friday


Thursday, June 24, 2010

GT: What's inside my bag?

 Another day to share something to girl's this Thursday, actually I feel hesitated to post something today with the theme "What's inside my bag?" I guess I am the only girl in here carrying a knapsack bag where ever I go.
To start with, that's old bag (brown one), it became sore to my hubby's eyes so he asked me throw it together with my travel luggage ,way back when we are leaving our old apartment. We had a lot of fight about leaving my bags in the end he still won.  He promised me to buy a new bag and I am patiently waiting for it until now.

Anyway here's the bag I am using right now. It is newly bought when I took photo of it, I bought it from Sri Lanka during our Christmas visit last year. My mother in-law gave me some Christmas money to spend so I can buy what I want that time. 

So here's what inside that bag, a lot of small notebooks, pens, my old and new passports, USB and USB connector, my wallet, some pamphlets, my yellow vaccination card, battery charger and my camera, the vanity kit is not there, won't fit on my screen (lol).

You're not going to wonder why my bag is now broken upon seeing this stuff inside my bag, I almost bring our home.  

Because it is broken, I look for  my shoulder bag from the dark corner of our closet. Into hubby's dismay, he asked me what I am going to do with it. He said he won't allowed me using this bag, because it looks like his old grandmother  bag. If I will use it he won't allow me to come with him he added.  Lol! He is so mean, actually this bag is also an eye sore to his eyes, this is the only bag I saved from the trash because he also want to throw this bag. 

This bag is a product of Sundance, one of the bag I brought from Philippines. Actually I don't like bringing this but my mother put it on my luggage.This the only one that can fit on my  luggage because most of my bags are bigger where you can hide your cat inside.

Azalea in Pink

See me here?  Just taking a posed with Azaleas, its Spring time when it was taken so there's really a lot of flowers blooming around the place.

Forever In Blue Jeans