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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Noah's Ark

Last night as I am reading online a certain news caught my attention it is all about Noah's Ark, do you believe in the bible? Do you believed that God really ask Noah to build an ark? Anyway either you believed or not here's what the article says there's a group of Chinese and Turkish evangelical explorers who believed that they may have found Noah's Ark -- four thousand metres up a mountain in Turkey.

The team say they recovered wooden specimens from a structure on Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey that carbon dating proved was 4,800 years old, around the same time the ark is said to have been afloat.

"It's not 100 percent that it is Noah's Ark but we think it is 99.9 percent that this is it," Yeung Wing-cheung, a Hong Kong documentary filmmaker and member of the 15-strong team from Noah's Ark Ministries International told AFP.

The structure had several compartments, some with wooden beams, which were believed to house animals, he said.

The group of evangelical archaeologists ruled out an established human settlement on the grounds that one had never been found above 3,500 metres in the vicinity, Yeung said.

Local Turkish officials will ask the central government in Ankara to apply for UNESCO World Heritage status so the site can be protected while a major archaeological dig is conducted, Yeung added.

The biblical story says God decided to flood the earth after seeing how corrupt it had become, and told Noah to build an ark and fill it with two of every animal species.

After the flood waters receded, the Bible says, the ark came to rest on a mountain. Many believe that Mount Ararat, the highest point in the region, is where the ark and her inhabitants came aground

Source: Yahoo News

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Best gift for kids

Oink..oink..who cannot be mistaken with this sound? Obviously its pig, hungry for wheat and feeds, going to the gym we are passing into the street where a lot of little piglets are crying to every by passers and by standers. They're waiting for someone to feed pick them up, unfortunately no one had a courage to give them attention and love, I wonder if they're not feeling hot and cold because they are in this corner rain or shine.

This is the best gift to little one's who's just starting to attend Elementary grades, teaching them how to save their pocket money for school. They're going to learn how to value coins specifically money. I remember when I was in Elementary grades I used to have a piggy bank like this, it is very tiny like the size of the smallest coin purse (lol). Those tiny piggy bank was enormous outside our school gate from the gate vendors, I had buy one to put my coins mostly two or three pesos coins well if your thinking I am keeping it for savings, nope its my tiny little wallet. Hahaha, playing with the tiny little piggy bank shake it until it produce sound.

Anyway my father made a bamboo "bank" for me, it is a cut of bamboo wood where you're just going to put a tiny little hole to insert the coins. I can't remember what I did I do with my money or did I really save because I can't recall of buying something from it? (Lol)Well you know kids, when they saw candies its "Open Sesame". And I also used to have a coin bank made of lotion bottle but before it reach one inch, surely its already open. 

One day during my highschool life after the storm I found a coconut shell on our backyard, near the gumamela flowers,I have keep it and decided to make it as a coin bank. I am very serious to save that time because I want something, but as usual it never happened again. I accidentally hit my coconut shell coin bank that make it broken into the floor and where the coin goes? Surely its on my pocket, run to the store for chocolates...

This is my entry for Pink Meme as you can see there's pink piggy bank alone. To join just hit the cute banner below..

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Shampoo Trio

I love buying things and stuff when its on sale, like this set of shampoo below it only cost W14,800 ($13.33), if you're going to buy this when it is not on sale per shampoo cost W9,800 ($8.82). See the difference, I save a lot on this stuff.,we bought this when we are leaving on our old apartment. Hubby don't like buying it but on my persistence he agreed (lol).

I like this shampoo because it makes my hair smooth and straight.,I've first used this when hubby send it to me when I am still in the Philippines. His boss give it as a Christmas gift I guess with other stuffs but he cannot use so its for me.,


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Just eat and play

I feel sad today because my account was suspended in Mylikes, I am waiting for my $8.10 pay-out but when I log-in to my account I have found out it was suspended...(Waaaaahhhhhhhhh). Don't know what is my violation, well I am not using a fake account or asking my friends to click the sponsor ads...I guess maybe for over tweeting the sponsor ads (lol). When your sad food trip is the answer...this is my photo below holding one of my favorite junk foods (lol) was taken the other day. Until now I am still eating it because I cannot  it eat in just one day, too big! 

Hubby and I were like kids over an ice cream , he is asking me what flavor I like then he is going to eat it (huhuhu). I just ate two pieces but when I look inside the fridge only few was left, so I told him he is unfair (lol), well he promised me we are going to buy again later.

As I have said my body is sore from working out, guess what I fell down the bed...pain added to injury. How did I fell? Hubby and I is playing "bunong braso" (hand wrestling?) I want to win so I keep tickling him  and guess what happened we never know that I am already in the edge of the bed so I fell...huhuhu

My Fun Experience inside the Gym

Arrghhhh....I am not being so active lately here in blogging world, yes I post but I have no time to blog hop so much..just want to ask apology to everyone if I am not visiting you lately or I visited you so late. I have been busy with my other stuffs, and been hooked up reading and surfing online, watching Agua Bendita & Diva Episoes, I have been relaxing these past few days/week, relaxing my sore body (huhuhu). As what I have said before I am working out in a gym that makes me always tired (lol). I am so damn weak, cannot even raise the equipment with my legs, yesterday I met an accident that resulted a bump on my forehead (laugh). I lost my balance after I accidentally stepped on some equipment, so when I free the string on my hand it hits my forehead. (lol)

Anyway here are some pictures from the gym I sneaked out to bring my cam with me while exercising, we went early to the gym yesterday so there's only few body builders working out, so I am not shy to use it. (hehehe). The first photo is our last step on working out doing Cardio...,using the self-timer of my camera I took this photo.

Arggghh...Jezzz...the bar was so heavy, what a shame! I have to do three sets of this, 12 each or more. Hubby took this photo, we had a deal if I am going to finish the three sets of this he is going to take a photo of me while working out, gladly I made it so here's my ugly photo while counting. I am wearing the gym shirt, Life  Change.

My body especially my thighs and legs are sore, hubby says next week I am going to be used with it. Anyway thanks for the sisterhood tag from Ateh Vernz and Girl Blogger. I appreciate it so much, It's kinda late to thank them here ah.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Shopping Spree

It's Thursday again and its time for Pink Meme, I went to the supermarket today to buy three trays of eggs, but before I buy those eggs I went inside  a certain store and look for anything nice. It's been a long time since I want to visit this store but I can't do it because hubby don't like going inside. So I have the opportunity today while hubby is at work. Here are the things I got...

The products were all cheap if I just have a lot of money with me I could buy more. All of my stuff only cost W15,500 ($13.89)


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Life Change

As what I have said on my previous blog I got a left upper back pain, and my hubby's solution for that is not a massage but an exercise in short GYM. So I started going to gym with hubby  two days ago, below is my membership card. This is my first time to enroll into a gym and use proper equipment to exercise my body and lose weight. I think he is also right that I need to stretch my muscle and do some exercise, because I don't have so much chores inside our apartment aside from using the computer (lol). My back is now feeling alright but my body muscle is sore..

Ice cream on the go

Well it's summer time even though here in Korea is still a bit colder. But anyhow there's a particular day that the temperature is nice and warm. I like it, no more chills. These past few days hubby and I ate a lot of ice cream. This is my ultimate favorite, we buy a lot not just because we like it but because it's on sale half of the regular usual before I can take picture of them all hubby immediately grab his share of cone. Have a cool summer everyone!

Monday, April 19, 2010

GMA7 Live Streaming TV

I missed Philippine so much, my family, the foods and of course watching Tagalog Movies and TV. So lucky that I can now watch GMA7 live, just be sure to have silver light installed in your computer so come watch with me...

Watch ABS-CBN Live here

Get Microsoft Silverlight

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Left upper back pain

I'm back! Excuse me for being away for a long period of time.  I don't know if someone notice my absence, these past few days I am just posting sponsored post. I am not feeling well due to "girl thing" and two days ago I think I broke sprained my back. The pain is killing me, I thought I am not going to wake up that morning. I can't take pain killer because I don't know what is it here in Korea, I cannot bend my back and I cannot rise up in bed. I am completely disable when it came to my back and completely paranoid. Lol! Actually my back is still aching right now but the good thing I can move and bend a little right now, I am not like a walking zombie anymore not like these past few days.

I don't know where and how I got it, maybe when I make lampaso wipe the floor using my bare hands and cloth, I am wearing  socks that time because my feet are feeling cold when I have monthly visit or  maybe  because of my sitting position when I am using my laptop. Don't know either but the only thing I know I am bit okay, but I guess I need a good back massage and I don't know where to get it unless I went home in Philippines.

Actually I don't know what happened to me until I research for Left upper back pain - is similar to right upper back pain. In most cases, back pain in this area involves the ligaments and the muscles which attach to the vertebrae, which are bones that make up the spinal column. Muscles and ligaments can often be over used or stretched abnormally, particularly during periods of exercise or other physical activity, which results in tears and/or inflammation.

This photo was taken yesterday by my hubby, he is playing around with my cam so I asked her to take picture of me after I ponytail my hair with my new band  ponytail. As you can see I am in yellow blouse and our wall paper is YELLOW.


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Saturday, April 17, 2010

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Make Money with Twitter

I joined this program few months  ago, but I don't  know  how it works and partly my referrer says it just work in US so I never cared to open it since I registered. Unfortunately when I was blog hopping I've seen a proof of payment from this site, and it  is not just from US but internationally. Why I did not bother to read the FAQ? Well I was too busy that time to my bunched of PTC's that later on turn to scam like upbux, inovabux,and hybux. So I started MyLikes a week ago, and just this week I received my first payment from it.  Here on mylikes all you need to do is promote your sponsor's using twitter or blog post. You earn $0.26 per US click, so if you have a lot of follower's in twitter it is easy for you to reach the minimum pay-out of $2 , it was send to your paypal every Friday.

Proof of Payment

The Yellow Cat in the street

Stop, Look and Listen just a thought of having these photo. I took it the other night when we came from Family Mart 2nd (I call it 2nd because there's another Family Mart near us which I called 1st). We went there because there's no more meal at the first one.

Our new apartment is just beside the public school so there's many students passing by the main street. And this is one of the street sign I've seen, cannot understand though what it says maybe "Drive Slow, Children Crossing" or the other way to make little children safe from and to school. It's cute right? Looks like a little yellow cat.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Update: My Thoughts, My heart, My Turf Blogversary Contest

Better late than never, so the cliche goes. That's why Bambie's so happy to announce the latest, well actually the last, sponsor for her contest. Who is it? Kizuna Who or what is Kizuna? Kizuna is the Japanese term for ties and bonding. The blog owner, Clarissa, is a Filipina married to a Japanese and living, naturally, in Japan. Her blog is basically her outlet and this is where she writes about her family, her children and practically everything that's related to being a wife, a mother and a woman. She's kind enough to sponsor make-up goodies for this contest!☺

Another sponsor who deserves special mention since Bambie failed to include her link in earlier posts is
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  • Saturday, April 10, 2010

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    Friday, April 9, 2010

    April Giveaway: Korean Products are Love

    Here's another April Giveaway from Lizz Buenaventura: I Draw for a Living , to join you have to answer this question:
    "What is the one skin care product that you can't live without?" 

    No more excuses for sure its BODY LOTION, I feel incomplete without it and it feels that I can't live without it. I will forgot anything but not using lotion after bath.

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    Thursday, April 8, 2010

    Pink Weird Shots

    It's Thursday again, I LOVE PINK is in the air. Excuse my absence last Thursday, I just remember about the pink meme very late at night, yours truly has been busy clicking PTC ads (lol).

    Anyway this is my pink entry, entitled weird shots because they are so weird. Hubby took this photo while I am using my laptop, he just love taking weird shots out of me. Sometimes just lips, hands, feet, face, butt and etc.,

    As can you see at the photo below (on my laptop screen) there's pink image on it I am editing my pink template.


    Wednesday, April 7, 2010

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