Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Box of Polysaccharide Iron Complex

As I have blogged lately I am bored but I just found out it is not really boredom, it is simply tiredness. I am not very energetic, I even feel weak going to gym.

I already observed for the past few months that I always got a cold feet and hands, my husband keep teasing me I am a cold blooded. If before wearing socks can comfort me these past few days it won't anymore, I still feel cold not my entire body but as what I have said just my feet and hands. So last night I research what does this feeling cause, so here's what I have found out:
  • Parasites
  • Allergies
  • Hypo-Thyroidism
  • Anemia
  • Candida
So probably I am anemic, lack of iron in short because I am not eating a balance diet and I just eat two times a day with big servings, I sleep late as two o'clock in the morning sometimes later than that.

So today I went out to buy iron supplements. The pharmacist gave me two kinds of iron supplement I picked this one because this is the cheapest for $55.08, the other one is times two.  It is 120 tablets good for 4 months.  When I reached home, Pookie bear asked me to return it to the pharmacy because it is very expensive just for iron supplements but I didn't follow him because it is such an embarrassment. So the end result I have to pay for it, my three weeks allowance was gone. Huhuhu
Just a little information Anemia is a decrease in number of red blood cells (RBCs) or less than the normal quantity of hemoglobin in the blood and is the most common disorder of the blood.

Some common symptoms are feeling of weakness, or fatigue, general malaise and sometimes poor concentration. They may also report dyspnea (shortness of breath) on exertion. In very severe anemia, the body may compensate for the lack of oxygen-carrying capability of the blood by increasing cardiac output. The patient may have symptoms related to this, such as palpitations, angina (if preexisting heart disease is present), intermittent claudication of the legs, and symptoms of heart failure.

Hopefully the feeling that I can't explain that there are days I feel tense that my heart palpitates abnormally is because of being anemic and not a heart disease, and I think my blood don't really circulate well because sometimes I feel pain like electricity shock on my arms and legs plus I cannot crack my fingers, I remember when I had a massage my aunt says  if I can cracked my fingers, it means good blood circulation but I can't so it is not good circulation.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Once I dreamed to be a star!

There is no particular photo that reminds me, seeing this photo I remind my childhood dream to be a ramp model and somehow beauty queen.  God gave me long legs but not a very good height, well yeah I am taller to my cousins but it is not a ramp model height. What I wish is to inherit my Aunt's height (mother side) because they are so tall at 5'7. Sometimes I wonder  if my childhood accident prevent me from being taller or makes me being tall at this height, lol.

On my 4th year college I am in the top of being me, I am very confident. One day our institute/department is looking for a student to compete in the upcoming pageant in our school. Well yeah few of my schoolmates/classmates encouraged/asked me to join or if I want to join and then I told  our director I am going to join he didn't believe me because he knew I am joker.

Well maybe he believes me but seeing my face, my thin posture and knowing my ability he know I am going to put myself in shame. Hahaha! Well I don't think even our director allowed me to join, I am going to join. I am not that confident with my assets (as if I have), I have no talent in singing or in dancing so thinking myself dancing for the opening number makes me to be embarrassed because the whole school will be watching me. So merely it is just a good time and my wishful thinking.

I also did not join pageants in our Barangay because mostly it is money contest,  just this past few years that they hosted beauty pageant which is I am already old and some of the contestants are teens. Anyway if ever I will tell someone what is my dream and what do I like, probably they will just laugh on me. So my dream will will remain a wild dream.

When I told Pookie bear that if we got a daughter in the future I am going to join her to beauty pageants, you know maybe I am going to make my dream materialized to her, he disagree a lot. He said he had watched a lot of documentaries how beauty queen's are forced by parents to join a prestigious pageant and how their life ruined by pageants.  So it is a BIG NO to pageants!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Beach Photos

Life seems so busy these days, it is just like a glass of water once you pour it in the ground, you can't return it again in the glass. So live life with happiness and faith, walk like you are walking in top of a water, impossible but you can,  once you believe that you can. Haha, here we go again with my confusing thoughts, it is a gibber-gibberish words. Lol!

Lately I just noticed my model in this blog is my sister, well I think that's how it works when you are just contented inside the four walls of your apartment. This was taken last week when they went to the beach, our second cousins went home from Manila and their family decided to go to the beach, and I think my mother and sister were invited to join them.
If you are going to ask if my sister swim, I don't think she did because all of her pictures are just posing  with the little kids which eventually our nieces from our second cousins. If I am going to ask my husband what is my relationship to them, he will object the word niece. He said my niece/nephew will be my sister's kids. And they are my cousins once or twice removed. Confusing for me, but he said that's how it works and I don't need to argue with him because he is the one who's making a genealogy program and not me. Granted!
They only have few pictures because the memory card was corrupted and won't work anymore as I blogged in my previous blog, but when she get online to upload these photos I asked her if she reformatted it right. Then I told her to reformat it again, and it works. She reformatted it in FAT32 instead of FAT only. It's a big relieved because they don't know when they can buy another memory card if the old card won't worked anymore.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Get a Sofa Set for free!

Seriously I need a break, I need a break from blog hopping what I mean Entrecard dropping.  Since I decided to add my two blogs in entrecard I am dropping cards over time,  my schedule  is in the afternoon or evening I am going to dropped using my two new cards, then in the evening my travel or personal blog plus  visit also my friends on my link exchange. Well its reshuffle sometimes my personal in the afternoon, I need a break right now because I want to watch few TV shows, so see you folks later...Hehe, drama! 

But for sure I can't take a break because while watching I can stop my hands from opening a new tab, haha. But before that this my share of red for Tuesday, taken after gym. This are still good looking chairs, sofa set or sala set but they are already thrown by owners, so if you want one picked your choice.

Korean throw anything in the street as long as they don't need it, not like us me Pinoys we keep holding on to them which is sometimes for display. There are times you can see a good looking cabinet in the street, it really looks like brand new and when a truck came they will just tore it down. Sayang! Related post here.

My husband kept telling teasing me that I should picked the green one because he knows how I want to have a relaxing chair inside our apartment, we don't buy things, furniture and etc., here because we're not going to live here for a lifetime plus our stay in one apartment depends on his work contract, so if he got  a new job it means new apartment.  So carrying just two big back pack is a relief.,

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