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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sold Out!

This pictures were taken during the MIMAROPA Meet in Odiongan. The grandstand is over populated by people who want to watch the grand demonstration.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Internet Service Provider in Odiongan

Are you planning to have a vacation in Odiongan or planning to settle down in Odiongan? Are you afraid to lost a communication from your friends, business partners, love ones and etc. Don't panic, if you are looking for an internet service provider just go to ODIONGAN WIRELESS NETWORK SERVICES formerly known as OWAP (Odiongan Wi-fi Access Point). They offer internet service which is unlimited and monthly pay is favorable, depending to the bandwidth you subscribed. But you have to take note that this offer is just beyond the Odiongan town, farther barangay's which are outside Odiongan is not covered.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Anniversary Special

Jogye Temple

At Myeong-dong Catholic Cathedral (Seoul)

This is my special blog, this blog won't tackle Odiongan, but my life.

July 26, 2008. This is my husband and I 1st anniversary. Well he thought last Saturday was already July 26, (lol, he is so excited huh?) That's why after visiting a Jogye temple (the largest buddhist shrine in Seoul) and Myeong-dong Catholic Cathedral, he brought me to Everest as part of the anniversary special. This is one of the happiest day of my life...

It was a so tiring day, my feet soar wandering around the city. He asked me what would I like to buy as anniversary cake, a normal cake or something special. Well after musing for a few minutes I just told him, up to you but I prefer a normal cake. Because I know we cannot eat a big cake, it is only the two of us. We will just waste money buying an extravagant cake. So as you can see the blueberry cake above is our first anniversary cake. It is so cute!

Late at night, after I have read a message from my sister that they are really broke as this time, I cannot stop my tears running down my face, then my husband came asking me if I received his e-card, I look at my spam folder and saw it there. When I opened the card I was touched and my tears run down again, call me silly but I ask him "Is this true?" He was shocked and said "What?" then I have to repeat my question. He laughed and says "Of course that is true". I just cannot believed what it is written " I am so lucky you are mine."

"I thought....." I have said a lot of i thought...finally our problem was resolved. We got a lot of misunderstanding with our jokes, moods and with our character. He said he was just kidding when he said I was his maid, that was a joke from a friend which he borrowed. He said one time they have a get together with his friends and they are drinking and some food fell to the floor, his friend said "Don't cleaned it up my maid will do it " maid referring to his canadian wife too. And there's a lot more issues that had fixed that night. Maybe it only happened that I am very sensitive and we don't know each other yet so deeply. Well we have been together for one month and 7 days, plus the 2 weeks during the wedding.

What I will not forgot too was when said he will help my family as of now that they are in crisis, I asked him why, I cannot stand seeing you crying. (I don't want to see you cry. It sounds so sweet....

Maybe I could not write for two weeks, because we are going to China this Saturday as part of our anniversary special, it was his treat for me.

Thank you sweetie! I love you.....

Friday, July 24, 2009

Motorcylce in Odiongan

Well this are the motorcycle in Odiongan, who ask bigger pay if there is no gasoline around.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Welcome to Baratilyo

BARATILYO is common in the Philippines during Fiesta, you can see a lot of people roaming inside the flea market, others buy something, others were just having window shopping. Baratilyo is like a bargain sale where you can buy products in a cheap prices compare to market price.

Every mother loves Baratilyo, because they can save more. Filipinos were craving for bargain, there is no one to blame because life is very difficult to buy expensive things if there is cheaper ones in Baratilyo.

A fact that Filipino loves baratilyo even on the internet we have a site called Baratilyo. You can visit it here Have fun!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Graduation Day

Dumating na ang araw na pinakahihintay
Ika nga ay araw ng paghihiwalay
Bakit tingin ko ay ordinaryong araw lamang
Walang dapat ikasaya o ikalungkot
Bakit? Meron nga ba?
Ano ang dapat kong panghinayangan?
Masasayang sandali sa piling ng mga kaibigan?
Tama nga ba?
Sa apat na taong nakalipas marami akong naging kaibigan
Ngayon araw ng pagtatapos wala na akong maintindihan
Kaibigan ka lang kapag may kailangan
Maalala ka pa kaya kung sila ay okay lang?

When the house is on fire!

This is our house, as you can see it was burned. Lol! The story is below:

It was a normal day when I wake up, after drinking coffee I collected the firewood that tatay had axed before he went to work. When I am done I had ask my sister to put the firewood at the top of our "kalan" to make then dry. When my mother ask my sister to cook something for breakfast and saw the firewood, she told us not do it again because it will cause a fire. Well I don't know else what happened after breakfast I have been busy washing our clothes. My sister and mother went outiside to see if they can make the palay dry because at last the sun had shine after a few days of raining. They found out the street outside was wet (because it is not cemented yet). After some road works we (coz I already joined them) found out that our water pipe is leaking.

After making optional way for the water with my uncle help and Budok, the water in the street became little, suddenly one of my cousin is hurriedly running and shouting "You're house is on fire". I hurriedly run at our house in return, a big fire on our kitchen welcome me and I was shocked but I immediately throw a water in it, then my mother came, some of the relatives follow and help to kill the fire. Everything on our small kitchen was wet, including the eggs of the chicken laying beside it. The chicken already flew, left her eggs on fire.

Our mother scold us, I never knew that my sister returned the firewood at the top of the heat. It was a very tiring day, if our house was burned. I guess my father will kill the two of us, it was his birthday that day. And our gift to him is burning our house. Lol!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What makes "Turon" Special?

Turrón (Tagalog: turon) is a typical Philippine snack. Though many varieties exist, a typical turrón is plantain and jackfruit wrapped in a springroll wrapper, dipped in brown sugar, then fried. This somewhat resembles banana spring rolls. These are also known as banana fritters.
TURON, when you came to Odiongan and ask where to buy turon everybody will guide you to PRECY'S (Percy) Carinderia, turon is a saba (banana) wrapped with a spring roll wrapper, roll in a brown sugar, then boiled (fried) in a large amount of oil. That's the way I saw them cooked..
Percy's Carinderia is I guess the oldest "kumuan" (budget meal) in town. I can still remember during my elementary days, you can buy viand (meat like giniling) in P3.00 only with soup huh?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Is it over? Nope! The party has just started!!!

Is it over? Nope, the party has just started! Every barangay fiesta you will found dance party for people, awarding night, search or the so called pageants. It is part of cultural heritage. As you can see at the above picture, rain or shine the party will continue. Well the management lossed profits here, nobody buy the tables and chairs, and nobody buy the lechon and beer. It is a big loss but the party or the search need to be continued. Those people above were the barangay fiesta management, they were soak on the rain as those people were soak watching too.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

ADIDAS 4 Sale!!!

Whe you heard the word ADIDAS what comes to your mind? Shoes? Socks? Did the word "chicken" had ever crossed your mind? Hehehe, Yeah, ADIDAS in pinoy is chicken feet. It is called PAKALKAL in Kapampangan dialect.

ADIDAS is one of the food that you can see along the street (Philippines) in barbecue stand or fish ball stands. It is a chicken feet marinated and cooked in soy sauce with onions and garlic then roasted then deep in a sauce of your choice (spicy vinegar, sweet, or sweet,soy sauce with specie and spicy sauce). Hmmm..Yummy!

Native Houses in Odiongan

When you came accross to some far barangay in Odiongan, you will commonly see this kind of house, with only one door (front). This is my grandmother's house beside us...

Friday, July 17, 2009

Drinking Buddies (Are they going to help?)

According to the statistics, Odiongan has a bigger demand when it comes to alcoholic drink (esp. Gin). There is a time that Gin is out of supply in some store., Romblon is one of the poorest province in the Philippines. So how could these poeple manage to buy such alcoholic drinks?
I have been asking this question ever since, my father says he drink so he can sleep at night from a very tiring work during day time. Yes, they make those alcoholic drink as a relief for body pains. Working as a carpenter is a very tiring work, whole day in the sun hammering nails, cleaning woods, cementing walls and etc.
Other drinks alcoholic drink to forget problems, the question is did it help?
I have always heard my mother asking my father, does your drinking buddies will help when you get sick? Are they going to be there and give support?
The answer is NO, they will all disappear. No one will help you when you get sick, they know you as long you can buy and drink with them, they just know you beyond the table you are circling with. My late grandfather from Tarlac (motherside), has come through all this, everybody knows him when he have money, but when everything goes down no one has left from the many friends he had before, you cannot even see his drinking buddies. He died, because of lack of medical care, medicine.
We lived far from them they are on the North (Tarlac) and we are at the South (Romblon). My grandfather has no degree he works as "JUETENG agent" (it is like lottery). My grandmother has a small store but it melts because of competency when a big store opened in front of them and lack of financial to make it stable.

Well as I have said drinking buddies were not for keeps, there are times that a crime happened while drinking. Shot or killed by his drinking mate thats usual in newspapers.
I just hope when man drinks keep in mind what will happened if you got drunk...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Flowers: Makes your day colorful! : How True it is?

When you feel sad and blue, flowers can help you gay.
That's what the saying says but ...
It's been a two days since i wrote about my life, I just hope everybody is going to listen with me. I have a problem to deal with.

It is almost one month since my father has no work, as what I have told before he is a carpenter and he is the only source of our living. If no work , no food. It is hard to live this kind of life. And like what I say I am with my husband, I have no problem regarding what to eat because he feed me well. My problem is my family in the Philippines, since father lost his job, they are striving very hard now to live...maybe still lucky that last season we have few rice sacks(father plant rice because it was his term to plant, it ends last june), but because it is always raining in the Philippines (rainy season) they cannot make the grains dry to be milled. My mother has no work, so no one will help them. My sister is studying, she need everyday allowance going to town. Not like when I am still there,I have a work even I only get a small compensation.

My additional problem is my father he needs to be check-up, my sister told me one day that his left chest is growing and I don't have money to support it or my family has none. In our province, medical facilities is poor (Romblon). I have ask my husband to lend me some amount so I can send it to my family, but he just laughed and says "How could you pay me? You don't have a work?" It sucks, it really hurts, I burts crying last night...I feel so weak, hopeless and helpless....I don't know what to do. I guess you understand what I feel, you cannot let something bad happened with your family. You love them more than you love your life, you will do anything for them. That's what I feel...

I am looking for work online, but regarding with my visa here in Korea (i am not allowed to work here, I can work but illegaly). So I am looking a work in China, even online job or the data entry job I am looking for it. I also started blogging so I can earn with adsense, but how long it will takes so I can send money to my family, they need to eat, my father needs a medical care. I am so lost, I can't stop my tears... I want to do something but I don't know how. I never stop praying...

So help me God!


P.S. Anybody knows other way to make money online?

Odiongan (Tablas) Security Agency


Well, Odiongan is being progressive now a days. A new security agency was established, to help poor people in the community to have a job.

This agency is located at the rooftop of JEN & L Bldg. or the ODIONGAN LODGE.

Cats or Stuffed Toys?

This is JOVEN, the mother cat.

Paul, 1st daughter



Theodore (2)

Snipey, Snowbell, Theodore and Paul

I just want to show you guys how cute my cats are, I already now have a 7 cats at home.

When I have a problem, I just hugged my favorite cats (Snipey & Theodore), as if they know how I feel. My thoughts lessen for a bit, from the comfort and warm I have got from them.

I don't how to start this, i just want to lessen up my feelings. I feel i am all alone out of this. I am Filipino who was married to a Canadian. I came from a poor family, my father is just a carpenter in town but behind this i graduated my degree, with the help of my scholarships. I am here in Korea, i have been here by a tourist visa changing it to F3, i had arrived here about last last week of July. My husband is a teacher here. My problem starts when my father had no more work, because he is just a freelance carpenter and you know how difficult life in the Philippines, there is a big competition with that kind of work. A typhoon strucks our Province, that makes their daily living harder. I want to help but i can't, i don't have a work here (my F3 visa won't allow me to work too). It hurts when u hear them they cannot eat because there is nothing to eat, i know life is very difficult in there..coz i have experienced those difficulties and hardships. I am currently looking for work online, but for everybody's's a hard thing to do, especially i am not a Korean speaker, i can't even read Korean language. Filipinos get hired here through government, which means my tendecy to be hired is very low. I have told my husband that my family is in need, they are asking if i already have a work here. My husband ask me if i told them that i can't work here with my visa. I said yes, he ask me too if my father is looking for a job or just waiting that i will have a job? I was insulted, he doesn't even know how hard to look for a job as a carpenter, our province is just an island. People there were poor like us, so how could he have job if no one is going to build a house? My husband told me too, if i found work here, i will shoulder my own food and half of the utilities here, and maybe i could pay him the plane ticket he had purchased for me in order i can come here. He also added i will also pay the dental fee, he paid for me. Yes, it hurts! It just feel i am betrayed of someone I love. Do you ever think that your husband will askyou for the things he gave to you afterwards? I am really hurt, writing this blog i am crying. I can't stop crying, I want him to understand me and my family. He gave me choices, either i can have work to other country or go home to the Philippines and find a work. I know that my family is my responsibility not his responsibility. What i want is some word of consolation, not to ask me anything afterwards. I am really hurt, especially sometimes he called me his maid. Even he call me like that in a a joke way, it still hurt from within.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Family Reunion

Odionganon's were hospitable. Family is important to them, like all Filipinos.

Odionganon's Love to Play

D' WORKERS TEAM [They are called D'WORKERS because all of the players were workers (carpentry)]

Monday, July 13, 2009

People of Pato-o

This is a championship game between D'WORKERS and HARDCOURT. Played in an open field along the barangay road.

This game ends questionable. D'WORKERS was the defending champion, and in this championship game they need to beat the opponent twice. According to the volleyball rule championship played five sets, but this game was played only four sets that made the D'WORKERS 1st placer and not the champion.
Questions were given to the management, but he just said twice to beat. Aha, sponsoring a game without knowing the rules? Too bad! As if he don't know way back 2008 they also sponsor the same game where D'WORKERS compete five sets.

What i don't like to other people is the way they act, some were too boastful. As if you have to bow for them, their highness!

Welcome to Pato-o, Odiongan

This way is going to our barangay. That's the only part cemented, this is still part of Barangay Poctoy.

We are now here in Barangay Pato-o, the biggest barangay in town of Odiongan. Road here is not yet cemented, so sometimes when I walked home from school my school shoes torned easily.

Little by little the road of Barangay Pato-o became cemented, just some part of it.

This picture is taken before the Barangay Fiesta, volleybal competition beside the Barangay Captain house open field.


This fruit is called BALIMBING in Tagalog, SABIRIL in Bisaya dialect and CARAMBOLA or STAR FRUIT in English.

This tree is older than me, it was planted at the back portion of our house. I don't know who planted it, they told us when we are little it was my late uncle who planted it. He was slained in a restaurant without any reason.

This is my favorite tree when I was still a little kid, when I feel hungry I just went up to the three bringing some salt in my hand. Well, I am not the only kid who loves this tree, everybody on the neighborhood like it too. Baptist church is just near us, so every sunday those little kids after Sunday school or before they are already at the Balimbing Tree. They look like little monkeys. lol.

There's a time that I thought this tree wouldn't survived anymore because termites ate the tree's body, but time heals all wounds, the tree survived.

Until now, this tree served a food for kids like me who's hungry from playing.This tree still feed my niece and nephews (from my cousins).

Well for the information of others I have included some article about this plant, this is also medicinal plant:


Small tree growing to a height of 6 meters or less. Leaves are pinnate, about 15 cm long. Leaflets are smooth, pairs and ovate to ovate-lanceolate. Pannicles are small, axillary and bell-shaped, 5-6 mm long. Calyx is reddish purple. Petals are purple, often margined with white. Fruit is fleshy green to greenish yellow, about 6 cm long, with 5 longitudinal, sharp and angular lobes. Seeds are arillate.
Medical properties and constituents

Vermifuge, laxative, refrigerant, antiscorbutic, febrifuge, sialogogue, antiphlogistic, stimulant, emmenagogue, anodyne, emetic.Studies indicate the presence of saponins, alkaloids, flavonoids and tannins.
Planted in cultivated and semi-cultivated areas.
Parts used
Leaves, flowers, seeds, fruit..UsesNutritionalEdible fruit is a source of iron (low in calcium) and vitamins B and C, oxalate and potassium.
  • Tea of boiled leaves used for aphthous stomatitis.
  • Crushed shoots or leaves used externally for headaches and ringworm.
  • Boiled flowers used to expel worms: 50 gms to a pint of boiling water; drunk in normal doses.
  • Fruit is laxative.
  • Decoction of fruit, 50 gms to a pint of boiling water, 4-5 glasses a day for bleeding piles.Juice of fresh fruit for affections of the eyes.
  • Seed is used for asthma and colic:
  • Powdered seeds, 10 gms to a cup of warm water, drunk 4 times daily.
  • In India, the ripe fruit is used to stop hemorrhages and relieve hemorrhoidal bleeding.
  • The dried fruit or juice used for fevers.
The acid type carambola dissolves tarnish and rust, occasionally used for cleaning and polishing metal.Fruit juice is used to remove stains.Contains potassium oxalate which is used for dyeing.
• Negative inotropic and chronotropic effects on the guinea pig atrium of extracts obtained from Averrhoa carambola L. leaves: The study showed that the A. carambola extract is an agent that strongly depresses the heart rate and the myocardial contractile force. Although the active compound has not been identified, its action on the L-type Ca2+ channels is important to explain the mechanism of action of this plant on the mammalian atrial myocardium.
• Fatal outcome after ingestion of star fruit (Averrhoa carambola) in uremic patients: The study warns that patients with renal failure who ingest star fruit may develop neurological symptoms and run the risk of death in severe cases.
• Neurotoxicity: Report of study on 32 uraemic patients who ingested star fruit. Most common presenting symptoms were persistent hiccups, vomiting, mental confusion, psychomotor agitation, insomnia, paresthesias and seizures. Ideal treatment was daily hemodialysis.
• Antioxidant: Research reports the residues from star fruit juicing process is a rich and excellent source of extractable phenolic antioxidants

Winnowing the Palay grains(Separating the black hull)