Monday, November 30, 2009

Pizza Galore

Another cheat day had passed, after a quick shopping of our weekly supplies we run to Pizza Maru while I am eating my ice cream, yes it was a run because we are kind of a hurry that pizza place will be closed before we get there. It closes at 11 PM, along the way my hubby have asked me if what kind of pizza I want , I have told him the same with him. As soon as we arrived hubby give his order, two vegetable pizza cheesy crust, but I have changed my mind and told the lady I want combination pizza cheesy crust. My husband was annoyed with me, the lady was confused whom to follow but in the end of course I won. We just wait 15 minutes to take-out the pizza.

As soo as we arrived home I need to hang the clothes from the washer which we left behind when we go shopping. Then arranged the supplies to cup boards. After which eating time while watching a documentary, Jezzz.., I cannot eat the whole pizza, ( I need help). I just ate half of it, hubby ate two slices from it taking out the ham. The two left over slices will be my breakfast on Saturday morning.

After eating the pizza, my hubby wanted to eat ice cream I guess he envy me. (lol). As usual I have to buy for him in the nearest 24-hours convenient store but there is no chocolate ice cream in "Buy the way' so I have to cross back to 'Tous Les Jours'. On my way home my attention was caught by pile of books in the street, three boxes of books. I went near them and browse, they look like brand new and slightly used. Hmmm., if I am just in the Philippines I am going to pick this up. (lol)
They are junk to the owner but to others they are still useful, they are still source of knowledge. Anyway even I picked them up they were still be useless to me because they were written in Korean language.

As what I have noticed here in Korea they throw things that is already useless to them not like in the Philippines they keep and somehow collect it. We just threw things if they are useless and unusable. Just like the other day I saw a big gray luggage on the same spot, it looks good but it is already in the junk.

Few months ago my hubby and I saw a big wooden cabinet in the street. They look brandnew, shiny and stunning tall. We thought they are just newly deliver to our neighbors but after few days a truck came then two Koreans from the truck just teared them into pieces like a piece of firewood then put in the truck.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Blog Template Addict

Aside from being cafeworld and farmville addict, I am also addicted in changing my blog template. I can't count anymore how many times I did change my blog templates. Currently I have six running blogs so it is really very tiring to think of it that after a week I am going to change my blog templates but after changes occurs I can't explain the joy I feel. I have also planned to compile all of my blogs to one or two blog only, so I did it exporting and importing my blogs into one but in just one or two days I have changed my mind again. Imagine the work and stress I have done to myself by deleting and uploading again my blogs. I don't know either what to do, as of now I am thinking to compile it again but I can't , somewhere on my mind there is a voice not to do it. lol

Wisdom Tooth

Huhuhu, I am not feeling well today, my upper wisdom tooth disturbs me. It is growing and the bad thing , it is touching the walls of my cheeks. I can't open my mouth wider enable I to eat, I can't even chew the food I am eating. It's been three days since it happened at first I thought I have a "singaw" on my gums but it is just last night when I examine it thoroughly and find out that it is my wisdom tooth, the wall of my left check inside my mouth is already reddish because of wisdom tooth "envasion".

If this tooth will not change for few days or weeks I need it to be extracted, because it really disturbs me I can't eat well. Actually I am not yet eating since this morning, I just had a sipped of coffee.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Clickanimation is Paid to Click site, I just got my first payment in this site. Pay-out is low $0.20 through paypal, it is nice because you can convert points to cash not like other PTC that you can't. It is also easy to earn money, you can make it with in a week. It has 10% Referral Earnings and there are also a lot of forum contest to win.

Proof of payment:

One is not enough

Well one is not enough, so there is always a TWO , yup as what I have said I don't want to use the pink notebook, so that Sunday evening my hubby and I feels like eating the fish thing again so he ask me if I can buy some. So along the cold night I went out with my coat, gloves and umbrella because there is a little rain that night. Sadly the store is closed maybe because of the weather, so I went home. I'd ask my husband if he want me to go to Ujangsan Station to find that food, so I did but before it I went to Anyhome which is opposite way to Ujangsan. Well there is only one thing why I went to Any Home of course to buy another notebook and I bought this Blue Notebook. After buying I went back to bus station, there is only few passengers that night, descended to Ujangsan Station but like the first stall, the stalls also in Ujangsan street is closed I decided to go inside the market and see if there is someone selling that fish thing but I am so very unlucky there is not. So I decided to walk home, it is a bit far but I am trying my luck to find something on my way home. As I get inside our door I have told my husband that I did not find any but he didn't believed me because he heard the plastic rushing from my new notebook, he thought I am just keeping it. He was so annoyed when he saw me carrying my new blue notebook, he said that's why I am very eager to buy that fish thing because of my eagerness to have another notebook. After few minutes, we decided to went out and went to Ujangsan again to find something we like but there's none so we took the subway station going to Hwagok and buy 2 packed of walnut and butter stuffed bread. It doesn't reached home because before we reach Ujangsan there is nothing left from the bag. Arriving Soghwa market we bought some gimbap, we just walk home which took 15-20 minutes. Arriving to our place we went inside Tous Le Jours to buy some bread and ice cream. It's a cold night but the need for cookies and cream ice cream is there.

Monday, November 23, 2009

My Pink Notebook

It is been a week since my little green old notebook says goodbye, I have no more pages to write in it. I write blogs, or anything in that notebook, I was not able to buy a new one because it's too cold to get outside plus the fact that I am using all my time in front of the computer. So on Friday night, we went first to "Any Home" to buy a notebook and somehow a pen. I don't know what to choose in bunch of notebooks out there, when I saw this cute pink notebook I did not hesitate to have it. I also remember now maybe I can join the I love Meme or I love Pink think in blogging can't remember eh.,

But today I have found out it is already closed so its okay. I still enjoy having this notebook. My hubby get irritated with me when I told him I am not going to write on this notebook again as what I did to the small notebook I have during my birthday.

I just love collecting notebooks and pen.
Updated: (November 26, 2009)

Everytime I log-in to my blogger account I made it sure to check my dashboard and see the blogs I follow especially my favorite sites. Sometimes I visited them twice to three times a day it depends when I love too. As I open today I found out that I love pink Meme is on the go again. So maybe it is okay make an entry, anyway I did not able to join last week.

ANyway if you are interested to join just click the I LOVE PINK button in the side bar. See you there!

Friday, November 20, 2009


Do you have a facebook account? Did you enjoy playing games like farmville, mafia wars, and of course cafe world. Aside from playing farmville everyday I also play cafe world and been addicted to this game. This is an update of my current standing in cafeworld. As a sign of being farmville and cafe world addict I also play on my sister's account everyday too. That's why I don't have enough time to blog and to click on some of my earning sites.

Friday, November 13, 2009


This is another paying site payment is through paypal. alertpay or liberty reserve. I recieved my first payment from Liberty Reserve. One thing you will like here is they had a lot of ads to click, sometimes you're going to be tired clicking. lol! To register just click the banner below..

Friday, November 6, 2009


Neobux- This is also one of the best running PTC on the web,You can earn up to $0.02 (2 cents) per click and earn up to $0.02 (2 cents) for every ad your referrals click. I reached the payment today so I requested and wow the payment is instant. I already receive the payment on my paypal account.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Vegetable Pizza

Every Friday is cheat day so a jumbo vegetable pizza (cheesy crust) is Yes, pair with a bottle of coke and the problem is solved. While walking down the street going to Pizza Maru, we saw a fish thing and bought few. It's a bread shape like a fish with a stuff inside neither beans, pineapple pie and while waiting for the pizza there is a feeling that the fish thing is not enough so bought again a few pieces. The fish thing never reached home, it was eaten along the way, along the cold night.

Been eating a vegetable pizza twice since my hubby decided to be a vegetarian, after watching the documentary entitled EARTHLINGS. So no more meat, bulgogi and ham pizza since then.

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