Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Win a Limited Edition Starbucks USB

Christmas is here again, giving gifts and selling lanterns on the street., I remember the child in the manger who's asleep. Creating wishlist is not on my vocabulary I never create a wishlist since I was kid but of course I have those silent wishes on my heart, I am type of person who is happy in just small things. Mostly when I was still a kid I wish for a new Christmas dress and gifts from my Godparents, I have the first one but not the last wish because my Godparents where not living near us. I came from a poor family, I've finished my studies through scholarships. My father is a free lance carpenter , sometimes he has a work and sometimes there is none. It was really hard for my mother to budget the small earnings my father had, so when Christmas time is coming I never make a wishlist because I know deep inside me it wouldn't be given, yes I have new clothes during Christmas but it is not complete sometimes only new shirt or new pants., and after the holiday my mother have to tight the budget to pay for the new clothes we wore. You're right it is from debt, that's why sometimes happiness is just a glimpsed of joy.

My first wishlist is to be with my family this christmas even though we don't cook anything during Christmas being together is the most wonderful gift from Above. I've grown that there is only bread and butter on our table during noche buena plus the native chicken from the backyard, you can cross to your neighbors table anyway. That is Christmas sharing and giving food and love., I also wish a good health and prosperity for all.
My second wish is a laptop or simply netbook. I am an IT graduate but jobless, having my own computer is a childhood dream come true. I love surfing the net, making friends online and making money online by doing some Paid to Click sites. I love writing, one of my hobbies. I have wrote some short stories and some mushy poems that maybe trashy to others but a treasure to me. I have wish a laptop from my husband but...

he loves travelling so much, so this is also my third wish, I love travelling to places and experiencing new things. Seeing museums, and historical places is my new found passion. I love to know how ancient people live on their time, and how they survived with the so called life. My husband and I were going to Sri Lanka this holiday, he said this is his gift to me. I am grateful but sometimes ungrateful to him.,

It is kinda weird but this is my cat "Snipey" my wish is to see him again, I also wish to have a cat here in Korea. I have ask my husband to adopt one when I saw an online ad looking for someone who wants to adopt a cat but he don't want having a cat in here. I really love cats, hugging and playing with them.

For the fifth item on my wishlist, it is a digital camera. I own one which is a Kodak Z1285, a gift from my husband last Valentines day but I still wish for another digital camera because I love taking pictures, which one of my hobbies too.
Am I disqualified for the contest because I am not residing in the Philippines? I am a still a resident of Philippines with a valid address , I join this contest for the benefit of my sister. She wants a USB drive since a long time ago, it will be very helpful to her studies to have this one. I never win any online contest I have joined so I am hoping I am going to win this time. This USB will make my sister happy, I want to send them gifts but I am not capable of sending, I don't have any work in here. As it says I am the only responsibility of my husband so I am responsible for them.

Maybe you are going to think USB drives is now cheap so why I could not buy for her or buy for herself? The thing is I am pennyless, and for her a fare for school came first before material thing and somehow giving a thing from a winning is meaningful.

To my readers who want to join and have a chance to win this contest just create five (5) wishlist and visit Starbucks via Nomnom Club

Golden Chicken

It was been a long time since my last post, I have been busy in facebook playing farmville and collecting golden eggs and somehow golden chickens. It was so fun especially when there's a lot of people online collecting the golden eggs from the same neighbor you had. It is like a contest, first come first serve, there is a chance that in 2 seconds the golden was already claimed by the fastest farmer. So if you really want to have one you have to guard the wall as hawk. It was so fun especially when you got one, you can get a carousel, animal float, picnic basket, black chicken, brown chicken, white and gold chicken. Sometimes it varies from the color of egg you hatched., Oh yeah before I forgot the most important thing you can get by hatching a golden egg is 20 fuel refills, others can get 55 fuel refills. It was a lot of help in plowing, seeding and harvesting your crops, it makes the work easier. I've got 20 fuel refills in two times.

This was the reason why I don't have anymore time in blogging and clicking some PTC sites, been addicted with golden eggs, I have told my husband that even I closed my eyes I can still see a golden egg on my mind. (Lol)I am just blogging it right now because currently there is no golden eggs or any kind of eggs on my wall.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Space Heater

Temperature here in Korea is getting colder, today it is actually -8 degree celsius, even the whole apartment except the bathroom and the balcony has a floor heater it is not enough because gas is so expensive that you cannot run the floor heater for 24 hours, so along with the food that we bought in the new open supermarket, we bought this space heater., I am thankful because it makes me warm at night not like with just the floor heater I need to sit in the floor just to feel the warm.

Well just a while ago our landlord came with fellow Koreans they fix the pipes because he says it is leaking on the 2nd floor they also fix the floor, put some metal and rubber to enable the floor heater work properly but I guess it is too late we already bought this space heater.

Grand Opening Sale

The best thing when shopping is when all items were on sale.

After throwing our garbage to the community bin, I saw a pamphlet beyond the stairs, as usual it is for store or food places pamphlets I just picked it up. It is normal here in Korea, you can see a lot of pamphlets and ads sticked into your door. I left it on top of our microwave, and then I have been busy to anything, later that day my husband saw it and got interested to look at it. He said it is supermarket grand opening, he is wondering where it is because he cannot understand what he is reading in the map. I just told him as a guess that it is the building in the store where two people were singing and there's a lot of flowers., they're been singing for three days at first I thought it is just our neighboor singing videoke we just found out that it was in the street when we went to Itaewon. Hubby said we're going to look for their items, because it is really cheaper. So we did after few hours, it is
an underground supermarket, even it already late at night there still a lot of shoppers, mostly with a full cart. We just roam around, and look for what we want. We already had our shopping last Saturday so we cannot make a double shopping, but been tempted upon seeing low prices so these what we got. There's a free container? the green "palanggana". (lol)

Our Backpacks

Getting ready to Sri Lanka, nine more days before Christmas, after our visit at International Clinic at Itaewon last Saturday we went shopping We shopped I mean we bought bakpacks for us to carry to Sri Lanka, hubby decided to buy backpack because he is getting tired carrying his big luggage with wheels (lol) and I know partly he want me to carry my own bag. There are a lot of shops along the streets but only few had backpacks mostly our bags with strolley or even there are backpacks it doesn't fit our taste. So until we end at this one shop they have a big sale the backpack originally cost W95,000 dropped to W45,000 my husband was already convince to buy that one but I disagree when he wants to buy two of them because it is the same color and style, I want something different but unfortunately that's all they have so we went to the other shop beside it and pomise to return i we don't find any. At the new shop we found what we are looking for but there is a feeling that I want too see more, I was pissed off when my hubby was too eager to buy right that time, maybe he was tired walking and looking. The original price of the bag was W45,000 but the lady dropped it to W30,000 maybe because she saw me really pissed off because at first he said W40,000. I have said yes to my husband because I thought he is going to choose different style but when the lady packed the bags he choose same style with me but different color. I feel a little bit annoyed and tell him, hmmmp, I want our bags not in the same style. , in the end I have thought I think it looks good that we have the same bag, right?

Monday, December 14, 2009

Photo of the day

Just a thought of sharing this shot, my hubby took it for me. We are at the subway station of Itaewon going home, I have ask him to took this shot, I instructed him to include the subway and to pissed me off this is what he did. He almost cut my head off. :((

Vaccination's Mania

Atlast something new happened to my life last Saturday, we went to Itaewon which is 45 minutes from our location travelling by subway. We have a appointment at the International Clinic, for our prescription for Malaria, as what I have said to my other blog we are going to Sri Lanka this Christmas. Malaria is common to Sri Lanka so we need to be sure not to have it, so after filling-up some form at the receiving area, the nurse took our weight, height and blood pressure.

Afterward meeting the doctor, he ask about our travel and schedule and etc., he also manage to ask if wha kind of vaccine we have and when was the last time we had a vaccination, hubby is completed unfortunately I am not, I told the doctor that my last vaccination was when I was a baby. I am completed with those vaccinations which I cannot remember maybe my mother does., oh, I was also vaccinated when I was seven years old, some nurses came to our school and gave us a vaccine when I was in grade one.

Toinks! The doctor laugh a little as hubby did, they said I need vaccinations, Jezzz, I am afraid of needles and injections. The doctor asked me If I want to have a vaccines today for Hepa A & B shots, the doctor also added I must have it.

My hubby want me to have it so I have too, I said yes. We just wait few minutes and here it comes,the nurse bringing the injections with the doses of drugs.She went to a small room and ask me to follow,I carry hubby with me. Like a child eh, the nurse said I have FOUR vaccinations today, one for Hep A shot, Hep B, shot, DT and Typhoid., Wow, that's a lot I don't know if I can take it. I want to call "Nanay", lol. On my first shot I hold hubby's hand, hmmm it is just like an ant bite. Second hold the bed cover, third the nurse says "Relax, relax" fourth OMG, it hurts a lot! It feels I am going to jump as high as the roof. I am going to return after one month for the second shot of Hep A and then in June for the third and second shot of Hep B if I am not mistaken.

My hubby got pissed off of me, because I am not looking to the injections while the nurse was telling what kind of vaccine it is., after the vaccinations we went to the nearest drug store to buy those medicines prescribed to us by the doctor for the malaria prevention. He prescribed Malarone to us, whew very expensive it cost $3 per pill, we have to buy 34 pills (17 each of us). Hubby used his credit card because he pays a lot at the International clinic for my vaccinations.

The whole day of Saturday and Sunday my left arm is aching, due to the vaccination. I can't move it, hubby says it is usual for a certain of vaccination, I don't know which shot it is.

Pizza Friday

It was cheat day again last Friday and as usual I have to blog it today, toinkz!

Cheat Day. Why called cheat day? I know you are also wondering like me, so I have asked hubby because as what I have known cheat is to cheat, doing something out of the rules.

Well he just said it is cheat day because he is cheating on his diet every Friday, he ate a lot and a lot of sweet foods after the last day of his gymn schedule. That's the tale of cheat day.. ^_^

We bought pizza's last cheat day, hawaiian pizza for me and of course vegetable pizza for him, as what I am expecting he ate his pizza before I can take picture of it but I still manage to shot one (below).

There are also some chocolate cookies and a bottle of pepsi for me., I know I am kinda weird why I am blogging about pizza and everytime we ate during cheat day. You are going to say that you are also eating what I am eating and going to think that it seems I am new to everything or Mangyan to other term.

I also don't know why I am blogging about it, but maybe because it is the only unusual day happen to my daily routine where I am just alone everyday and facing the computer on the whole day. My life during week days has no thrill, I am just all alone inside the apartment doing nothing but clicking keypads on hubby's laptop. So boring and dull right? What should I do, I have no work to be busy of, nothing to clean after little chores. So just blogging cheat day is my fashion ..lol

Christmas Loot

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*All winners will be selected via random online draw and numbered 1 to 3. Winners will get to select the giftpack they want to keep.



Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Cards

I am a bit of artistic, I love designing invitations or whatsoever. Last Christmas I was so busy making Christmas Cards, because students came to me to make their Christmas card projects. Without their instructors knowing (which are my old classmates) I am the one who made those Christmas cards project of their students. (hahaha) I also got a deal, one medium size grocery store ask me to make personalized Christmas cards/birthday/anniversaries for them. One card cost P 25.00 and they sell it P45-50.00 per card. They gain more than a half of my price ah.,

Oh, yeah I know you are startled what is my previous work, well I worked in an Internet Service Provider com cafe shop. I am the date encoder, the invitation maker, the cashier and the secretary. Well I am also the customer service, the one who received complaints and somehow entertain rude customers., if I just have a bust knowledge in technical problems I am also going to be the technician in the absense of our technicians, you know why because "Kulang na lang ako ang paakyatin sa antenna ng mga customer".

I am doing my best for my job but sometimes the best is not enough, people has no contentment like Pepsi they keep asking for more. My job is to forward complaints to the technicians, and the technician will going to be the one to act for it. I don't have a control on what they are doing because we have a head technician who controls them, some customers thought I am the one who control those techinicians and I am not doing my job. They treat me unkindly that sometimes I cried when I went home, because I was hurt, there is one time that we don't have a internet connection for one week, I am the one who prepared and
make a monthly of statement of account in every customer who are connected to us. Eventhough I am the one who makes it I cannot give a discount or whatsoever unless my boss told me so, so that particular month we didn't give a discount not like the previous month because my boss just noticed even we don't have a connection the mother network didn't also gave a discount to us, so if we gave a discount that means a loss to our income. So this one old woman came to me and talk so rude, she told me that she know's how to write, so she is going to write in a local paper that we are scamming our customers, I have told her kindly that I can't give a discount and I have to ask first my boss if he will allowed me to give her a discount., but she is un-educated that she keeps yelling in my front even there's a lot of people in the cafe, she told me some words that was so hurtful. I hate those kind of people who can't understand, I am not the owner I am just an employee, I am just so lucky that day that when I called my boss in his office he is there, I let the old woman talk to my boss and as what I have heard she is telling that I am not giving her a discount and etc.,
My boss told me afterwards to gave her a discount just to stop her rudeness. Few months had come the old woman came again to our office to pay her internet bills, I feel a bit scared to her (lol). I was so surprised that she was so calm like a kid lamb. Hmmmp., maybe she noticed her mistakes, .

Another thing, is chink blooded customer he came to our office and told me that he don't have a internet connection for few days. I have told him I am going to forward his complaints to the technician which I did, but he is not contented. He asked me what time he should expected them, toinks! That's the problem our office is not fully coordinated, I just told him that just wait for them today and I cannot give exact time because our technicians not in my control. He keep insisting, cornering me to give a specific time. How could I, I don't want to tell him 2 o'clock or three because what if the technicians didn't came, you know our technicians has a lot of excuses as our head technician who also seldom reply my texts. So I told him if you wish you can go directly went to Sir *** which is just one block away, he knows him, they know each other. I am sure if he went through there he could bring the technicians with him., Waaaah, the chinks got angry with me "Don't tell me what to do!" Haist ang sarap talikuran at huwag pansinin.

There is also a health company who keeps calling me every 5-1o minutes sometimes more than10 times a day if they don't have a internet connection, I already forwarded it to the techinicians and as they call me I am going to forward it again and so on, one time the lady in the office (boss) ask me my boss numbers. She thought I am not going to gave it to her, well I gave all the number mobile and office numbers. She called to my lady boss and tell words against me, (my lady boss told me so) she said I am not doing my job I just keep telling them that I already told the technicians and etc., my lady boss told them that I am not the one in control it was the head technician and Sir &&&., that's why I cannot just send the technicians to their office, my boss also told them that if they just keep complaining to their internet connection and not waiting for the technician to arrive they must decide to cut their connection to us.

Another one is this whitey grain, a foreigner to our town. Toinks, he is so demanding. Jezzz, our head technicians keep telling time to meet and visit his house and so on, you know I am not good in lying so it is hard for me to entertain those rude people. (That's the reason too why I did not continue working in Makati as call center agent, it is hard to lie and call people that they won something and they need to drop by into our office to claim it and etc.,)Sir ** will instructed me to tell them that they are making the antenna now but the reality is they are not they are just wandering and somehow busy with something.,I am always the blaming stuff, the one who accept all the mistakes and tardiness of our technicians. I cannot count how many times I cried at home. Truly I got a phobia from my previous work, I am afraid to socialize with people.,

Pink Mangyan

When I was younger, single and fresh (lol). I really hate PINK. You know why? I am not white, not rosey cheeks , I am brown complexion, "Kutis Filipina" as what they say. So I hate wearing pink clothes, or even owning a pink stuff. I never appreciate pink before because for me Pink is for white people only. The pants I am wearing has a story, my mother bought this for me last last month when I am still in Philippines, she bought a yellow pants to my sister and I was so ungrateful to see these pants. I told her I will never wear this, I am going to wear a dirty pants rather than to wear a pink one, but as far as I remember I wore this once, yes just once when I am still in Philippines because my mother really insisted that I have to wear it.

My mother also was the one who put this pink pants on my baggage, I don't want it to bring here in Korea, but she insisted. She said people will never criticize me wearing this pink pants because Korean were not like Pinoys. (lols) Luckily I brought this pant here in Korea because if not I am going to freeze in cold with my shorts.,

The pink blouse was a product of MSE, I just like it because of the design and somehow my sister and my mother helps a lot to bluff me that I look whiter when I am wearing this. The first time I wore this was when I went to work, Jezzz refilling ink was a very dirty job. I am doing it because ink for the cartridge is really in need. Just in a second the ink blazed to my face and to my whole pink shirt. Everything was messy my hands, the walls, the floor and the table.

I look like a monkey fall down the sewage, it was really a disaster. That time I don't care how I look like, my first concern was the clothes my mother were going to scold me if she see what I've done with it. My sister was there so I ask her to buy zonrox for for color coded clothes, then I went home bringing the second to the biggest bottle of the zonrox. My sister was the one who superseded me at my work, arriving home I don't know how to explain what happened to me. I took a bath and clean my whole face and arms from the black ink covering me. It took a long time before I succeed because it is not a water solvent (I mean cannot just be removed by water) I used the normal ZONROX (not the one I brought) just to clean my messy hands. The zonrox for color clothes doesn't work, this blouse was "marinated" (just for laughs)for a long whole week.

Lastly I have decided to use the normal zonrox into these clothes , I have said it is better to wear it as home clothes rather than dump it. Maybe because of the kind of cloth, it doesn't affect too much. The layer dropped with the liquid did not turn white like usually happened to some color clothes.

Ok this is my 2nd entry for I love Pink. To join just click this button.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ceecile 1st Give away

To show her deep appreciation to all of her followers, readers, and fellow bloggers Ceecille of Beauty and Me is hosting her first give away promo.
Visit her site for more information about the on-going contest just click the link above.

The rules:
1. Open for anyone who reads her blog!
2. Open internationally
3. Real address, OK? I want to make sure it'll arrive safely..
4. The winner will be drawn using Random.org
5. Giveaway will end on Dec 25th 24.00 AM sharp in Indonesian time, of course.. I'll make the announcement via Facebook, Twitter, and this blog, too.. You won't miss it! ^^

Cheat day Mania

I am a bit busy these past few days on dropping EC's that I don't have time to update my blogs especially updates for CHEAT day., nothing new as usual. Eating time but no pizza last Friday., Just chips and some chocolate cookies. Like the daily Friday routine, shopping supplies for week and washing some clothes.

Friday cheat day was not enough so there's an extension cheat day last Saturday.

Friday, December 4, 2009

25 Days of Christmas

As I browse blogs online I stumble to this new Christmas Online Blogger Contest, to know the rules just visit the contest site by clicking the image below.

We celebrate Christmas by going to church to attend Christmas eve service then went home to celebrate with family. We cook some food to eat, bread and chicken will not be absent. Our Christmas traditions is not new to everybody, we waited until 12 in the morning came, by videoke or watching movies. I miss home, I miss my family and Philippines this is the very first time I am not going to celebrate Christmas with them but this is also the very first time to celebrate Christmas with my hubby. Ironic.,

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Playing Santa Promo

Kris Kringle is no just in office world, there is also in blogger world if you know what I mean Yuuki of "It is not Always About Me" is playing Santa this Christmas by sponsoring this Kris Kringle Bonanza. It is open to TalkPh and GirlTalk members only ( I don't either what are those groups but I still join).

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cafeworld Tricks

As what I have said on my previous blog I have been addicted to play this Facebook game, Cafeworld. Playing this game I forgot everything, I forgot to eat, to open my earning sites and sometimes to post a blog.

While browsing the internet I stumbled to some Cafe World tips and tricks playing this game, some are also based from my experience.

  1. 1. Cook food according to your plan, if you are on the computer all the time you can cook shorter food, but if not and you are going to get online after few days cook food which has longer cooking time. So when you log-in you have food to serve.
  2. You can earn more experience points and cash when you have a lot of neighbors and you visit them regularly.
  3. If you don't have cook food anymore, you can close the cafe by removing the doors. You can also have many doors as many as you want.
  4. The longer the food you cook the big cafe points you have and the longer it spoils.
  5. Highest Buzz rating is 105. The higher the Buzz rating, the more customers will enter you cafe and the more dishes you serve, the more coins you earn.
  6. Buzz rating stop when you go offline. Buzz rating goes up for every satisfied customer and goes down for customers who were not served properly.

    Some cheats.

    1.You can trap your chef, so the food will be served automatically in the counter, likewise your waiters you can trap them in one corner so that they can’t reach the tables so the foods will magically be served to your customer as soon as they sit. No more waiting time!

    2. Unlimited stove and counters. This can be done using another software called Cheat Engine.

    You can visit Cafe World Secrets or Cafe World Cheats

So nervous!

Jezz, I was so nervous tonight. I thought I can't anymore log-in here into my account. Because when I tried to log-in I was redirected to a certain page which I cannot understand, it was written in Korean Language. Maybe because my IP is from Korea, but I am not a Korean. I have tried it again many times, but still the same thing. I can't change the language because there is no option to do it. What I did is search it on google but when I try to read the articles it is still Korean Language. This is a mess, what will happen to my blogs if I cannot access my gmail again, so I manage to log-in again with a different account. I want to make sure if this is just happening for me or to everybody, so I did. When I log-in there is no problem I have not redirected to other page, so what I did is log-out and log-in my account. I was hoping that it will be an English Language this time, thanks God. Yes, it is English and the page I was redirected is to change my password because there is a suspicious thing that occur I don't know what it is. Google also says I need to sign-out my account when I am not using gmail or blogger anymore which I am not use too. I am always online, I just closed the tab and never sign-out because I went back to blogger after few minutes or hours. Maybe someone try to steal my password tonight, I guess I already learned my lesson right now. I have to sign-out when I am out of my google account.